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Izzy Wizzy, Cello's been Busy!


You may have noticed,I’ve not been on GOY (or any other sites) very often over the past ten days or so.Well, here’s why……….
The ‘Wizards and Witches’ event at Marsh Farm Animal adventure Park in South Woodham Ferrers, Essex was a huge success. Over twelve thousand visitors in eight days. (and 2700 of those on one day).
They say don’t work with kids or animals and I go and work on a family fun park…..ha ha, well I say work!!! Some would say it’s money for old rope but, boy it is tiring walking around 6 hours a day including two dancing shows a day..ha ha , what fun!!
I was playing my character , Wizard Cello, and I get free rein to do pretty well as I like as the owner really loves my characters(can’t be bad) .So, as well as the usual chat, stories and magic tricks, I devised a really corny but great fun dancing show ‘The Spooky Disco’ which I performed twice a day with my co star Barry Bones the amazing, crazy, dancing skeleton puppet. No, you haven’t fallen asleep after eating dairy products, this isn’t a crazy dream……it’s for real and , here’s the evidence!!

The mystery of the linking rings………yes, it’s a mystery how I get away with it!!!

The amazing Barry Bones (he’s got the moves)

Let’s dance!! It’s the Spooky Disco!!

Let’s Do The Time Warp again!

Some of my little friends(regular visitors to the farm)

We had a fantastic time entertaining so many people …..and there were lots of lovely reviews, people seemed to love the event, particularly the pumpkin picking and carving!
Halloween seems to be coming a huge event int this country, just like in the States!

Another of the farm regulars,Chloe, always colours a picture and gives to me ,whatever character I’m playing!

I’ll tell you something…….there are a lot worse jobs one could be doing.
And, on Friday evening, I had to get away from the farm sharpish as I had to go home, get changed into my pirate outfit and visit a local play centre to make an appearance at one of my little friends’ birthday party.It’s really funny……he’d seen me at the farm two days earlier as the wizard but his mum and nan insist he has no idea I am the same person!!

And,in case you couldn’t believe your eyes at the photos, here’s a link to Wizard Cello’s Facebook page where you can see some videos……it’s all classy ,highbrow entertainment!!
Well, where would you be without a laugh eh??
……………….Tropical Wings(yes, that’s the local rival family visitor attraction)
I will post a gardening blog soon…honest.But, for now I am absolutely exhausted so not able to do much.I am also trying to catch up with my customers’ gardens and tidy them up before the winter sets in.
But, I have a bit of an idea that I may carry out in the garden soon.I saw a couple of pallets outside a house where I used to live today,(with a sign saying “Please take”) so I may pick one up tomorrow if still there. And I will let you know what my plan is later on in the winter, when I am not so busy and have time to start the ‘project’
Maybe, in between finishing my gardening jobs and starting my Father Christmas bookings!!

Happy gardening!


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It is a wonder you have any time for gardening, Paul. Next the run up to Christmas, or do you do a Guy, for Nov 5th.

2 Nov, 2015


Brilliant,Paul..I love reading and seeing what mad things you get up to,and if I'd known you did Time Warp,I'd have come to join in..I love that :o) I love the way that little girl in the pram is looking at you ! she can't make her mind up,can she ? Lol Anyway,you are giving a lot of pleasure to lots of people..carry on the good work..looks like you are going to be very busy for a while yet :o)

2 Nov, 2015


Brilliant Paul that is some beard.

2 Nov, 2015


Ha ha no guy Siris, in case I get pur on a bonfire and then I wouldn't make the Father Christmas season!!
Probably, if I hadn't got the puppet, Bloomer, she wouldn't have been quite s keen . Some little ones are a bit spooked by someone looking so strange.I always look for the dropping lip.
Thanks wants to cost me over Β£700.

2 Nov, 2015


looks like fun Paul!!

2 Nov, 2015


Beats working for a living Sandra!

2 Nov, 2015


Paul you have so much energy that it leaves me feeling exhausted!!

There is fun and enjoyment on every picture and it was lovely to see. Now for goodness sake, sit down and have a rest!!! Or perhaps.....🚴 πŸ‡ πŸ‚ πŸƒ ⛳️ 🎢 🎩 🎷!!!

2 Nov, 2015


Your costumes are always magnificent Paul. Could you wear that Wizard one while you're pruning my apple trees? I'd enjoy that! ;)

2 Nov, 2015


..btw, loads of ideas for pallet projects on tinternet if you need any inspiration.

2 Nov, 2015


Oh no, Karen, I already have a plan! Perhaps I should've asked for guesses! A pruning wizard...mmm!?
I seem to find hidden energy when I do this Wildrose, because I love it so much but I did feel it.I was going to bed at 9-9.30 pm each night.

2 Nov, 2015


Oh I wish I was nearer I'd borrow my great nieces and nephews and come for a visit Paul, it sounds really entertaining and its clear you enjoy it all...

2 Nov, 2015


That's great to see everybody having a great time.

3 Nov, 2015


The owners are really putting more and more into the place so it is a good day out.
And, yes, I love it!

3 Nov, 2015


Wow, Gandalf,....sorry, Paul, that looks great, Love the costume and your enthusiasm.

(May I ask where all this takes place?)

3 Nov, 2015


Hi Gandalf/Dumbledore πŸ˜†
absolutly brilliant!.......
hard work but simple happiness and not a 'virtual toy' in sight just real magic

3 Nov, 2015


No....Gandalf and Dumbledore are pretend Wizards from the films......Wizard Cello is a real wizard from the enchanted forest!!
You should see the little ones' faces, Pam,when I show them my walking staff(which is a small tree trunk with root still attached!) and tell them it came from the Enchanted Forest!!
I do work in various places like corporate events/shopping centres/private parties(as wizard or Cp'n Blackfoot the pirate),Eirlys but most of my work is in Farm in particular Marsh Farm Aninal Adventure Park in South Woodham Ferrers, Essex

3 Nov, 2015


Ah I see......sorry mr wizard sir .....please don't turn me into
a frog 🐸
Dumbledore died anyway ( sob 😒)

and Gandalf didn't do much better 😣

So (to quote) " be careful out there"....😲

4 Nov, 2015


I have never watched any of those films....
Haven't been able to watch a film for years...just can't concentrate for long enough! (Good old Fibro myalgia)
But, I always tell children(those who look like they may be a bit scared or timid) "I'm a very nice wizard, I don't turn anyone into a frog"

4 Nov, 2015


I read the books Paul, the pictures are so much better as they say πŸ˜†
actually the harry potter ones were very true to the books, I watched them on tv, like you haven't been to a cinema for many years...FM as you say.....

Small boys may like being a frog....all that mud 😊

4 Nov, 2015


Your costumes are superb Paul - and it's obvious from the photos that you are a born entertainer! Keep up the good work. :o)

4 Nov, 2015


Thanks Shirley ....took more than 50 years to find my real vocation!
I asked the witches last week, Pam, not to turn me into a frog or toad ...I'm not ready to croak yet!

4 Nov, 2015


Ha ha Paul your taking over my job are'nt you. I ll have to come back as Morgana again then I can give you some spells he he cackle. Ha ha can I smell some thing burning for the guy they burn witches too cackle well they use to.

Lovely blog Paul love your dance and outfit and and the πŸŽƒI love the time walk be carefull you don't dance around a cauldron and chant you might cast a spell and your audience just might just disappear 😜

I can see the kids loved it and you. You better bring a witches brush back with you to sweep all the leaves from your Acer ha ha cackle. Glad you ve enjoyed yourself hope Julie and the kids and Paddy are ok. Glad your getting work. Now soon I will be expecting my present from you when you change to Father Christmas πŸŽ… from the treasures you ve nicked from being a pirate πŸ˜„πŸ˜œπŸ˜€

4 Nov, 2015


You're as crackers as me Dawn!
I will start being Father Christmas next Friday (13th) although there has been an enquiry for Monday or Tuesday for me to make a film for a marketing company although it probably won't happen!!
Yes, Paddy (12 and half now but still doing well) , Julie and the boys ok!! Still no grandchildren though!

5 Nov, 2015


You certainly play the part infont of all those kiddies, the look on their faces says it all, I'm glad you've moved near to me.
I do hope something comes of the film for a marketing company. Where will you be when you do the Father Christmas stint?
What name does your wife go under on Streetlife?

6 Nov, 2015


The streetlife account is n my name Paul M but Julie goes on and browses.
My Santa work isn't in one place....I do various corporate events, weddings parties , schools etc all over the south eas and sometimes further afield.i don't suppose the filming thing will happen.these marketing companies are always coming up with ideas that very often don't happen.that would be at Lakeside shopping centre Thurrock.
I have worked locally as my other character, Captain Blackfoot the pirate.i've done a couple of days this year in Royals shopping centre Southend and in the summer when Southend had the Maritime festival, I was in Adventure Island and around the seafront for the weekend.

6 Nov, 2015


Core blimey Paul your making me feel old Paddy being 12 and a half I think he was only a couple of years old when I first joined here yes he is doing well never forget him being very ill that time always think about him.

Glad Julie and the kids are all ok you and Julie will have to give bigger digs or feed them loads of oysters and nuts πŸ˜œπŸ˜„to get the the grand kids.

Stop thinking negative I think they will have you do the film your to good not to so happy for you if they do have you for their marketing film you ll have to keep us up dated.

Of course I am as crackers as you if not more so there s no fun being sain and good.πŸ˜€

6 Nov, 2015


You certainly keep on the go lol and that's good - and you bring enjoyment to so many at the same time, and that's good too :o)

6 Nov, 2015


Thanks Hywel.......and I'm crazy of course,..that helps!!
The thing with that film Dawn is that these marketing companies are notorious for talking about things that never happen and then, if they do, you get 2 minutes notice!

6 Nov, 2015


Yees that is a down side to it all Paul all they are interested in is making money out of people like you. Ish I could see your videos but will have to wait for my daughter to come as I am not on face book but she is.

7 Nov, 2015

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