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can you transplant a mature tree

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A corkscrew hazel it has been in the same position for five years



Mature specimens require preparation a year in advance. During November to February, while plants are dormant dig a circular trench one spit wide parallel with the branch spread. Back fill the trench with sharp sand to encourage fibrous, feeding root growth which will help the plant to re-establish quickly.

Additionally, prune out approximately one-third of the plant’s wood.

Site preparation
Mark out the expected root spread plus an extra 50cm (20in) and dig the area to 30cm (12in) depth. Fork over the bottom of the hole, adding some organic matter.

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Is better detail and more info

7 Jul, 2009


It sounds complicated...but its the best way...

7 Jul, 2009


Definitely if its established and a large tree, The bigger the root ball the better to! Although moving it may not be so easy!

7 Jul, 2009

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