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How do I take cuttings from my Cuphea Ignea?

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I bought a Cuphae Ignea in the spring and it has grown into a beautiful plant. I'm taking it indoors for the winter and would like to know how and when to take cuttings,or is it best to buy seeds and start from scratch?

On plant Cuphea ignea



Try to take 4 inch cuttings from stems that are not too soft but are just starting to harden. Trim to just below a leaf joint and push into fresh compost around the side of a 4 inch pot. Take 6 or 7 for each pot load. Water well and put the pots in propagator or inside a plastic bag. Put them on a windowsill or in greenhouse but shade from strong sunlight. Keep fingers crossed, not all will root but you should get some to root. Pot up when well rooted.

28 Sep, 2009

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