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I planted a wysteria 3 years ago, loads of lovely leaves no flowers any answers please.


By Lynnmoy

United Kingdom Gb

My wysteria is on an arch it's healthy and climbing loads of very healthy leaves but never had any flowers. I don't know much about them but love the cascade of flowers your supposed to get.



I'd love to be able to help!

I have one too that is now 2 years old. I was told they take a couple of years to flower but I would have thought 3 years is long enough........ I am now keen for someone to answer you... they will as the people on here know about plants/gardens :)

10 Jul, 2009


I am no expert but this is what I once read. My bet is that the wisteria is still in its juvenile growth phase. Most vines and trees spend a few years growing rapidly before they have the energy to grow the specialized buds that will produce flowers. Wisteria spends the first years of its life growing toward the sun. Only when it is assured of plenty of solar energy does it make the bouquets of purple flowers we admire.

Another cause of your lack of blooms could be that the vine is still growing vertically. The tip of every branch of broad-leafed plants has a bud which produces hormones to control growth lower on the branch. Upright branches tend to continue growing rapidly. Horizontal branch tips grow more slowly and allow nearby buds to develop into reproductive tissue. That explains why apple growers remove the vertical sprouts in their trees each winter - those branches don’t make apples!

Train your wisteria to grow horizontally on an arbor, don’t fertilize it, remember to prune it only in summer (not winter) and you will have done all you can do to make it bloom.

10 Jul, 2009


Was it grafted onto a rootstock or from a seed? Grafted plants should flower within a few years but you need to prune it properly.

10 Jul, 2009


Hmm, advice I've been given as to how to train and prune Wisteria:

Restrict the growth to one or two main stems, take out the top when its reached the height you want. Trim the laterals (side shoots) by half in August, and trim again in February, back to 2 spurs.

10 Jul, 2009


How to grow wisteria....

10 Jul, 2009


totally agree with bamboo, prune twice a year.

10 Jul, 2009


If its was grown form a seed buy the supplier (rather than a grafted plant) when bought, then it can take anything from 3-10 years to flower.
Always best to buy them in flower or go for grafted, although a bit late now...

11 Jul, 2009

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