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RHS Hyde Hall in August (Photos)


Hyde Hall is my local RHS garden here in Essex. Since moving last December, I am actually a little bit closer than I used to be.Now, I love it at Hyde Hall, with it’s fantastic Rose Garden, the huge Gunneras around the lake, big sweeping borders with large Grasses like Stipa Gigantea on the grass hill which used to be the car park many years ago when we first visited ,The Queen Mother garden , the wildlife garden and the more recent veg patch and stunning dry garden. And, all of this, with the wonderful backdrop of an Essex hillside. So much has been added to Hyde Hall since we first visited quite a few years ago and , although we visit most years, I could come a lot more.In fact, I’d come every week, if Julie would let me!!
Here’s a few photos.

This guy had a good view

I was very taken with this plant (a bit like a Hibiscus flower) Alyogyne Magic Moments (a new one to me)

And this unlabelled plant(obviously a Solanum of some description) was very upright and very impressive.

I called this the Dave Clark Five Bed, as it has ‘Glads All Over’ .Yes. One for the over fifties, I think.

The Dry Garden…..spectacular.And, all in a heavy Essex clay soil(like my own garden)

The hanging Gourds/squashes in the veg garden were an impressive sight.

And on to the main Herbaceous borders;

They are arranged in small ‘compartments’ (separated by Yew hedging) with different colour scheme and are, in my opinion, incredibly impressive at this time of year.Even on such a dull, dismal day, the colours glowed!

What a lovely plant this Asclepias (Curassavica) is, don’t you think? Well worth a close up, macro shot.

As those of you who have followed my blogs over the years (on this and my previous profile ;Paulthegardener)
may remember….Julie loves a bridge(although, she isn’t keen on having her photo taken…I have to twist her arm)


Not sure what this section is known as but is just before we went out;

This Hemerocallis (Daylily ) was ‘Little Grapette’

I hope you enjoyed RHS Hyde Hall, it really is a splendid garden….oh, and the coffee and gluten free cakes are as good as any gardens I’ve been to as well (apart,perhaps, from Sheffield Park in Sussex.) On such a wet ,miserable day as it’s been today(Monday), it cheered me up to look at these pictures again from last Sunday (16th)
Happy gardening


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Weve actually had a cracking sunny day here once the fog cleared Paul. But forecast is rainy from Wed. For the rest of this week. :(. Anyway, back to the HH gardens...i love that Asclepias!! It is like little red angels with blonde hairdos! And those borders...what a feast of colours! Love them. The bananas and Tree Ferns areas are magnificent too! I see I shall have to put this garden on my 'must see' list! Just out of long a drive is it from Stanstead please?

24 Aug, 2015


Added to my favourites for dull winter days!

24 Aug, 2015


Less than an hour drive Karen, about 30 miles I would think.stansted is in the north west of Essex.
Ha Angels with blonde hair dos?? Are you sure you're not Carol Klein in disguise?

24 Aug, 2015


No, not her...but we are both daft northern lasses though!

24 Aug, 2015


Think you are going to have to twist Julie's arm a bit oftener - can see why you would like to go more often.

24 Aug, 2015


And only 20 minute drive for me!

24 Aug, 2015


A very impressive tour Paul. My mind is racing with ideas! Looks like a relaxing escape from the rat-race I'm living in, lol!

24 Aug, 2015


Wow Paul , that was one very impressive garden tour ! Its a pity its so far away ! I just had to put in my "favourites" so that I could have another "walk" round !
I think I would be there every day too !

25 Aug, 2015


Thanks Bathgate and Rose, yes, I am very lucky to live so close.
Yes, a bit far for you both to visit lol!

25 Aug, 2015


I love HH too Paul, our garden club goes there on alternate years with Wisley. I saw the dry garden earlier this year on a hot day and it was superb. Lovely food in the restaurant too. Wish I lived only 20 minutes away.

25 Aug, 2015


Lovely pics Paul. I went to Highgrove House a couple of weeks ago to have a guided tour round the gardens. It was fabulous even though a lot of plants had been cut back. Very interesting tour, walked right up to HRH's front door, he is a very natural and very informal gardener (or his 10 gardeners are!). Plenty of weeds among the plants!! Gorgeous afternoon tea afterwards. Unfortunately could not take any photos so brought a calender for next year.

25 Aug, 2015


I've only been Wisley once Jk and, I have to say I was a little disappointed. On that occasion, late in the summer,(I think it was August bank holiday weekend) the borders were all a bit 'gone over' and needing some tidying etc.I have to say Hyde Hall would get my vote although, having only been the once to Wisley is probably unfair.The highlight for me at Wisley(and one of the reasons we went) on that occasion was attending a talk by Neil Lucas of the wonderful Knoll Gardens in Dorset.
Yes. I have always thought Highgrove would be a very interesting garden, HarryV but, don't think I'd want to be taken around . Nice to see but never to do it at your own pace and stay longer at certain areas that you like more.

25 Aug, 2015


What impressed me at Wisley was the grass round the borders - just like green velvet. Highgrove sounds wonderful but its not a cheap day out is it?

25 Aug, 2015


The same at Hyde Hall Stera.....grass is green whatever time of year you visit and despite being walked on constantly!

25 Aug, 2015


Lovely pics, Paul. I love all the colours but have a special fondness for the yellow & oranges - they really cheer a dull day. It all looks so neat & tidy.
Have you been to the Beth Chatto gardens at Elmstead? I find it fascinating how she created them from a bramble covered, parched gravel wasteland. She must be 93 & still works every day in her gardens.

28 Aug, 2015


Yes, we saw her having a cuppa when we went there a few years ago.
I like her gardens because although much bigger than any garden most of us would ever own, I could still picture it as her private garden. I loved it and will go back one day.
I took many photos and put them in a blog on GOY but that was in my former profile when I was still a t my former garden and so, all my blogs have now gone!

28 Aug, 2015

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