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I want a few African Marigold seeds for next year but they must be vanilla colour, not yellow. I can't find them in any of the g.Centres.I know they exist cos I've had them before

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the variety is called Vanilla Ice. I've always bought them as plug plants never seen the seed. But DT brown seeds sell them 25 for under £4

31 Dec, 2012


Thanks for that info Seabirngirl. I think I will look out for the plug s nearer the time as I don't really need 25, just have a fancy for two tubs full on either side of back door . Like to ring the changes.

1 Jan, 2013


i find them a deveil to germinate and when they do the slugs have a feast. Thats why I get them as good sized plugs

1 Jan, 2013

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