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Happy Easter Everyone. I'm Mad (as a Hatter) To Be Working All Week...


Well, it would appear tomorrow is going to be the best day of the extended weekend so I hope you all take the opportunity to get out in your gardens. Alas, I shan’t be able to as I’m working non stop till th 8th April .But, I did have 5 days off last weekend and as you, no doubt , saw in my blog of a few days ago, I got lots done as well as buying lots of plants.
But,after two days doing other people’s gardens, I start back again at my other job from tomorrow! It’s hard work but can be a lot of fun. The farm park where I work a lot in various guises (ie ; different characters) have been busy setting up an Easter garden ready for a huge Egg hunt over approx 4 acres.As part of an Alice in Wonderland themed event for the coming school holidays.
And yours truly (as a Mad Hatter character ) will be hosting the egg hunt and generally being mad (as a Hatter) along with the March Hare (he’s mad, you know?)

This photo from last year’s event, posted on the farm’s Facebook page by a parent , is my favourite photo of any of my characters. These two little girls were following the Mad Hatter’s crazy dance moves.As you can see, one of them is intently watching my feet. And the lady wrote lovely comments too….Smashing!

This is the Mad March Hare….young Jason who also works with me (Captain Blackfoot) at times as his Jack Sparrow pirate character, is superb at making costumes.

The Mad Hatter does get in a bit of a pickle with putting deckchairs up at times!

And now, a few photos of the Easter Garden ready for tomorrow’s action.It’s going to be a busy day as Friday is the best weather forecast of the weekend. They have already sold over 800 pre booked tickets….add to that the hundreds of annual pass holders and those who just come on the day, I think we could be getting through a lot of eggs!! How eggciting!!

I get up to a few silly capers and tricks, as well as dancing, singing ‘Happy Unbirthday’ etc and combing people’s hair with a spoon and fork but, one of my favourite tricks is this one (below). I get my wallet out to offer to buy cups of tea all round, and my wallet, mysteriously, bursts into flames!!
Well, it gets me out of paying for the teas.

Happy Easter, have an Eggstraordinary time.
I’m sure I will !
Up date… requested, a few pictures from this year’s event …yesterday and today!!

My son, Graeme, on the right(he tells me he has big bones but, I tell him,even a Stegasaurus hasn’t got bones that big!) here he and his co farm manager Paul…proud at their (and their staff’s handiwork ) Graeme looks after the entertainment/events and Paul, the operations side !

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Thanks Paul. Happy Easter. Great outfit

24 Mar, 2016


Thanks Paul.

24 Mar, 2016


What a great way to earn some funds...larking about, having fun and making people smile! Good for you! :) Happy Easter!

24 Mar, 2016


Thanks Karen....have fun.

24 Mar, 2016


Paul what got you into this mode of employment ,seems you might have been a frustrated Red Coat or a Circus clown ,whatever enjoy and hope the weather is not to bad for you.

24 Mar, 2016 a youngster I would've loved to be a red coat but my very sensible dad always told me to get a 'secure 'job...whatever one of those is.I don't resent him because he wanted the best for me and he used to tell me about how my auntie(mum's sister) had her good times in show biz (she supported quite a lot of big names in the 40's/50's/60's) he also remembered the times she didn't have a penny to her name. I also, have always loved to tell a joke etc but probably wouldn't have had the nerve to do it on stage but my eldest son took it a step further and has been telling jokes on stage since he was 13.(Oh, he also appeared on a Saturday tea time tv show hosted by Graham Norton...although you would have missed him if you blinked...he did a 1min 12 second act!) He still does comedy now at various comedy clubs , pubs, theatres etc (twice supported Jim Davidson and supports /comperes for quite a few tv comics) as well as doing his day job as entertainment and events manager at the farm I work at and also being a children's entertainer.He (Graeme) wanted to be a blue coat and I wasn't going to stop him....I fully encouraged him because I always thought.....he could go to university(he had a place) and still leave and end up working in a, I thought he should follow his dream and he could always workin a shop after 10 years. Well, he worked as a blue coat for 6 years then as a visiting cabaret comedy act at holiday camps for a couple years before reluctantly becoming a children's entertainer as well as taking a day job. As part of his day job, in 2010,he said he needed an extra Santa...I stepped in, his boss liked me and they suggested I do lots of other characters and the rest's, I have followed in my son's footsteps...well, I always have done things a funny way round! But. I'm having the time of my life and making up for lost time...I like to think my dad would enjoy what I do...I think he would!
Sorry for the long explanation.

24 Mar, 2016


Paul it is a great explanation and pleased you found a job you enjoy.For years people told me i should grow plants professionally but they have always been my relaxation from the stress of life so that is the way i kept them.
I know a few small nursery men and it is a hard way to put bread on the table,crop failure and you could be starving.
So stuck with running my engineering co although i did not enjoy all the hassle in later years, handed it over to my sons when I was 64 that was nearly 15 years a ago.
Enjoy your Easter romp and hope the weather does not ruin it.

25 Mar, 2016


It sounds as if you are going to be very busy, Paul! The Easter garden looks good. I hope the weather stays fine for you. My son is working down at Hampton Court, as Henry VIII, over the school holiday. They have just opened the Magic Garden there, which is a Tudor-themed family area. I imagine he'll be hoping for good weather, too! (Although he's not outside all the time - I'm sure Henry didn't wander round the grounds in the rain!)

25 Mar, 2016


Yes Paul, thanks for sharing your story with us...and your son's too. I have to agree with Brian...some loves are best left for leisure. I know all about how hard it is to get work in the entertainment industry. Hats off to your Son for following his dream, and to you for encouraging him. My Mum always encouraged me in my dream too, and although it wasn't to be a 'successful career' I have never regretted a single bit of it. I had some fantastic 'gigs' and some incredible experiences. But as Mum would confirm...I always enjoyed the bouquet of flowers at the end of the performance! :)) (signs of my other 'vocation' perhaps). But we all have many strings to our bows I believe and when one string is lost it never means the end...just means its time to start 'playing different music'.

25 Mar, 2016


It was lovely to read your story and that of your son. You are a natural entertainer I am sure!

Hope the weekend goes really well and that the rain stays away. Today has been lovely so you probably made a good start in the sunshine!

Off down the rabbit hole now to make my own tea-party!!


25 Mar, 2016


It sounds as though you have the best retirement job in the world, just making people happy all day! Good on yer!

25 Mar, 2016


I hope you'll post some of this year's pictures, Paul!

26 Mar, 2016


Good Luck with the new season Paul, hope you have lots of people enjoying themselves this weekend, sounds very well prepared, I hope the weather is good for you all.....I enjoyed reading this blog. Happy Easter and don't eat too many of those eggs...

26 Mar, 2016


I have added a few pictures from yesterday and today, Melchi!
Thanks for your comments...I thoroughly enjoy it although I'm exhausted and have 13 more days then one day off before doing a pirate birthday party on Sunday 10th (hope I have some voice left)
Were you a singer Karen??? Where did you work? Theatre?
I have to eat the chocolate, Sue, to keep my energy levels up...yes, any excuse !! Henry the v111, Melchi ? .That's a good gig, you have an excuse to overeat for weeks to prepare for the role , ha ha!
Steady on Stera.....I'm not retired yet!! Ha ha, but, just very part time on the gardening now so it's nice to do this as well.
Yes, Wildrose...great weather Friday but very windy and dull today.
I have just seen a post on the Marsh Farm Facebook page by the owner(my son's friend and boss) who lives on the farm asking anybody local (I'm not really) to go and help taking the flagpoles/flags down as the are getting battered tonight!
They will have to re dress the Easter garden tomorrow but, it will still be very windy, I think!!!!
Brian, I have to say, I agree with Karen...a hobby probably isn't always as enjoyable when it turns into an occupation.

26 Mar, 2016


Sounds as if yours was also a good gig, Paul! Henry goes on for another week, all going well so far, I gather. As a well-built redhead he doesn't need to eat extra ( though he's not up to Henry's later proportions, I have to stress!) He has Henry-ed for several years, also at Dover Castle and the Tower of London.

Love the photos. Have a rest now, I'm sure you deserve it!

1 Apr, 2016


Sorry Paul, I forgot about the gardening, lol!

1 Apr, 2016

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