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A Bit Sad Really....My Last Autumn Tidy Up In This Garden.


The move date is upon us now….it looks fairly sure to be next Wednesday 3rd.Exchange of contracts was intended to happen today but, wait for it, our seller’s solicitor went home early!! UPDATE We exchanged at lunchtime today (wed26th ) so confirmed move day of Wed 3rd. Busy, busy, busy now..the packing has started in earnest!!
But, this morning, after I’d done one of my customer’s gardens, mainly leaf clearing, I went out in my front garden, probably for the last time.
I suppose some people would just leave the garden untidy for the next people to tidy up, but I wouldn’t want to do that.I have always taken a pride in my garden and wouldn’t want to change that just because I’m moving.So, I spent an hour or so, cutting down some dead foliage of herbaceous perennials, including Dahlias which have been blackened by the frosts we have had the last two nights. It seemed a little strange, knowing that this could be the last time I’d do anything in my garden. I have spent a large part of the last 11(nearly 12) years planning and working on that garden. I will be leaving behind some fantastic plants that have given me so much pleasure.Julie asked me if it felt sad.But, it didn’t really because I know I can’t do what I used to do in the garden, but, it did feel a little odd!
But, looking back on it now and sitting looking at that pile of boxes, tape and bubble wrap, it does feel just a little bit sad!
Unfortunately, I won’t have space for anything like the same quantity of plants in my new garden.All the more reason to plan it well…, that will be my next project!
Well, after we’ve filled all these boxes and got ourselves and all our worldly goods to our new house!!
Time to pack !

Happy Gardening


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Ah Paul I felt sad reading that as I remember how I felt leaving our last garden but then again it was good to plan and concentrate on a ' new ' garden ,Best wishes to both you and Julie & good luck with your future plans ! ☺

26 Nov, 2014


It must be a wrench to leave it all behind though, and a concern that the new owners will cherish it all as you have. But at least its good that you are looking forward to your blank canvas. All the very best for Moving Day

26 Nov, 2014


Thanks Amy and Steragram.
We both felt a little strange today when we heard exchange had happened but it's time to look forward now!

26 Nov, 2014


Good luck, Paul and family :o)

26 Nov, 2014


I remember it well....just as if it were this time last year in fact! ;) of course, I needed to bring a lot of plants with me, but I left the garden stick, span and as easy to look after as I could. I wonder what it's like now! Probably best that I don't know.

Good luck with the move Paul and Julie! Enjoy your new home and stay cosy over the winter. You've lots of work in the garden to look forward to. Creating a manageable and beautiful spot will be a real treat! And perhaps we can send you a few treasures to help you along! :)

26 Nov, 2014


Good luck Paul. At least you will be in for Christmas.

26 Nov, 2014


Thank you everyone , for your best wishes.
Get the move out of the way and then get all my Christmas work done and we can have a quiet couple of months planning the garden and buying a greenhouse etc.

26 Nov, 2014


Good luck in your new garden :)
Maybe you could show us some photos after you settle in a bit.
I hope the new residents in your 'old' house will enjoy that garden as much as you did.

27 Nov, 2014


I hope so Hywell, but , a young couple,who must both be working full time to afford the mortgage on this place, will probably not have the time to keep it as it is for long.I can see the front garden having some paving at some time in the future but they have said they want to keep it as it is but, we'll see!
The garden at the new place hasn't really got much to take photos of at the moment ...just a fifty foot lawn with no borders and a ten foot patio. And, three shrubs!!
And,no front garden, just a five or six foot area,in front of the bay window , with slate chippings.

28 Nov, 2014


Your new garden (front and back) sounds like mine when I moved here.

28 Nov, 2014


It's much better than having to remove trees, shrubs etc.
We had to take out loads of conifers when we first came here!

28 Nov, 2014


Yes, I agree :)

29 Nov, 2014


Wishing you good luck with the house move Paul ... remember the kettle goes on the van last ... first thing off at the new house!

2 Dec, 2014


Only had one cup's been awful Shirley.....I just hope move day tomorrow is better!

3 Dec, 2014


Think positive Paul ... I'm sure all will go well for you and Julie. :o))

3 Dec, 2014


Fingers and toes all crossed for you Paul!

3 Dec, 2014


Welcome back Paul..
Only just caught up with you, sorry about that, I've added your previous blog to my favs as I always liked your garden.
I wish you and Julie every happiness in your new home and will look forward to seeing you put your own stamp on the garden next springtime.
Hope everything goes well with the move...

3 Dec, 2014


Thanks Lincslass.....we're in and , although it's chaotic, the move went well!
Lots to do but we're going in the right direction!

5 Dec, 2014

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