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My New Back Garden, Borders/Beds Finished...well, for now!


As many of you know, I have been busy making a new back garden since we moved here a few months ago. I have blogged and put photos up previously of all the groundwork done…ie, laying shed/greenhouse bases,digging a veg patch,digging out the new borders and beds(not many as it is only a small garden…60 ft length), incorporating lots of grit . Although I have shown brief glimpses of the lay out/planting, I can now show the finished job(well, gardens are never finished, as we know and I will be adding a few more plants towards the front of the beds/border, next spring.I have bought some seeds of more ornamental grasses to grow next spring. ) The lawn is still in quite a state due to ,the fact it has been very very dry here until last weekend when we had two long periods of rain.That rain has helped but, what with all the rubble which the builders obviously buried under it and the fact that I have been walking on it for months, whilst working on the garden, it has some horrible bare patches. I have worked hard on digging out and zapping weeds in the lawn and I’m definitely winning but, in the late summer/autumn I shall be raking/spiking and over seeding, if I get the chance/time. You will see a particulary bad section by the stepping stone path that I’ve just laid.That area wll need digging out as the rubble under there is vrtually up to the surface.(cant push a fork in) But, lots of patches have been repaired, using the grass I have dug out whilst digging the beds.
So, here are the photos;
First pic is the view of the left hand side as you come out the back door. The view to the back,behind greenhouse, isnt particularly attractive of the ‘untidy’ area where the compost heap is and where I will try and encourage a bit of wildlife. (wildlife enticement will be a job for next year) But, the planting in the bed just in front of the greenhouse will eventually be quite tall and should cover the offending area.

The main bed on this side is primarily grasses but, i shall be planting some daffodil (tete a Tete) and allium bulbs this autumn

This is the reverse of the first photo.

The borders need a few gap fillers but, I want to give the plants chance to fill out a little first.By next year, I should have a bit more idea what is needed.

Ha ha….I hadn’t realised until putting this photo on the PC, that Paddy is flat out in sunbathing mode in the bottom right of the frame!

The borders on this side of the garden get more sun than the other side so I have incorporated a few more flowering perennials.

An aerial view which gives an idea of the overall layout of the garden. The veg patch isn’t really being used this year as I didn’t finish digging it till late May and I wanted to get on with the beds/borders. I also need to add a bit more topsoil and manure.
At the moment, it is home to a few pots of plants brought from my old garden which will, hopefully, have a new home in the front of the house next year.

I am really pleased with this Geranium(it was over wintered in the cold frame and didn’t look too good for a while but it’s really got going and is full of flowers as usual)

I think Paddy approves of my garden design.He likes wandering around and has found some lovely sunny spots for a lay down!

Totally different to my previous garden as those of you who remember it will know although, I have managed to incorporate a few of the plants from that garden.
I hope you all approve….well, a change is as good as a rest as my old dad used to say!
Happy gardening

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What a difference Paul! It all looks great, especially the Acer corner. I look forward to the veggie plot next year! You've used lots of different grasses, and it is very different to your old place. Paddy is so cute. JRTs suit old age and grey hair, it just makes them even cuter!

2 Aug, 2015


It is looking good Paul. Funny you need rain for your grass........our grass is fed up with rain as am I.

2 Aug, 2015


Me too!

2 Aug, 2015


Yes, I know.....we are one of the few areas to have too little rain this year, Linda.
Paddy's mum and dad were actually Border Terriers Karen, but, it's quite clear that there is Jack Russel somewhere in the breeding, maybe one of two generations back.All the other pups in the litter had the classic Border Terrier looks but Paddy was the one left behind. But, what a smashing little lad he's been. He has, largely, the temperament of a Border Terrier but he is quite feisty at times(well, with some other male dogs) like a Jack Russell. He has still got a cute look to him, as you say, even though he's an elderly chap of
12 years old now.

2 Aug, 2015


Now you've corrected me I can see Border in him.

2 Aug, 2015


Particularly the way he walks and when he lays down ....but when he sits up like a little Meercat...that shows the Border Terrier in him.

2 Aug, 2015


It looks lovely, Paul. The grasses are very attractive.

3 Aug, 2015


Haven't you done well? The garden is looking really good now. Like Karen, I also like the Acer corner. I take it you've sorted things out with your neighbours and their watering?

3 Aug, 2015


Its looking great Paul......really good basis for the future

can I suggest a few bird feeders this autumn to begin to entice the wildlife, they take a while to trust them.....I found some seed feeders that catch all the bits the birds discard, bluetits are the worst!
no mess seed stops it growing!......
the wee birds will take a lot of the nasties from the garden for you too ☺

3 Aug, 2015


I have removed some of the feeds from the feeder station temporarily Pam as we had a squirrel visiting and poaching it all and I don't want to encourage him in. But, I have an old dustbin full of foods ready to feed the birds when he stops visiting. I nearly got a pallet the other day to make a bug home but decided to wait till next year.i put some photos up in my last blog re the squirrel.I have had some succes with wildlife already as this garden was 'blank' with just a five shrubs but since having the bird feeder out (as soon as we moved in December)we have had a lot of blackbirds,sparrows,blue tits, etc etc. But, since starting planting, the insects have really increased, in particular, the hover flies and moths.So much so, that, last weekend,I spotted a bat flying round the garden one evening.
No, not mentioned it directly Waddy, to the neighbours, although did make a couple of comments re that bed holding water due to being lower than their side of the fence , when we were chatting last weekend at our local residents summer party.
Thanks Melchi........ Some of the grasses need to bulk out a bit and I'm sure they will look a lot more at home by this time next year.

3 Aug, 2015


It looks grand Paul and actually hasn't taken you that long to get it sorted, I like the beds and the way you have planted them out,it looks a lot bigger now you have the curves and pavers..
I have my brown patches again this year all thanks to Brynner and Morgan, right next to the garden seat in front of the fishpond, all the space they have here and typically they choose a spot in full view, I have tried every thing imaginable to try and discourage them to no avail, lol...
Little Paddy looks well at home there...

3 Aug, 2015


Yes.......our patches are just due to so little rain and rubble directly under the surface.
Paddy doesn't seem to effect the grass too much.
He was a bit confused for the first few months about which door to go out(front or back) as, at the other house we only used the back most of the time.But he is very at home now and loves wandering around the garden.

3 Aug, 2015


Sounds as if the wildlife are learning where to come, you've made such a difference already x

I was given one of those bee hotels as a present, the bees used it and so did the woodpecker, thought of it as his larder I woodpeckers or solitary bees it seems 😕

3 Aug, 2015


Oh dear....yes , most things have their good and bad, I suppose.and in some ways, our bug hotels can make them sitting ducks for predators but, I think it must help, overall.

3 Aug, 2015


That hadn't occurred to me - I suppose an intelligent predator could have an easy feast!

3 Aug, 2015


Yes, but then again, a woodpecker would often find a piece of bark with hundreds of insects underneath so, the same situation really.And ,it's all part of the food chain, I suppose.

3 Aug, 2015


It is, and you're quite right.

3 Aug, 2015


It's coming nicely now. It will get better and better :)
(but I still think you've got too much grass lol)

9 Aug, 2015


Well done Paul ... as Hywel says, it is coming along nicely now. We just need some heavy rainfall to green up the lawn .....

10 Aug, 2015


And, it's just arrived Shirley....hammering down!!
Did u recognise any of the grasses?? Like the miscanthus(Zebra), Stipa Tenuissima?
Ps.....I am coming down your way Saturday...GAFC are at Burgess Hill Town FC...we've never been there before so I'm looking forward to seeing a new(to me ) ground.Has your hubby ever been there??

13 Aug, 2015


We had stormy weather with torrential rain earlier today, sun shining now (3.30pm).

Is that Zebra grass in the pot the cutting I sent you? Blimey, that's thriving, same for the Stipa. Phew, always good when they do!

Michael says Burgess Hill are a good side with a good ground and a good manager ... good all round then! They have won their first 2 games so GAFC need to change that for you .....

13 Aug, 2015


They won't win their third, Shirley...I'm confident of that.We were on fire at Tonbridge on Tuesday and, if it's a good pitch(like Tonbridge) it will certainly suit our style.Our best player over the last five seasons is suddenly firing on all cylinders again, our striker who had a poor end to last season and injuries in pre season, was recalled on Tues and scored two so I travel with confidence.Should be a good crowd too.....we will take 60 or 70 and B.H. are on crest of wave having been promoted and won their first two (albeit, one of those was last night vs VCD who look to me like relegation candidates even though they've got a few of our cast offs!) I suspect an attendance not far short of 500.
Yes, the piece of Zebra grass in pot by shed(shady area) is flying away and the peice in the ground near my greenhouse and Acer, is getting going now but had a slow start after planting in July! The Stipa are still quite small ....the biggest one is one I brought from old garden but yours, I split into four pieces and two are really picking up is ok but quite small and the other hasn't done much at all but I took a chance and planted it out when I did the others. It's still there but not doing much yet!!

13 Aug, 2015


Paul, all I've heard for the past week from OH and our son is Zamora! Good luck to your team on Saturday, I shall be checking the result later.

The rainfall just might spur the grasses on to get growing ... :o)

13 Aug, 2015


Yes....I saw he was back ...the prodigal son!
I'm sure my grasses will all be established by next spring if not too hard winter..that's why I was determined to get borders planted early to give them chance to to get going before autumn/winter!
I suspect I may not be going Burgess Hill on Staurday, looking at reports of flooding ther e today and more rain forecast tomorrow, but we'll wait and see!

13 Aug, 2015


No, it will all have soaked into the ground judging by local reports this evening! Think positive :o)

13 Aug, 2015


Fingers crossed!

13 Aug, 2015


2-1 ... good result for your team! Did you go and cheer them on, Paul?

15 Aug, 2015


Yes..we should've had a hatful Shirley. We absolutely outplayed the, but dropped our guard in last couple minutes and let them in.
I don't know what they are up to down there but there were no more than 250 there but they declared 458....perhaps they are trying to entice sponsors in but there's something up!!
And Brighton did well, to beat Fulham away....not sure if Bobby Zamora scored!(or if he even played)

15 Aug, 2015


Its looking good Paul and I must apologize as I didn't see your last garden ! I only seem to have time to "pop " in and "pop" out ! I just keep to "favourites " so that I just have to click on to their blogs ! Very lazy of me ! So I shall add you to my favourites too! Much more time in the winter ! Not sure I want to think about that !!
When we moved here from Willow Cottage over 2 years ago, the garden had never been done and the front was solid clay ! The footings from the wall protruded into the garden and I had to use my hubbies crow bar to actually find a hole for each of my rose cuttings I had brought with me ! I had read about composted bark and how it breaks up clay and now the soil is much better and my roses are thriving ! I can definitely recommend this !

17 Aug, 2015


You've worked hard on it Rose and a beautiful garden is well worth it.
I used to be on here from 2009 as Paul the Gardener, Rose and I posted many photos so, maybe you did see it.
But, I'd put so many pictures/blogs on over the years I thought people were probably getting bored with it so I closed my account when we decided to move and said I would open a new account on GOh when I got my new garden. Well, I opened it just before, we moved here in December.

17 Aug, 2015


Paul, can you believe after the downpour and thunder storm we had a couple of days ago, the ground is dry again! We have just dug out a small cherry tree (wrong place for it!) and the soil about six inches down is solid.

17 Aug, 2015


the ground here is still quite wet actually.i've been out in the garden,doing a bit, this afternoon and was surprised.

17 Aug, 2015


Yes Paul, I think I would have seen your last garden ! I didn't join until 2011 though!

20 Aug, 2015

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