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The First Autumn In My New Garden...everything's working hard!


Well, the time is racing on and we are coming to the end of my first gardening year in our new home.We moved in December and started doing stuff in the garden in the winter(new shed base etc) and have carried on doing bits all year. Although, I’ve been really pleased with my progress, there were some pots of plants from the old garden(in particular, Dahlias ) that we’re struggling and just needed to get in the ground.So, very late (around July) , I plonked them in (although I still have loads of Lillies etc in pots but some of those may go in the front when I plant it next year).I still haven’t decided, exactly, what I will do with that very small area in front of the house, yet,but I will incorporate some small beds and keep some of the slate chippings although, the chippings will all have to come up as they are laid directly on the ground which means almost constant weeding.So, I will remove them all,decide what shape/area they will cover around the bed(s) …lay a membrane then put them back.But, for the winter, the front will just be adorned with pots!

This small piece of rooted Winter Jasmine that I brought from the old garden will, eventually I hope, cover part of the front bay window wall.

This Heuchrea, Redstone Falls (below) is really developing nicely now and is a good, subtle contrast to the really bright H.Cherry Cola and H.Lime Marmalade in the following photo

And, Clematis Daniel Deronda has produced a lovely big flower after I cut off most of the smaller blooms earlier in the summer to help it establish better.

These Dahlias (Orange Nugget and Bishop of Llandaff ) have been busy productingflowers in the last week or two before the frosts kill them off and the Foxglove has produced a second(much smaller) flower spike , really late in the year!! They are all a bit squashed up but it was a rush job plonking them in whilst I was still busy digging /planting my main beds, so, I shall maybe spread them out a bit next year!

The semi double Japanese Anemone ‘Whirlwind’ is still busy flower behind the Acer

And Dahlia Bishop of York is busy, working his socks off , producing flower after flower in this semi shaded spot!

The Spiders are busy weaving their webs….

Paddy is ‘busy’ soaking up the autumn sunshine

This Alpine Clematis ‘Constance’ is busy producing the odd flower here and there as it has been ever since its first full flush in the spring!

The Wisteria, which seems to have made a remarkable recovery since being transplanted from its pot to the garden, is, I hope, busy storing up the energy from the sun to produce some flowers next spring.Although, I say that more in hope than real expectation after its suffering and neglect in its pot over the previous year or so to our move! But, gardening is all about hoping we’ve done the right things and waiting in anticipation, isn’t it?

And, the grass seed is, finally, busy pushing shoots out through the soil in the patches I repaired and, hopefully, all over the lawn …..hurrah!!

And, now for the not so good news…..the bindweed in the shrub border behind my garden is busy climbing up through a rose and is about to clamber into the Oak Tree …!! Well, I shall be taking a walk out there to do a bit of weeding, before it makes much more progress!

The compost heap is busy doing its magic to turn all the garden and kitchen waste into a beautiful rich compost to spread on the veg patch in the spring.

The Onion sets are busy putting on some growth before slowing down and (hopefully) surviving the winter.

And, I shall be busy on Sunday, continuing the greenhouse autumn clean up Nd weeding the veg patch then digging in some more manure before winter comes!

But, before my busy Sunday(digging/weeding) I am looking forward to a lovely trip in the sunshine to Elmstead Market tomorrow to see the wonderful gardens of Beth Chatto. The only previous time we’ve visited (3 or 4 years ago now) was in the springtime so, there will be different things to see this time.

Have a great weekend in the sunshine, whatever you’re doing and ….Happy gardening,

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Paul it looks great - you don't see how nice it is from the general views you've been showing. Busy is the word!
You certainly deserve a visit to Beth Chatto's garden - how many plants can you fit in the car?

2 Oct, 2015


Ha's more a case of how many I can fit in the garden!! I may have to get the shoehorn out!!

2 Oct, 2015


It's all coming along beautifully, Paul.
All this prep work is what will make your garden grow & flourish although I admit to "wanting to get on with the plants", lol. You seem very well organised & seeing what other folk have done with small gardens, I bet you have many future plans
Have your dahlias had frosts already?

2 Oct, 2015


I don't believe a word of it especially as I have been catching up with all your blogs today Paul and already know you have plans for adding another bed , lol... looking forward to seeing what you bring home from your weekend trip out, I've missed out on my visits this year as you know so always enjoy seeing other members pics...
Looking good Paul, we are having some wonderful days at the moment and the flowers and shrubs are doing us proud, I do like your Heuchera spot, unfortunately I have to grow all mine in pots as they do not survive in my garden....

2 Oct, 2015


Paul, I hope you will take your camera to Beth's garden! I love Daniel Deronda. I've never grown it...don't know why..but I've always loved it. It's such a lovely colour and shape. :) Things are coming along beautifully in your new patch. :)

2 Oct, 2015


Some beautiful plants, Paul. The heucheras are so pretty.

2 Oct, 2015


Thanks everyone....yes, Melchi and links...I am very pleased with the Heucheras and sincerely hope they last through the winter. We have a heavy clay soil which stays wet in the winter.I did dig in lots of grit but I will need to add even more, I think, next year.The new bed will be dug and planted next year, too so I probably will try and resist any purchases tomorrow.
Yes, Karen, I'll take the camera and I'll even see if I can find the photos from our last visit on the PC and maybe include some of each in a blog.and , yes, I'm pleased with C.Daniel Deronda and hoping for great things from it on the back fence, over the coming years!!
No frost yet Greenfinger...I'm hoping it will be a while yet so we get at least a few more weeks of flowers from the Dahlias. We very often don't get frost before the end of October here in South I've probably gone and tempted fate!

2 Oct, 2015


Thank goodness for that, Paul, I thought you meant frost HAD killed them off (read it wrong).

Will look forward to seeing your Chatto pics as it's been a while since I was there. Have a great time!

3 Oct, 2015 in a moment!
Late night last night so not an early start!!

3 Oct, 2015


Oh Paul, I envy you going to Beth Chatto's gardens ! I've always wanted to go there, but too far away for us !
Haven't you done well in your new garden ! It all looks so full and healthy ! I lost my Dahlia Bishop of Llandaff to slugs and snails ! I only noticed when it was too late !

3 Oct, 2015


It really is fantastic garden Rose. And, we now live only 42 miles away so it took less than an hour. I took loads of photos and have just loaded them onto my PC and started sorting through them and will, hopefully put a blog on in the next day or two.
My Dahlias havent suffered too much from Slugs/snails/earwigs, yet.I can only imagine it's because the local pests haven't heard that a keen gardener has moved into no 27 yet but, I'm sure, by next year, the word would have got around!!!

3 Oct, 2015


Well you have had a busy time of it Paul....So exciting having a new garden. I am planing a planting week this between the wisteria is still in the pot it came in poor thing..i am even thinking I am to late to plant the poor thing.

4 Oct, 2015


Let's hope the mild weather continues for a while to let it settle in before frosts come Sandra!
My problem with my new plants is more that our soil stays so wet but, I'm hoping all the grit I've dug in will help.

4 Oct, 2015


Hi Paul, I'm playing 'catch-up' on blogs (nothing new there!) and have enjoyed seeing the progress in your new garden. That Winter Jasmine will look lovely on the front wall and the Wisteria will be lovely in the back. I had never heard of the Clematis 'Daniel Deronda' before and then heard the name in a quiz show yesterday, strange but true! Off to view your next blogs now .....

8 Oct, 2015


Ha ha....I assume the quiz question wasn't about the clematis......but, the George Eliot novel?
I'm really pleased, now , that I thought to put that little Jasmine in a pot and bring it with us.

8 Oct, 2015


Yes Paul, the book, not the plant!

8 Oct, 2015

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