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I'm whole again!


Hello GOY, how are you all?
I’ve been busy busy busy, my feet have hardly touched the ground.Kitchen and Ensuite been fitted, endless trips to the dump to get rid of everything, not to mention knocking down the old rotten shed I gained when buying the house.It’s incredible, just how much wood is in an 8′ × 6′ shed, you know!?
I’ve been on quickly, a row times to look at your blogs etc and made one or two comments but little time to do much else.
And, my gardening season has started( my 11th) so been busy looking after all my lovely customers’ gardens.They are dwindling, I’m afraid,but, age catches up with us all. I may eventually start a round in my new area also but, my other work(walkabout entertaining..wizard, pirate etc) is gthering pace, so, I’ll wait and see for a while first.
But, in my own garden, I’m making slow progress….the new shed is now in place and the old one is down. This leaves a space which will be part of my new veg patch…eventually.
I have also started digging out for a base for my greenhouse but, it will all take time.
However, today, I felt I was making progress and getting back to normal.It may seem strange, but, I have really missed composting.It seems so wrong plonking everything in the wheely bin.But, today, my new compost bin arrived and I feel whole again!!
Ha ha….I’m easily pleased!

Oh, here’s a snap of the new kitchen, as well!

Happy gardening, I’m off to watch Monty and Nigel now!!

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Exciting times. It must have been horrid without a compost bin and thats a nice one. Would you like me to send you lots of weeds to start it off??? Have you decided where the greenhouse is going to go? I'd thought you were going to put it where the shed was.

13 Mar, 2015


As a keen composter myself I understand exactly where you are coming from Paul, it seems sacrilege to just dump everything in the council bin, personally I think you are going great guns really, I hope the weather is good for you so you can keep up with your customers as well as sorting your new garden.
Your kitchen is smashing, seems a shame to use it, lol, only kidding, I like it, just a tad jealous as mine always seems so cluttered, which admittedly is my own fault as I seem to collect things, too old to change the habits of a lifetime...........

13 Mar, 2015


My garden is so small I've no room for a compost, but I agree it's a great thing to have. When I had my allotment I had three...yes, over doing it a bit, I agree. Oh, bytheway I LOVE your new kitchen, very chic.

13 Mar, 2015


Thanks....we thought we ought to have a modern kitchen in such a new home...the kitchen will soon get cluttered .these pics were taken before everything was put back in place.
I'll pass on the weeds thanks Stera....just trying to save you the cost of postage of course!!!!😉
I'm putting the greenhouse in the middle where it will get more sun, rather than up against the fence...although, that is where the veg patch will go. It's not an ideal situation, but should work.
Without the big borders I had in the old garden, I'll have a job to fill just one heap, let alone three Waddy!!! I had two at the old house but had lots of grass clippingss and many herbaceous plants that were cut down in the autumn or spring!!!

13 Mar, 2015


Glad to hear your entrrtainment is getting better Paul. Love the kitchen. Where would you be with out your compost bin , well glad to see youve got your self a new one. Easeypleased lol have you got time to be pleased.

16 Mar, 2015


I'm very late to this blog Paul, just like to say I know exactly what you mean about composting! My OH can never understand how I'm so pleased to create crumbly compost from kitchen waste etc., great for our clay soil. Love the kitchen too ... very smart.

30 Mar, 2015


OK Paul, no weeds then - thank you for saving me the postage. I have three bins and I think one of them has rats in - serves me right for putting in too many unchopped up veg trimmings. I shall make sure the cat is standing by when it gets emptied!

Snoopdog, try putting in a layer of soil every so often and not too many lawn mowings.

30 Mar, 2015


Good to see your up and running Paul, wish we had the room for a composter, sadly no!! love your kitchen, all the best don't work too hard!!

29 Apr, 2015


Sorry...I've hardly been around GOY for weeks.I've been so feet have hardly touchd the ground.
My work as a Pirate etc is going beserk. I worked 20 days from mid March until mid Spril and I am working the next 3 weekends. So, not much time in the garden although, Julie and I finally managed to get a base laid for a greenhouse on Tuesday(crikey, that was a job...six hours solid.....our backs, knees shoulders are still aching!!! I will get a greenhouse ordered soon! We had the new shed erected at end Feb.I am hoping, soon, to start digging my veg patch out and then my borders!!
Thanks for your comments
Rats Stera??? You aren't putting any cooked food waste in the bin, Are you??
Our kitchen...we love it but we get the feeling not many others do...I suppose grey is unusual. Snoop....what your compost needs is some finely chopped dry material like tWigs, dead plant material etc but that can be a problem...many gardens don't have such waste(my new one doesn't at the moment) and so the compost can get very wet with grass clippings and veg peelings/waste""

29 Apr, 2015


We must be in the minority then Paul, have just done our bedroom in grey!!

30 Apr, 2015


Paul, no cooked food goes in the bin ever. The rat I saw must have been a one off because when we did empty the bin there was no sign of any - thank goodness!

30 Apr, 2015



1 May, 2015


But a relief!

2 May, 2015

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