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Progress...An Update On My New Garden.


As many of you know, Julie and I (and Paddy, of course) moved to a new home in December.Not a good time for jobs in the garden but some had to be done(the shed was rotten and falling down) but that can be seen in my earlier blog from around Jan/Feb time.
This is a much smaller garden than we had at our last home but, I’m determined to fit a lot in!! It is approx 60 ft long but not particularly wide as ours is a town house which goes up rather than being wide.A lot of hard work has gone in but not an awful lot to show really, at the moment.But, here goes….I hope you like the changes that have been made.
Oh, here are the obligatory ‘before’ photos.
Taken in January, I think,just before I started digging out three huge shrubs right next to the house(to create a new site for a shed)

Since then, we have dug out and laid bases for our new shed (up by the house in the shadiest spot of the garden) and for my greenhouse at the back of the garden.The old shed which was in the sunniest spot has gone(boy, did we make some trips to the tip getting rid of the shed and rubble/clay that we dug out of the ground) and it has made way for my new veg patch that is just about ready now(although it’s a bit late for this year so unlikely I’ll grow much in it) I need a little more topsoil and manure.(unfortunately, no homemade compost yet but, hopefully it will be ready when planting starts in earnest next spring.
All of the following photos were taken this afternoon, so, you can see just where we’ve got to.

It was a bit late really to start planting tomato plants etc in the greenhouse as the greenhouse was only delivered and erected on 22nd May but, better late than never.I’d been keeping the plants going in my little tubular framed mini greenhouse since I’d sown them in late March.
The greehouse is small (6ft x 6ft) but, big enough for me and in keeping, i think, with the size of the garden and everything else I want in it.

The shed had to ,be placed further from the fence than i’d planned, due to a drain inspection pipe.So, the storage space behind it is larger than expected, so we have put a membrane down and covered with stone chippings to make it look more attractive.

And, I dug and planted my first new bed of the garden, yesterday after work.
The two silver plants are Convolvolus and the other is a Pasque Flower(Pulsatilla Vulgaris) The Pulsatilla was one of three I bought for £1 each from the clearance rack(after they’d finished flowering) in the Garden Centre. The other two will go in the fron if ever I get round to it(That will be next year I think, as lots to do in the back garden this year)

The plan is that the border on this side of the garden will sweep round (giving quite a decent size area to plant some larger grasses and a shrub as well as my Acer which has been in a pot for many years) to the front of the greenhouse where an Aghapanthus will be planted. This and a Zebra grass (kindly sent to me some weeks ago by Shirley (Tulip) ) will help obscure the view of the compost heap to the side and behind the greenhouse.
Behind the greenhouse is a fair size bed which some years i will use to grow som Potatoes as well as those that i grow in bags.My main veg patch is only small so I don’t want to use lots of space with potatoes.

My boys’ Conker tree(approx 20 ish years old) seems to be struggling since I moved it to the back of the garden 3 or 4 weeks ago. There is an Oak tree in the green space directly behind our garden and it appears that something which is nibbling at that has now come onto the Conker tree….any ideas??
A few pots providing some much needed colour;

I thought some of you may be interested in seeing the front of the house.It is modern (only built in 2002)

I have brought a few plants with me from my old garden and a few of these will be planted in the back garden borders(just the ones I have selected as being suitable to go with my proposed scheme of mainly grasses.
The rest will be planted in the front) We don’t really have a front garden, just this very small space between our front room window and the footpath (although, no one walks past our window because of where the house is situated in a sort of loop at the end of the road).So, I intend, next year to get rid of the slate chips and dig the soil over to make a nice large(ish) bed for, mainly, herbaceous perennials.But, a few pots will brighten it up for now.

An evergreen Agapanthus bud, just about to burst open!

Well, that’s where we’ve got to so far. We’ve made a start and I have to say I am fairly pleased to be this far on.I try not to over do it these days as I struggle a bit but, didnt expect to be any further by this stage anyway!
Happy gardening

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What a great blog Paul. You have been so busy. Looks great already.

17 Jun, 2015 Lavender here Snoop,and, the garden is only a mile or so from the River Crouch so, yes, ideal for a pirate..Aaaaaaarr!!
Thanks Linda...a long way to go but I'm pleased with the groundwork/basics we've done.The exciting part is t too far away now! Finding, buying and planting!!

17 Jun, 2015


I have to agree with Steve. You've done a fantastic and very professional job. I love your seating area and the gravel around the shed. I like a shed with good sized windows....comes in handy, and looks so much nicer. It's going to be a proper 'sanctuary' Paul. Well done. Front of house looks very pretty too. I actually like it as it is and if it were mine I would keep it like that for low maintenance. After all, you'll never sit in it will you and you will want to spend all your time working in the back I imagine. Your crops are looking good as well. Smashing! :)) Sorry, no idea about the tree pest.

17 Jun, 2015


Thanks Karen...praise indeed.
Regards the front....the jury is still out but, I would love to have a few of my plants from the old garden like Oriental Poppy Patty's Plum , Dlephinium Percival that I bought a couple years ago at the lovely Sheffield Park gardens, my eremerus (Foxtail Lily), some Cantebury Bells and a few others to remind me of the old place.Also, we used to love to look out of our front room windows onto the old garden and would be nice to do the same here. Not sure yet but the plants I mentioned probably wouldn't be happy in pots permanently.
Also, the slate clippings have been put straight on the soil with no membrane so they will have to be removed for a membrane to be put down,otherwise, we'll be constantly weeding the area as we are now!
Still, I've got the rest of the summer and all the winter to decide.

17 Jun, 2015


Yes, you do what feels right. I can understand you wanting to keep as many old friends as possible. And you've downsized drastically. I have Eremurus this year. I've never tried them before. I bought three roots, planted them on sand and prayed. They have all come up, and one has a flower stem. Only small at the moment, but I'm very excited!

17 Jun, 2015


They're fantastic plants Karen but they do take a long while to get going.Mine only two or three flowers for years but did get going.However, I put mine in a pot to bring here but it's not flowering this year.

18 Jun, 2015


Its coming along well paul... love your shed area... I have a horse chestnut tree I grew from a conker in a large pot... like you yesterday I noticed something had been eating it... !!!!! Snails maybe.... will have to take a closer look....

18 Jun, 2015


Thanks Holly.
The leaves on the Conker tree have gone very yellow and some have gone brown and dropped off so I don't really know! But, as I said, the Oak behind us seems to have stems stripped of leaves so I thought it may be the same pest eating ours and causing the dying off.

18 Jun, 2015


Well, I shall leave mine exactly where they are and in a few years they will hopefully be spectacular! :)) Thanks for the info.

18 Jun, 2015


Wow you have been busy it is looking fabulous!!!!!!

18 Jun, 2015


Thank you Nana.......lots to do but its all very enjoyable!
Yes, they'll repay your patience Karen...I'm sure.

18 Jun, 2015


My goodness Paul, you've worked hard and it's all looking great. The fact that you have completed all this while also holding down a job is all the more credible. I'm thinking the same way as Cottagekaren, with regards to the front garden. Keep it low maintenance and take the time to enjoy the back garden.

18 Jun, 2015


Pleased to hear you're making good progress with the garden Paul :)

18 Jun, 2015


Thanks Hywel.
I have given a little thought Waddy........not certain what I'll do yet and I've got all winter to mull it over as I won't get round to the front this year.I have to remove the slate clippings as there is no membrane underneath which means weeds constantly need pulling. But, I am now thinking maybe swap it around .I had planned mainly bed with herbaceous planting and just a few of the slate chips in the corners and a narrow path of them leading to the gas meter(yes, got to be practical as well.) but , I now wonder if maybe I'll compromise and have mainly slate chips after putting down a membrane and just have a winding strip of plants through the middle...short at the front..building to taller at the back. But, that's all in the future.I need to get on with digging and preparing the back garden borders first.I bought a couple plants for it today(very naughty...I should've waited till the borders are ready but couldn't resist) A couple of white Agapanthus which I put a photo up of earlier.

18 Jun, 2015


A lot achieved in a short time Paul and switching positions of the shed and replacing with the greenhouse is much better. I also like the idea of the new shed being on a slant it makes the patio area a more intimate and private place to enjoy your cuppa/wine.

18 Jun, 2015


I like that idea rather than flat against the fence Stroller......also, of course gives hidden storage space behind.It is slightly further out than originally planned due to findings buried inspection pipe whilst digging the base out.
Cuppa for me Stroller....not a wine buff or beer even these days(doesn't agree with me....poor old soul)

18 Jun, 2015


Your new garden looks very promising, Paul, and what a lot you've already done. You have some lovely plants. Doesn't that Agapanthus look amazing? I bet you go to sleep thinking about it, and making plans. I always think garden changes are very exciting. I think the front of the house is very stylish, really attractive.

20 Jun, 2015


Thanks Melchisedec...
The Agapanthus bud is on a plant which was a piece from one of my customers' gardens. She had lots of large clumps she wanted splitting up and said I could have some so I potted it up autumn before last and it will go in the garden, eventually!
I'm afraid you're right...I do often lay in bed running ideas and planting plans trough my mind.

20 Jun, 2015


I know the feeling, Paul ...

21 Jun, 2015


You have done a great job; love your greenhouse.

22 Jun, 2015


Thank you do I.

22 Jun, 2015

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