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Will Wisteria recover from hard pruning?


By Judaz

United Kingdom Gb

One of us (and it wasn't me) savagely pruned our wisteria in Summer 2007. It has not flowered since! Is there any hope for it?



Bit difficult to be fully accurate without a pic but when you say savagely pruned it suggests all old framework been cut back.

Would assume plant has sent out many new wispy tendrils which you may have been reluctant to prune since.

In summer it is usual to cut these back to about 30 cms -12 " from main stem.

Then around end of Feb cut back to about 10 cms - 4 " to nearest bud.

If you have a mass of tendrils due to severe pruning would recommend you thin them out and leave no more than 4 ..sadly it will take some time to recover but wouldnt give up on it just yet.

20 Aug, 2009

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