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TV advert made me laugh!


Sorry for the off topic post but wondered if anyone else had noticed the latest ‘Oak Furnitureland’ tv ad. I assume they are a national company so everyone sees their ads in UK.They have some daft ads but the one I saw twice last night takes the biscuit.
“January Sale…Must end Sunday”
Now, if Del Boy (Only fools and horses) heard it, I’m sure he’d tell the bloke he should go on Mastermind with specialist subject “The bleedin’ obvious”

Happy last day of January

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I've seen a number of their ads but not the one you mentionened. I would hate to be an actor in one of those adverts in production, they probably bust their knuckles black and blue knocking on the furniture during shooting retakes. Along the same line there is a UK QVC blooper with a salesperson trying to sell a vacuum and it is the funniest thing that I have seen or will ever see. Whenever I feel down I get it up on the web and watch it....after that the world is alright again.

31 Jan, 2016


I just love the one with all the flying washing ! At least these adverts give us time to make a cuppa, but we don't drink that much tea ! lol

31 Jan, 2016


Thats funny Paul , I don't know about you but I sometimes watch an advert which goes on forever and I'm still left wondering what on earth they were adverting they are so rubbish ,why can't they just say what they mean straight away also why do they need wealthy top people to advertise give the job to someone who needs the money ...

31 Jan, 2016


The hard part I find is adding up my expenditure for the month which is of variable weeks. I reckon it to the nearest 4 or 5 calendar weeks leaving off the odd days both ends. If it ends up
£200 in hand over the total pension received for the four
or five weeks I have done well, seeing I enjoy using my
Card at the garden centre most weeks.
They still have some small flowering Shrubs pot bound and in need of new homes half price. Brought 3 home last week to pot on in Gerbil compost (lovely to have plenty to go at) keep in my cold greenhouse during the winter months, and immerse their pots in the ground round my Alpines wheelbarrow as a labour saving measure in a hot part of my garden in March. Easy to water if they are all together.
Then next October put them back in the greenhouse to get the Kew Gardens effect. Will put the tubs of Polyanthus in the shade and be kind to them this year. Am improving.

31 Jan, 2016


Ive not seen the QVC one Loosterife, I shall have to search YouTube for it.
There's an advert on currently , Amy, that every time it comes on we think it's for something it's not but I can't think which one it is now.
The ads are th most entertaining some days Rose!!
I love the silly slogan oak Furnitureland have......."There's veneer in 'ere " but I don't get the silly one about the manager keep putting out tannoy messages to the young lad, it just makes the company look unprofessional to me.
£200 Diane??......ha ha, no wonder you make regular trips to the Garden Centre!

31 Jan, 2016


I must be losing it Paul - took several seconds to work out why that was funny....oh dear.

31 Jan, 2016


Keep up Stera!

31 Jan, 2016


I do try,honestly...

31 Jan, 2016


Its Sykes the dog I love to watch (he stars in midsomer murders too)
Oh and the ones with the dogs and funny captions 🐶 (pet insurance I think

The teeshirts (Ikea?) Is nice too

Its all those gambling ones, bingo and the like
And all those with english dubbed on top of foreign. .....better stop now I think 😶

1 Feb, 2016


Ha you at he th e programmes , Pam, or just the adverts!!!!😛

1 Feb, 2016


lol well it wouldn't surprise me if some people thought the January sales went on until Easter !

But I never know the date anyway so I wouldn't have realised that January ended on Sunday.

I don't take much notice of the ads though. I often can't make out what they are trying to advertise :/

1 Feb, 2016


Only the nice ones Paul......😆

Some really annoy me and go on so long I've forgotten what I was watching
I only watch a couple of hours tv at night and even then struggle to find things I like.......

2 Feb, 2016


Yes, I struggle some nights Pam to find anything decent but I like the umdatebles at the moment and the Mary portas mystery shopper programme ....
I'm sure they have another sale starting soon, Hywel. And that probably will go on till Easter!

3 Feb, 2016


One of the most popular UK sitcoms we get here in the US is " Keeping Up Appearances".

3 Feb, 2016


Ha ha...yes, Mrs Bucket!! Used to make me laugh. Her poor husband

3 Feb, 2016


Boookay Paul Please 😲

Did you watch the charity bakeoff? .....chris kamara was so funny, especially the cake at the end 😂

4 Feb, 2016


No ....I've never watched Bake off Pam but, I have to say, Chris Kamara makes me cringe!
I'm funny, even with quiz/contestant based programmes that I do watch, I don't like the celebrity versions of them. Even Pointless which I love(and, in fact my youngest son completed and sent off an application today, for him and I to be on it ) , I never watch the celebrity version. I haven't ever watched Bake off off but love the gardening competition ....I think it's called the Great British Alltoment Challenge.but, even that, I wouldn't watch a celebrity version.strange bloke, me!!!

4 Feb, 2016


I watched it with reservations, it just tickled me 😂

5 Feb, 2016

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