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i live in the north east CT to be exact i know how to prun my rose bushes but how far do i cut back for our horid winter

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Here in the UK,we usually prune back to about half,mainly for wind rock,which loosens the soil around them..and then again in spring,to strong outward facing buds..Hope this is what you wanted to know..and welcome to GoY...

2 Dec, 2012


I agree with Bloomer, Derek.

2 Dec, 2012


In northeast Connecticut, Orgeratlo will probably need to prune them down to 8"-12" stubs to fit them under a styrofoam cone for the winter. Some of the hardier Floribundas and shrub roses will probably only need a good mulching around the base to prevent frost heave, though.

4 Dec, 2012

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