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My First Job Done In The New Garden


Only a small thing but, it was nice to get out in the garden today even so. I was up quite early for me, about 7am and had my coat on ready to go out in the garden to rebuild by cold frame(it was too big to get through the doors , we have no side gate/path as we have moved to a town house.3 storey and in the middle of a block of four.) But, the best laid plans and all that.The boiler was playing up and no hot water so I set about trying to find a local Gas Safe Engineer. But, it soon became clear that our boiler was a problem and very few engineers wanted to look at it. There have , evidently been a lot of safety issues with this particular model of boiler. So, by the time I found someone, who came very promptly but hasn’t actually solved it completely yet, it was 11 o’clock.
But, I managed to get the cold frame assembled and put the bird foods that I bought on Sunday, on the feeding station. So, that is a start.I hope to attract some birds, I have hardly heard or seen any in the five days we’ve been here.But, I did notice a Jay a couple of times today, flying in and out of one of the Oaks in the green area behind our garden. So, that is promising. I just hope the mice(which are obviously regular visitors to our shed) don’t get to the feeds first!

This pic was taken before I had filled the feeding station!

Whoops, I think I brought too much from my large garden and two sheds for this tiny garden and one(falling down) shed.
And, I did, leave some pots(in agreement with the new owners) as well as getting rid of some (honest, I did)

Julie came out to help hold the cold frame in place but then got roped in to emptying some of the boxes and reorganising the shed.Everything was just dumped in there by the removal men last Wednesday

Well, I’ve made a start and the Geraniums that I kept are now wrapped up with fleece inside the cold frame and have a paraffin heater to help protect them as I have no electricity supply in this garden. And, we have a new dining table and chairs arriving Thursday so they couldn’t stay in the kitchen/diner area much longer!
Happy gardening

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We all say it - Never again !
Hope your boiler gets fixed Paul. They are an expensive
item to replace.

9 Dec, 2014


Good work, Paul and Julie ...
it takes a while to get organised, especially at this time of year ... I hope the boiler can be repaired quickly.

Did you bring rocks with you ? That's the sort of thing I would do ! :o)

9 Dec, 2014


it is nice to get a small foothold in the garden isn't it.
hope you and Julie will have many happy years together in your new home and garden.

9 Dec, 2014


Just in Scotland...don't know if it's the same there...the repairs would be the liability of the previous owner if you report them to your solicitor/estate agent within a week of moving in.

Great work with the cold frame Paul. I'm hoping Scott will make me one before the spring. I've had the greenhouse heater on for the past three nights...just keeping it above freezing.

9 Dec, 2014


That is so true what Karen has said about Scottish rules.

Wishing every happiness in your new home .

Nothing in my greenhouse everything in conservatory as heat in there

Then I move them out Mid to late March and use greenhouse heater then.

9 Dec, 2014


The birds will arrive I'm sure, once onefinds it they all will.......they just need to get to know you.
you seem to be getting sorted, all the best x

9 Dec, 2014


Thanks everyone. I understand it's not the same in England Karen and Scotkat. Unless there's a stupipulattin made in the contracts(I'm not sure show that works and if it is general or about specific things)
The guy got water working to a degree but will have to come back in spring/summer to service and replace any parts/clean out heat exchanger.he said these boilers are a huge job to service and he needs to go in loft and check flies etc.
Yes, Tt...I brought the rocks...I did say to new owner I would but they were cov red by the lavender anyway.I left all the rocks on the rockery obviously. I also left a few larger pots which I spoke to them about and our bench/arbour...You may remember I used to refer to it as the bus stop. But we didn't leave Paddy behind, don't worry.Our postman Ian wanted us to! He said "What am I going to do without him? I'll miss him" mention of us then..ha ha.
I'm not sure my littl paraffin heater will keep geraniums alive Karen but I'll give it a shot.
I won't say never Diane but I secretly hope so!
Yes, SG, plenty more to do but I was determined to get out in the garden.
Blackbirds, Robin and Collared Dove spotted in the garden this morning!

9 Dec, 2014


I'm shocked and appalled Paul. That is so unjust. Another good reason to live North of the border.

9 Dec, 2014


I'm not moving north of anywhere......1 move will do me ...ha ha!
Moving in a few hours before the stamp duty dropped doesn't seem very fair to me either, but, of course no one had any inkling! Would've saved me £4700 though, had we completed the next day!

9 Dec, 2014


It might be a good idea to check your property insurance policy concerning the boiler Paul. If its not safe they should accept a claim for a new one.

9 Dec, 2014


The problem with your boiler is one you could have done without. The people who sold the house must have been aware that it needed attention surely?

Apart from that, I can tell that you are thrilled with your new house and garden. Enjoy each day and try not to overdo it!

9 Dec, 2014


Thanks, the boiler as it is, Diane is not necessarily u safe but there have, evidently, been quite a few situations where, because they are so tricky to work on, some engineers have made mistakes and caused problems, and some of these have caused carbon monoxide leaks which have been fatal. This is why many engineers are reluctant to work on them, understandably but ours is not unsafe at the moment.
The house had been rented out Wildrose so, I suppose the owner would say he didn't know.although, because it hadn't been serviced fro some years, I requested before exchange that I met him here and saw the boiler working.the radiators were hot but I didn't think to feel the water!
But, yes, we love the area the house is in and it's modern and spacious.Only a small garden(60ft) but I really struggled with my large gardensin the end at the other place!

9 Dec, 2014


Is it one of those condending boiler things ...I don't know much except a friends kept icing up and stopping when the overflow pipe froze as it was on the north side of the house....

see your birds will soon find you

10 Dec, 2014


Great to see you out in your new garden Paul.

10 Dec, 2014


You'll get it sorted in the end Paul :) Keep going ... !

10 Dec, 2014


Yes, Hywel, soldier on.
It is a condenser boiler Pam....I thought it was a combi but it's not.
And, had couple of Sparrows in garden today.
Yes, Linda, can't wait till spring to spend some more time in the garden.

10 Dec, 2014


Your new place looks great hope you get your boiler fixed soon, I m sure you could try for a grant for a new one, mmm once a Scarecrow now a Pirate he he ha ha Merry Christmas Paul and Julie hows the kids.

15 Dec, 2014


Blimey Dawn......there's a blast from the past!
Nice to hear from you!
Well, they have both flown the nest now.The eldest has been moved a couple years now with his girlfriend. And the youngest moved with us just 12 days ago but moved into a flat with his girlfriend at the weekend. He wanted to stay local to where he works(he teaches now) but the flat wasn't ready before we moved so he came with us for a few days!
How are you?

15 Dec, 2014


I m so pleased for them both Paul nice to hear they are settling down. Great he is teaching.
So a girl has taken over from the comedy now and you can rest not more driving about.😀

16 Dec, 2014


Yes....still doing a bit of driving for him but his girlfriend runs him around a lot.

16 Dec, 2014


Thats great Paul to hear his girl friend helps him and at the same time gives you a rest.

17 Dec, 2014


Yes...but it's difficult for her too....working full time then running him around weekends and evenings.I think they are considering her just working part time if she can find anything.She works in child care (nursey)

18 Dec, 2014


What a shame Paul lets hope they both can sort some thing out between them and she manages to get the part time

18 Dec, 2014


Nice to see you back paul. Hope you soon get things sorted and have a great Christmas... :)

20 Dec, 2014


Thanks Hollywves.....and a very merry Christmas to u and yours.
Still, desperately trying to empty boxes this morning to be a bit tidier for Christmas....we're getting there!

20 Dec, 2014

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