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Garden Visitor........Young Blackbird?


Now, this confused me as a few days ago i spotted a bird (blackbird size) in the Oak behind our garden but, with the sun shining on its chest/neck, it looked quite red. Then, today, I saw 2 of them in the garden.They were the size of Blackbirds and certainly walked confidently around the gardenforaging as the Blackbirds do but, the chest/neck/head areas looked quite bronze almost reddish and a few yellow flashes. By the time I got my camera, one had disappeared but I got quite a few shots of this one.I still believe it is a Blackbird(not sure if male or female ) but, I have never seen one looking quite like thgis before.I think it must be at a certain stage of it’s development into a fully grown adult. What do you think? Blackbird? Male? Female?
It even looks almost Thrush like in a of the couple pics!

I’m no expert but I love watching the birds in the garden.We have had 2 adult pairs(Blackbirds) visiting regularly.Especially, since I dug the veg patch and added some manure.Lots of worms etc in there, I should think.
Happy birdwatching


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Could be a young thrush.

20 Jun, 2015


I think it looks like a juvenile Blackbird Paul. Those bronze coloured Grasses look good too! :o)

20 Jun, 2015


I know it looks a bit like a thrush in a couple of the picturesLizzie, but I don't think it is.
Yes, the grasses Shirley....I bought them today.I went out for some grit(to dig in before planting) to improve soil and a water butt. I got the grit but also saw some Calmagrostis Kar Foerster which are the centre peicein my plans for one of the beds.I wasn't going to buy just yet but found a great bargain.4 large grasses for £20 (or £7.99 each) And, I wanted Carex Bucannii (or similar) a medium size bronze grass to go near my red Acer. but, I found this one(can't remember the name although I have the labels).They seemed ideal...good size and reddish, I got 2 of each and I will buy another one of each later and 2 Stipa Tennuissimas to go with the ones you sent me .I have plans for quite a few of them. I laid some of the plants out(in the rain) to get and ide of how that section of border will look.Just behind these is one of your Zebra grasses. Quite exciting to be at this stage but lots of border to mark out and then dig before any planting. and I got the Water butt set up behind the greenhouse I. The rain because we've had so little of the wet stuff, I didn't want to miss out on collecting some of it!!

20 Jun, 2015


He's a handsome fella! I don't know what kind of bird it is - I'm in the US. Some of our birds here molt - they shed their winter plumage for summer plumage - the goldfinch does this. He goes from brown to bright yellow. Could he be molting? Our Common Grackles are black birds, but the male sports a bluish sheen. He certainly looks like a thrush.

20 Jun, 2015


I don't think adult birds moult here but a I may be wrong.I suspect this is a young bird (probably Blackbird) but haven't seen one looking like this before.

20 Jun, 2015


That's my kind of price, 4 for £20, Paul ... well spotted. We have barely had any rain lately ... though some is forecast for tomorrow so that may top up the water butts. I shall look forward to pics of your grass border before too long :o)

21 Jun, 2015


Almost certainly a young blackbird paul, they are still quite spotty, the adults will still be coming in to feed it, so you can be sure then. Blackbirds mould after the breeding season when their feathers are worn to a frazzle, our resident pair look a right fright at the moment, too busy to preen. It is exiting laying out and planning a new garden, am doing the same here, trying to grow most plants from seed but quite a few GC plants finding their way in!

21 Jun, 2015


Looks like a young Blackbird paul, ive had a lot of these in the garden over the years..... I used to have one that would wait for me to put food on the birdtable then fly down right next to me and would even eat from my hand......

21 Jun, 2015


Thanks, yes a Blackbird it seems. never seen one looking quite like this before.
Also, Snoop...if u look at the rear shot, it's quite clear from the the tail plumage...I think probably male.
Yes, Holly, the adults seem to come very close when I'm out in the garden.
I am hoping to get quite a few plants in later this year, Resi, but then I am hoping to grow a few grasses from seed to add next year.
My borders will be a while yet, Shirley.

21 Jun, 2015


How lovely to see the youngster quite happy in your garden, he feels safe there, I am on constant watch here trying to stop Toffee from catching the babies, being only a young one himself he's like grease lightning...

21 Jun, 2015


A young blackbird, Paul. He's still got his teenage plumage so difficult to tell whether it's male or female.

21 Jun, 2015


I thought the tail feathers looked quite dark Waddy so maybe male.
Yes, mum and dad visit our garden every day LincsL.well, a couple of pairs do actually, they get very close to the house.

21 Jun, 2015


I wonder if you'll come to a decision about what it is.
It's a time when young birds are about.
I couldn't look at the photos properly. I have a bird phobia :(
But I did try ... lol
(unsuccessfully - sorry - so I am of no help ...)

22 Jun, 2015


Ha ha....yes, pretty sure Blackbird, and, maybe male! I saw one of them, I think , in the garden this morning and the beak looked a little yellower and the feathers seem to be becoming black!

23 Jun, 2015


A young blackbird,I expect the parents weren't too far away.

27 Jun, 2015


Yes, the parents are on and out of our garden regularly.

28 Jun, 2015

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