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Evergreen country hedging

Beds, England Eng

Leylandii answers are an eye opener, and seems a shame to plant them in the countryside. Most country hedging I see is deciduous - but are there any that are evergreen? These would be better for nesting birds to, perhaps. Live on Beds & Bucks border; soil mixture is a bit stoney, and of chalk and some clay.



Prunus laurocerasus, Aucuba japonica, Berberis darwinii, Elaeagnus varieties, Ilex (holly) varieties, Photinia fraserii (not quite so hardy in very exposed positions) for taller hedging - for shorter, Prunus laurocerasus Otto Luyken. Want some more? ;-) (And that's without even mentioning the classic privet or box)

2 Aug, 2009


Bamboo has given you loads of good ideas there. One of the best natural hedges I have had the chance to plant and enjoy was Hazel with evergreen Honeysuckle planted in it. Upkeep is only needed from time to time, the birds are able to rest in peace in it. The blossom sometimes lasts a long time with a second flush.

2 Aug, 2009

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