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Here's today's mystery plant, if you recognize it, please tell me what it is. Early this spring I pulled out a giant patch of bindweed (aka morning glory?) and this is what grew back in its place, along with some johnny-jump-ups. Is this a weed? Should I be pulling it up too? Thanks!

The scale of the flower is tiny, maybe 1/4". It likely is solanum of some kind, a friend pulled up a plant in another part of my yard and said it was deadly nightshade. I will begin pulling it up.

Thanks for your help everyone!

On plant Solanum

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Looking at the flower I believe is a plant of the genus Solanaceae, but I can not say which ...
Maybe Solanum nigrum ...?

4 Nov, 2009


Whichever solanum it is I'd get rid of it pretty quick the berries are poisonous to humans.

4 Nov, 2009


Looks like a weed to me

4 Nov, 2009


I agree with Amano, probably Solanum nigrum and yes, it is poisonous

4 Nov, 2009


it reminds me a little of the chinese lantern plant thing physalis? but cant tell the scale of the flower.

4 Nov, 2009

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