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I have a pyrocantha and have no berries, why please



There are a few possibilities .

Did it have flowers earlier in the year

1. it is in too much shade . They often don't flower in that type of position - no flowers = no berries .

2. Possibly and probably more likely it was pruned at the wrong time. Pyracantha should be pruned immediately after flowering (don't take all the flowering stems off or you'll get no berries) Pyracantha flowers mainly on growth made the previous year so if you pruned it early in the season that's why you got no flowers

12 Oct, 2012


I agree about the pruning..I had to prune one of mine hard back,that normally has lots of red berries,so hardly any this year,which I expected..but the other two are full,which I only pruned lightly,leaving the flowering ones intact..

12 Oct, 2012


And don't worry too much if its in shade - my Orange Glow always berried well under the almost complete shade of a big sycamore.

13 Oct, 2012


That's interesting. I planted two Orange glow's in a customer's garden . One in full sun berries beautifully ,the other in shade doesn't.

I'd put it down to the shade but maybe there's something else going on.

Good to know

13 Oct, 2012


Who knows, Anchorman! Maybe yours was just one of those sunworshippers...

14 Oct, 2012


One was wearing a bikini so perhaps that's it!


15 Oct, 2012



15 Oct, 2012

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