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Merry Christmas Everybody...From Santa!


Hello, I’ve been a stranger on here recently, I know! Really busy being Father Christmas/Santa at various events/venues/schools/ shopping centres/house visits/private parties/corporate parties in the city(London) etc etc.
But, also….my mum is still in hospital, 4 weeks after her fall when she broke her hip) In that time, she has had numerous set backs including two bouts of pneumonia, chest infections etc and , as a result of this, she has been unable to have much physiotherapy.
But , she seems to have fought back and they have told her husband today that they are moving her to a rehabilitation centre some twenty two miles from her home so she can get some help with walking again.
So, good and bad news…..but, alas her dementia has really deteriorated and she’s not the person she was.
At least, after Christmas, I will have more time to go and visit her albeit 22 miles from me also!
Hopefully, next year will start better than this has ended!
But, I have nonetheless, had a great season (even though very tiring) as Santa.
I must go now as a very busy day tomorrow (Christmas Eve) .4 hours at a company Christmas party then 2 home visits in the evening!….oh, and then to deliver all those presents around the world …Ho Ho Ho!

Here’s a link to a smal video Santa recorded a couple of weeks ago! It worked….got me a couple more bookings after the company who get my bookings, put it on their Facebook page! (Copy and paste)

A very Merry Christmas to you all

From Santa Paul

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Oh dear Paul, it seems sometimes that everything seems to go wrong at the same time, I bet you are worn out with the stress of it all, lets hope your mum is on the way up again now, its very sad to hear about her dementia but one can hope for a good recovery for the rest, shame there isn't anywhere closer for her but if she gets the care needed that will be a relief for all of you.
We are having a good end to the year as well, think we have a free pass to the hospital this year, my daughter fell down the stairs 10 days ago and result is two broken bones in her foot, bruises coming out all over and a very painful base of her spine, trouble is she is in plaster up to her knee, not allowed to walk on it at all, they have given her crutches but with her arthritis she is really struggling, top that up with all of us having lousy colds that just won't go, so as you can imagine I too have not been around much lately..
Your Santa photo's are good and raised a smile, I'm still a kid at heart really, enjoy your day tomorow and don't get too tired cos I'll be expecting you at my house, lol.....
Merry Christmas Paul to you and your Family, you can even have a rest if you like, lol.....

23 Dec, 2015


Sorry to hear about your mum paul xxx
Hope you manage to have happy christmas

By the way you make a great Santa 🎅

24 Dec, 2015


Happy Christmas Paul. I hope next year will be less stressful for you.

24 Dec, 2015


Sorry to read about your Mum's poor health and her dementia, Paul. I do know exactly how you must be feeling, as you know my own Mum has been in a similar situation. Today she wanted to take all the Christmas cards down as it's all over! She will be in good hands at the rehab. centre, shame it's not closer to you.

Love the Santa photos, you and Julie have a wonderful relaxing Christmas. :o)

24 Dec, 2015


Merry Christmas Paul ! Sorry to hear about your mam ...

24 Dec, 2015


Looking great Paul....Ho! ho! ho! Merry Christmas. X

26 Dec, 2015


Oh your poor mum Paul. Hope that she is well on the way to recovery and has no more set backs

Hope you had a lovely Christmas and now get a well earned rest.

26 Dec, 2015


Thanks, everyone for your comments and concern.....
All a bit gloomy today, I'm afraid(just like the weather) .
Went to see mum....we've not long been home. It wasn't good....she seems to be wasting away...won't eat or drink, just seems to have given up. Not really aware of what's happening or who we all are. My eldest, Graeme, was really upset the other day when he went as she told him he's dead!!.. She was mixing him up with my late brother. And Graeme finds it tough because he's always been very much her favourite( something that has caused much tension in the family over the years) I even took some photos today of her with the boys at Christmas twenty odd years ago in the hope it might have some effect but unfortunately not.
I found out today why she has been so poorly........the hospital, it would seem, admitted some time ago to her husband that she had contracted MRSA although they say they are not treating her for it now! I dare not tell Graeme that as he'll go beserk. I don't know why frank(her husband) didn't tell us but he seems to be getting confused himself. Poor old Frank seems very exhausted and overcome with emotion recently. He's younger than mum but getting on himself (he's 77) and he insists on going every day from 2.30 till kicking out time at 8.30 pm.
I think, also, he's very upset that they want to move her to a rehabilitation centre 22 miles from his home. But, quite frankly, I can't see them moving her anywhere...I think she still needs to be in hospital!

27 Dec, 2015


Oh dear, Paul, I hope you managed to enjoy your Christmas despite the worries about your mum.
It's tough on the elderly when health starts to fail & even tougher on the family that loves them.
My mother also has dementia & has been through the hospital system after a fall too, she was in Norwich for several months & fading. It was one thing after another. It seems the hospitals just don't have the time or staff for the one on one care needed so you may find she will be better looked after at a rehab centre even tho not close to you.
.... you make a great Santa!

28 Dec, 2015


I can't see her making it to a rehab centre to be honest.she is so weak, not getting out of bed for days on end now. Not good.

28 Dec, 2015

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