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A Lovely Feeling.....It now feels like my garden!


Although there is still tons to do in the new garden, I feel today as though it is OUR garden.It finally has a little of us in it.
This morning, we had a ride to a fairly local nursery, which just happened to have a Costa Coffee close by…there’s a coincidence!!I needed to buy a few bedding plants for one of my customers and also a few for our garden.Years ago, I used to buy and grow box loads of bedding for my customers but, alas, many have passed away and I am not taking on any new customers because it’s getting a bit hard for me now, as well as me getting lots of work as a Pirate, Mad Hatter etc and the fact that we have moved 17 miles away.
So, coffee and cake duly consumed, we headed home.
I planted up some pots in the same style as I always have (mixed colours/plants) you know….the style Joe Swift referred to last night on GW as old fashioned!!!! As well as planting the pots up, I had a tidy up on the patio which has been a dumping ground since we moved in on 3rd December.It needs a jet wash but that will have to wait until I’ve dug the borders and veg patch as it will only get filthy again….that’s my excuse! I also moved the cold frame to the spot that is to be its permanent home (that, too was dumped on the patio).So, a lot tidier.
You will also notice in the photo, some bunny tails grasses which were kindly sent to me by Shirley(Tulip)…….they are waiting to go in my borders when dug. I have saved some of the seed.

And, I also planted a Wisteria,which has always been in a pot at the other garden, in the ground by a wall near the back of the garden. (I’m afraid the plant was rather neglected last year whilst we waited to move house….it dried out a few times so I had to cut back some dead bits but, I hope it will get going again in the ground.I hope so as it didn’t flower for the first four or five years we had it as it was a seed grown plant but, I persevered with pruning the side shoots and feeding and, it did finally flower three or four springs, but, not last year or this!

And, the boys’ Conker tree…..(they planted a Conker with me when they were 11 and 6, I believe…and we are off out tonight for a meal to celebrate the eldest,Graeme’s 31st birthday…so,that makes the tree 20 years old, I make it.It has been reported a few times, of course) still in a pot looks great (and rather stately ,in my opinion) at the back of the garden behind where the greenhouse will be in a few weeks time.

You will ,also ,notice my new Rambling Rose (Perennial Blue) next to the pile of earth which is where the veg patch will (eventually) be. The Rose has a perfume which I thought would be lovely to smell whilst working on my veg patch.Also, of course, it should attract Bees….handy for pollination on the veg patch.
You may see, next to the compost heap, I have left some nettles growing(I removed quite a lot of roots). This, will hopefully help to attract butterflies.This area will be behind the greenhouse so, I won’t worry about it being too tidy(I hope the wildlife appreciate it).
So, I’m feeling quite pleased with myself and, as the title suggests, I feel at home now, in our garden.I can see the garden starting to become more than a dumping ground!
Happy Gardening

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It's starting to look great! Will be great to watch and see how you're planning to transform the whole space! :)

16 May, 2015


Its looking great already Paul I can imagine when it all gets established it will lood fantastic. That Wisteria will look great when in flower s by the fence, I gave up on mine so got two new ones , I ll take that in on trimming the side shoots, my brother in laws always flowers and he cuts the spraling ones off that shoot out. Cant wait for it to be completed green house too , I m jealous always wanted a green house, the only one I ll get is when my spirit rises.

Hope you enjoy Grahame s birthday the tree might be 20 but Scare crows, Pirates and Wizzards 🎅never age

16 May, 2015


Ooh, I did enjoy that Paul. Its great to see it coming along and you making your mark on it. I love Perennial Blue. I bought it last year after a recommendation on here...might have been Angela..not sure..and its so lovely. Mine is growing beside one of the Apples. I'm ever so excited to see your new greenhouse, and veg patch. You're right about the power point doing it twice, and you look after your back too. I envy you your cake and coffee...I'm on a diet. Have lost 17lb so far, but still 2 stones to go! Feel sorry for me! ;)

17 May, 2015


You have really had an impact on your new garden. It is taking shape beautifully and must be very satisfying to lean on your spade now and then and take a moment to look around.

As for Joe Smith, I happen to love 'old-fashioned!'

Please put on a photo of your new rose when in flower as I would love to see it.

17 May, 2015


I will do Wildrose...there are a few flowers now but lots of buds still to open.Yes, I felt quite pleased with myself yesterday.
That's funny Karen, I put a question on here regarding the Rose before I bought it but the respondents weren't familiar with it. And, I do have to watch my back when jet doesn't sound too strenuous but, all that bending isn't good.
I plan to have borders with mainly grasses Dansdanspond...and a veg patch.
Ha ha..Dawn...I don't know about Pirates not ageing...I did a two hour Purate party today..........exhausted isn't the word! but, what a lovely time I had..I hope the children did too!!!

17 May, 2015


It's coming along nicely with you now. Slow but sure is the best way I think, and it will become more and more 'your' garden as time progresses and you make it as you want it :)

17 May, 2015


Yes.....I'm keen to get going Hywell but not in too much of a rush.I want to enjoy doing it.
Spent half hour or so out there today, just laying out some pieces of wood to mark where the borders will be in that part of the garden.Not set in stone yet but I'm getting the feel of how I shall have it!

18 May, 2015


A garden is never 'finished' anyway. It's always a work in progress :) That's the enjoyment of it, as you've said.

18 May, 2015


I know the children would of had a great time with you Paul , exhausting I can imagine at least it keeps you going, hope Julie is alright.

18 May, 2015


Yes, she's fine thanks Dawn. And Paddy....he's an elderly chap now....12 yrs old last week.

21 May, 2015


Glad to hear Julie and Paddy are well, I think Paddy is doing better than me for his age lol

22 May, 2015


It must be satisfying to have done a bit in your new garden Paul ... putting your stamp on it bit by bit. I am pleased those Bunny Tails grasses are thriving ... the Eryngiums you sent me are doing well. :o)

27 May, 2015


Oh good....
I have finished building the frame for my raised veg patch now but still have to dig it out and genome more topsoil in.And, greenhouse coming all seems to be getting going at last!
How's.things with mum now......settled down?

27 May, 2015


Big day tomorrow then Paul ... new Greenhouse coming!

Mum seems happy enough in her new home, the staff are all very kind and considerate, food is good and there is entertainment and/or activities regularly. Such a relief to know she's somewhere safe now. :o)

28 May, 2015


Oh, that's good news...well, as good as it could be.
Yes....tomorrow's the big day.First time in 10 years that I would've had a greenhouse!

28 May, 2015



29 May, 2015

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