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Lawn mowing advice please.

I know you shouldn't ever mow wet grass but even without rain our lawn is dewy and damp all day at the moment. I really want to get a last mow in before the weather deteriorates and it's a few inches long already.

Should I just do it now and how long/short should I mow it this time of year? I missed out mowing a final cut one year and it was terrible come spring time as was left with bright yellow grass.



I had to mow wet grass this year. The main problem is the grass dries all over the mower and it is a pain to clean it off.

I use the winter (highest cut) on the mower at the moment. On mine that means lifting up the back wheels into a lower slot. You normally 3 slots for cutting height:

1. Lowest for summer
2. Medium cut for spring and autumn
3. Highest for winter

23 Oct, 2012


Thanks for that -I thought the main prob was that the mower ripped wet grass out - Perhaps I had the setting too high last time.

23 Oct, 2012


Our grass is wet almost all year round, even in high Summer we get a very heavy dew and the grass rarely dries out before later afternoon. When it is really wet I go over it once with the blades set high and then again with them on a lower setting. Never had much problem with the mower damaging the grass. It helps if the blades are really sharp though and clean to begin with. Try spraying them with WD40 before you begin, the grass will not stick to it.

23 Oct, 2012


I'm a professional gardener and mow the lawns at 35 customer's a week. It is impossible for me not to cut grass in the wet (this year has been particularly wet)

I don't find it a problem. because I mow every week so the grass is not long. Longer wet grass or perhaps using a cheaper mower than mine will cause the mower to clog up and wet grass can fall off the mower and leave a mess.

Obviously I prefer to cut dry grass but cut it weekly and you shouldn't have much of a problem

23 Oct, 2012


Using WD4o sounds a great idea, must try that Owdboggy.

I have a cheapish mower with a plastic grass collector and I find that wet grass is heavier, so it does collect in the lawn, so I have to rake that out as Anchorman has said. If you rake it in straight lines down the lawn you get the lawn lines that look quite nice.

if the lawn is newly seeded then the mower might rip out the grass, but normal lawns do not suffer that.

23 Oct, 2012


My lawn is about 6x14 m, this morning at about 10.30 i took a stiff brush and dragged it across the top of the grass,to get rid of the dew, left it until about 1pm, got out the mower (20 year old electric mountfield)cut and picked up all the grass as normal in the box.

Cleaned the whole mower folded it up put it away for the winter (i hope).

23 Oct, 2012


How do you get on in the snow?


23 Oct, 2012



23 Oct, 2012


Ooh! Probably a number of reasons then, why the mower ripped patches last Autumn.

Thanks for the tips about the WD40 and brushing the lawn. Shall be out there today as weather forcast for the weekend is much colder. Crikes, didn't realise people mowed through the winter!!!!!.

Owdboggy - where do live that you have wet grass all year round?

24 Oct, 2012

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