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Garden Looks Like A Battlefield But Old Garden Looks Like Armageddon!!


If you saw my blog of a few days ago, you will know that I have been trying to improve the lawn at my new garden…..digging out loads of rubble, weeds coarse grasses etc and filling in the holes then I top dressed it.
Well, as you would have seen in the photos, it looked a mess. After lots of rain tuesday, it looked even worse but,Wednesday was dry so I seeded the patches and then overseeded the whole lawn. I proceeded to take action to stop the birds eating it (it says on the packet that it has a bird repellant but, I’m not convinced that would work on it,s own so, up went the canes and then string tied to them with silver cooking foil strips attached to the string..ha ha , what a mess but, I havent seen a bird come near or by (coincedence, probably).But, it really does look like some kind of battlefield. I think my neighbours must wonder what kind of gardening nutcase has moved in!!

And, this is what my old front garden looked like when I drove past it yesterday.The new owners obviously had a change of heart from when they told me they wanted the plants and to,keep the garden as it was! So. I’m assuming it will soon be a car park.You could keep over 10 cars on there if you wanted to. Makes me smile as they already have a drive at the side with space for two cars and a garage for another yet they keep their cars on the road at the moment. I saw one of my former neighbours today and she informed me that some of the plants were dug out and taken away by two chaps in a van so, at least they weren’t all just dumped.

But, at least the neighbours won’t have to look out on this anymore as they have done all this summer.

But, I prefer to remember it like this. A few photos from over the years. I spent thousands of hours in that garden and in the potting shed. And I have hundreds of photos on my PC as well as many prints from before we used a PC to store photos. These are kept in a large hardbacked scrap book which I kept up for the first 7 years we were at the house. That scrapbook also proudly contains two ‘gold award’ certificates for Thurrock in Bloom Best Front Garden Competition 2007 and 2008. I know…what a big head I am but, those two certificates gave me quite some pleasure….well, the earning of them did!!

Thanks for reminiscing with me.
Enjoy the unseasonably warm, sunny weather (I hope you all get your share, wherever you are)
Happy gardening


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Thank goodness you have your memories Paul. What a pity. I hope they don't just concrete it, but looking at that paint on the pavement it does look like they are going to use it for parking. sad. On a happier note, I do love your bird repelling strategy, and I bet it will work too. You'll soon have that lawn in top nick! :))

25 Sep, 2015


Paul I could weep for you. I loved that garden - wonder why they couldn't have given you the option of rescuing some of the plants. So glad you took lots of photos anyway. Anyhow, one day it will be fun to compare your present garden with what it will become in a few years.
(A bog garden perhaps??? Lets hope not.)

25 Sep, 2015


Thanks Karen......feeling a bit sad tonight! Julie picked up on it so I told her about all the plants.
I hope I will get the lawn a bit better but it won't ever be great because the green area behind the garden is obviously only cut once every two or three weeks and they can't, I suppose, use weedkiller on it so it is constantly spreading weed seeds around. Also, there is bindweed in the shrub bed behind our garden and it has grown all over a rose and is about to smother the life out of it, if left to its own devices.I suppose I will have to go and dig as much of iit out as I can.I don't want the seeds of that spreading or I'll never get rid of it!

25 Sep, 2015


I hope not a bog......Stera.
It was inevitable they would pave my old garden over.They obviously weren't gardeners. The side garden is still very overgrown...I don't know what they will do with that! Extend the house into it, no doubt, one day.
By the way Stera....I don't know if you saw it but I did put up a photo of the Japanese Anemone Whirlwind ( the semi double white flower) .You said you wanted to see it when fully open. It was in a blog but I guessed u didn't see it so I put a photo up a week or two ago. It's my last photo I posted.

25 Sep, 2015


Sure your new garden will be impressive next year.

25 Sep, 2015


I did miss it the first time but actually saw it yesterday and added a comment (saying its now on the Wish List!)
It was kind of you to remember . I've got a very small young Honorine Jobert to replace one I lost but its not a patch on Whirlwind!

25 Sep, 2015


Thanks Peter...I guess we get out of the garden, what we put in!
Honorine Jobert is a lovely plant too Stera, but, I didn't bring it with me as it is a bit of a rampant spreader and I don't have room in this little garden!!

25 Sep, 2015


I would have been gutted too,to see my last garden looking like that,Paul..let's hope the plants went to a good home instead of being dumped.Good luck with your new lawn,and the deterrents :o)Coming up to Halloween,maybe add some Pirate photo's,till it's seeded.Lol or better still,a pic of me !..That should do it :o)

26 Sep, 2015


I know just how you must have felt Paul. Our last house has been turned into a wilderness, despite the new owners assuring me they 'loved gardening .' As for thr the bird deterant on the new lawn I couldn't help but laugh, it did remind me of an obstacle course. Let's hope the birds don't work it out lol!

26 Sep, 2015


Thanks for the warning Paul - it didn't spread in my last garden, which was very light soil.

26 Sep, 2015


Oh Paul, how sad ! Thats such a shame ! How could they ! It makes me so mad ! It was a beautiful garden and you deserved to win ! It would have really upset me to see it ! When we left Willow Cottage ( I don't know if you ever saw any of my blogs) the gardens were desecrated by allotment holders! The cottage was in the middle of the allotments ! We brought as much as we possibly could and even while we were moving , some greedy people were coming in and asking what they could have ! Some didn't even ask ! Now, apparently the whole area is an overgrown mess ! I'm sure your new one is going to look just as good ! How did you get your Lupins to look so perfect ? No sign of slug or snail damage or the dreaded Lupin aphid !

26 Sep, 2015


What a fantastic garden you had though I'm sure this one will be even better. Onwards and upwards. Just remember it's really heartwarming to see the new garden evolve :-)

27 Sep, 2015


It seems to be working so far, Bloomer but I'll stick with the silver foil instead of photos of me....I want keep them off the garden not scare the poor little blighters to death!!!!!
Thanks Gertrude........yes, I love making new gardens but this one will be a lot less complex so easier to look afetr(nada lot smaller of course)
Never had a problem with aphids on the Lupins Rose but, always picking snails off in the spring to stop them destroying the new growth. That Luping was red/pink but changed to that colour a couple years ago!! Strange!
I suppose it was the lesser levels of nutrients then light soils have some advantages sometimes.
No birds eating it yet Waddy,...let's hope it stays that way. It, poor old Paddy (our dog) is a little confused by the obstacle course!!

27 Sep, 2015


Well Paul your planting is looking fantastic in your new garden and I am sure the lawn will soon be perrrr fect . I too loved your wonderful front garden in you old house how they let it go shame on them and then dug out all those wonderful plants, to create a concrete jungle sure they are not from Coventry Council these people who bought your house, they have turned our city into a concrete jungle. They could of offered you the first choice if you needed any of your old plants but at least there is a bright side of the two men having some and your new lovely garden.

28 Sep, 2015


Well, I'm hoping, Dawn, that the two men were from a charity.I know that the only time the grass was cut since I left was by some people from the local MIND charity and I know they have a gardening scheme where they grow and sell plants in Grays, Essex so, I'm hoping that's where they've gone and not to a boot sale for some individual to make money out of!
All that area covered in bricks or slabs or stones or cement or something....doesn't bare thinking of! One thing's for sure.Our bat, Bobby as we called him, won't be visiting that garden anymore because there will be no moths and other insects to feed on as no plants to attract them!

28 Sep, 2015


I hope the birds keep off your grass, Paul, I'm pretty sure the tin foil and string would keep me away! What a great shame about your previous garden, but so glad you have photos as a keepsake of the wonderful garden it was before. The Teasels and Eryngium from it live on in my garden ... :o)

29 Sep, 2015


Yes Paul I hope its the Charity men thats had them. Such a shame about Bobby the bat 😟

29 Sep, 2015


Yes, that's good Shirley.thanks for Prairie gardens literature......did send you private message.Hope you got it.
Trouble is Dawn, if everybody did that to their front gardens (well, not even everybody) it would seriously effect wildlife.Tehre were hundreds of bees in that garden for many months of the year.Not to mention all the other insects etc. I even photographed a Buzzard in it once and saw Sparrow Hawk on the roof a few times.

29 Sep, 2015


Paul, yes I did receive your PM and have replied, bit late, sorry! Funny you mentioning a Sparrow Hawk as we noticed a lack of birds for about a week, especially the Goldfinches, then saw a photo in the local paper of a Hawk in somebody's back garden so perhaps it had been staying locally. Pleased to say the birds are back on the feeders now. :o)

29 Sep, 2015


I don't see all that many birds in this garden .Although, I've stopped putting feed out for a while as there's been a squirrel around and some of my newly planted bulbs have been dug up. So, I don't want to encourage him on with nuts, fat balls etc.

1 Oct, 2015


Poor Paddy, I bet he isn't your friend at the moment, they always say one should never return for a visit to ones old property, all your hard work will pay off in the new one Paul, next year will show it in all its glory....

2 Oct, 2015


I still look after some of my old neighbour's' gardens so I see it quite often, mores the pity!

2 Oct, 2015


Sadly Paul a lot are doing it laxk of car parking or lazy . what a great variety of wild life you had there.

Good luck to who tries it in my back garden if I have to leave as there are 5 Acer trees planted in the garden plus a yellow Witch Hazel a very large Bay Leaf that was about 20ft high till recently which I had cut back and another big tree and a black Elder and 2 Buddleia s and no way in the back nor front could you get a digger in. I have loads od bees and butterflies and one or two Dragon flies normally and bats.

3 Oct, 2015


The bats are definitely gone from my old garden, Dawn.
The side garden has a large Bay and contorted willow as well as Dogwoods, Viburnums and Pyracanthus ....I wonder how long they will survive the digger?? They already have a driveway and garage, behind double gates, Dawn but they are obviously too lazy to use them. So, two more cutaways , no doubt, to reduce the parking on the road for people's visitors!

3 Oct, 2015


Thats ashame Paul the bats have gone.
I would be asking for the dog wood willow etc if they are going to distroy them too even if I did nt want them my self to give others that appreciate them. If we treated an animal like it there would be up roar its been provern plants can see and feel. 😡

To night Paul a bus has ploughed into Sainsburys here Coventry city centre smashing into cars a lampost prior to smashing the windows of the large shop killed an 8 year old boy from Leamington and a 70 year old from Nuneaton injured 8 one little girl of 9 is at Birmingham hospital critical two kids were trapped in the seats up stairs . Same company bus not so long ago smashed close by into a jewlers opposite side of the road to this so sad .

3 Oct, 2015


How terrible's bee n on TV this morning!
The willow and Dogwoods would probably be too big to get out and transplant now! They have allowed the willow to grow so big that it's leaning over the footpath so the council may have something to say eventually.
All the need to do is saw through the three main branches every spring and that will keep it nice and neat and shrub like but it's obviously too much effort.

4 Oct, 2015


Its a shame the dog wood would be to big to transplant Paul.

Its just a sin in my eyes even with the willow serves them right if the council have them about it. I have never understood people like that if thats the kind of front drive they wanted why dont they find a house with a drive. Grown gardens I ve always known to put the value of the house up by lots if its matured like yours was.

To me it s like buying an expensive dress then cutting half of it away to redesign it to match other fashion dresses why not just buy the dress you want in the first place this is what my sisters use to do .

7 Oct, 2015


I went past today Dawn and all the wall has gone and the entire garden is covered with concrete but it looks as though something else is to be laid on top as the drain gully is protruding above the cement surface. The whole thing is open....just asking for people to go in And vandalise/steal cars!

8 Oct, 2015


Its a sin Paul I wonder what going on top of the cement .

Yep even the police have told me an open garden no fencing or wall is inviting people to intrude on your property as I havea tiny front open garden the police said we should get together and demand fencing from the association. Serves them right if they get robbed.

9 Oct, 2015


And , being on the corner. People will obviously cut across. That was one of the nice things about the big front meant the people walking past are a long way from the window and house.

9 Oct, 2015


Yes they will be cutting through Paul your right having a garden does deter people . When I moved here the kids and older ones use to jump over my fence or gate and cut through to the back so I planted a Yucca by the fence out the front which grew large the other side of the fence I planted a tree which covers the whole fence that leads into my back garden and a large water butt by the gate which the police thought was a fantastic idea and laughed, now no one cuts through. 😁

9 Oct, 2015


Serves them right if they jumped over fence into water butt...ha ha!

10 Oct, 2015



11 Oct, 2015

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