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Oh Dear, I don't think Everything's Going To Fit!


Having spent the morning packing all my gardening equipment into boxes(that which isn’t already in my van), ready for the removal lorry on Wednesday, I have realised I should’ve had a clear out! There’s far too much.Our garage is smaller in the new place with no loft space in it and I only have one shed instead of two. Plus, I don’t think we’ll get the cold frame through the door in one peice as we originally hoped(we have no side or back entrance to the garden as its a town house we are going to, so everything goes through the house) so, I may have to hurriedly dismantle it tomorrow morning!
On top of that, we have run out of boxes and have made an appeal on our local Facebook forum(now it looks as though I’ll have them comng out of my ears in the morning but I can’t turn them down as people have so kindly offered them)
And,on top of all this, we are not convinced that the bedroom furniture will go up the narrow stairs to the first and second floors…..Uh Oh……watch this space!
I will report at the weekend, hopefully, because BT can’t connect our broadband till Friday at least.
It could be fun and games, I suspect!

Happy gardening

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I hope the move goes well for you .....fingers crossed!

2 Dec, 2014


They always say moving is traumatic. We have (hopefully) moved for the last time and I remember just how much junk I had collected over the years and was most embarassed by the amount of stuff the men had to move, that I thought important.
But you know the way it is - have a clearout, throw it all out and within a week, it's just the thing you need!
I am sure you will work it all out, where there's a will and all that!
The boxes are sure to come in handy even if only for a base for the compost heap!

2 Dec, 2014


Nightmare Paul. Every sympathy. Its the darkest hour before the dawn - just keep repeating "I will survive..."

2 Dec, 2014


Hi Paul ... you need a Tardis .. bigger property on the inside ;o)

2 Dec, 2014


I rememer this saying/part of a poem

All things shall be well
and All things shall be well
and All manner of things shall be well..........

I looked it up, Julian of Norwich.....
just keep repeating it it times of stress.....

2 Dec, 2014


Very best wishes for tomorrow's move. I hope it goes smoothly and that everything fits!
Look forward to hearing about your new home.

2 Dec, 2014


Good luck,Paul,I remember our move being like that,when downsizing..Massive garage,with more stuff in it,than the house..but no garage where we are now..but you just have to be ruthless.Our charity shops did very well over the preceding months !.We haven't missed any of it,but we
now have a boarded loft which has slowly filled up over the years :o)..I hope your move goes well for you ..

2 Dec, 2014


Good luck !
See you soon :)

I moved to a bigger house, but still couldn't find room for everything ! I don't know how it all fitted into that small cottage.

2 Dec, 2014


Just sat down 10 mins ago....we've had a horrendous day...I won't bore you but lots of running around here there and everywhere...nothing went right, ran out of boxes.Was also a bit upsetting as a few of our neighbours, mainly elderly, came and some were upset we are going.
Julie's still packing now at 11.50. hope things go better tomorrow.Really anxious now!
We both had less than 4 hours sleep last night and we'll need to be up 7am latest but my mind is buzzing.Fingers crossed the worst is over and we get to the new place safely without any dramas!
We'll lose Internet some time tomorrow and won't be connected till at least Friday so, I'll update you all at the weekend or early next week.Got 5 Santa jobs from Friday through to Monday so ,hectic is the word, I think!

2 Dec, 2014


Oh Golly Paul ,I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you and hope the move runs smoothly ,you must try to get some good nights sleep you can't tackle problems if you are tired .. Good luck !

3 Dec, 2014


We're in and the broadband is up and's chaotic of course but we're getting there.
It didn't help that the previous owner left loads of things in the garage and garden.mostly rubbish but a few tools as well.i told the estat agent that he had left them, and I needed to get my van and tools in the garAge so she said to put all his things outside the garage and he would come and get them at the weekend but he'd told her he thought I might want them.what? Rusty old BBQ, broken pots, mops, buckets? 3 broken rotary washing lines?
So I did what she said and all the decent tools got taken by a scrap man! Oh dear, that'll teach him!!
I havn't had chance to put my cold frame togetHer yet, so my tender plants are in the kitchen diner. I must get it done as they can't stay there.But busy with Santa jobs now so I won't have much time in the garden.

5 Dec, 2014


Pleased your move went well Paul ... just remember Rome wasn't built in a day ... you'll soon have everything in the right place. Ho ho ho!!!

6 Dec, 2014


In at last - well then Welcome to your New Home and I hope you'll be very happy there and make a fabulous garden - sure you will.

6 Dec, 2014


Thanks Steragram and Shirley. Getting there....we will go and buy a Christmas tree least the front room will look neat and festive.
Will go and get some bird feeds as well. I have noticed that I've hardly seen a bird since I've been here...strange!!

6 Dec, 2014


Noce to know you are in ok....if not sorted yet but no rush

the birds may not be usedto coming to your new garden, I'm sure with patience everything will work out fine enjoy your 🎅

7 Dec, 2014


Good luck and happiness in your new home and garden, Paul. Stirred up memories for me, we moved from Surrey to Kent on 18 Dec 1972, and all the family (17) descended on us for Christmas dinner! Don't know how we coped but now it is just a happy memory :)

7 Dec, 2014


We'll certainly remember our move date Gee....3rd December 2014. The day the chancellor dramatically reduced stamp duty from midnight!!!
So, if we'd completed the next day, we'd have paid £4700 less stamp duty!!!!!!
We will be having the family but only our two sons and one of their girlfriends, Not the other girlfriend so 5 of us is ok!!
Don't think we'd cope with 17

7 Dec, 2014


Oh Paul, that must be so annoying, just like a politician though, they are never very good with their timing! Hope you have a lovely Christmas in your new home anyway :)

11 Dec, 2014


Thanks Gee...and a merry Christmas to you and yours.
Feels festive now.....I'm doing lots of Santa jobs....had one tonight and got four at the weekend...all over the place, Gillingham and Porchester on Sat and Basildon and Mayland(North East essex) on Sunday...phew!

11 Dec, 2014

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