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Hello GOY, my name is Paul. Some of you may remember when I was a member here from 2008 till last year.I took this current garden on in 2003 and have loved it and put my heart and soul into it in that time although I have found it a bit tough in recent years and my wife Julie has been doing a lot more to help me.I posted many many pictures and blogs of my garden over 4 or 5 years on GOY and I’m sure many got sick of the sight of my garden and I closed my account last year( due to Fibro Myalgia, I struggled to cope with working, looking after my garden and blogging although, I had enjoyed GOY in the past).However, I did say to some who contacted me that I would be re joining when I have a new garden.And, Shirley Tulip……I did come on as a guest a few times recently, to see who was posting what and saw your lovely Sea Holly seedlings from the seeds I sent you. I wasn’t a member so couldn’t comment but I was really pleased to see them. Hopefully they’ll look like this next summer ;

Well,the house buying/selling has been a long hard road with many disappointments and set backs but, fingers crossed, it seems we may well be moving within 2 or 3 weeks.We signed contracts Tuesday and expect exchange later this week or next Monday with completion 1st week of December.We were told on Monday that completion could happen on 28 th of this month but, it transpired this morning, one of the parties hasn’t yet signed and returned contracts.
So, as the title of this blog(taken from the Soft Cell record of late 70’s or maybe early 80’s) suggests, I have been reminiscing but also looking forward to my new garden.I have three gardens here including quite a large front garden and a side garden with a veg patch.The new garden is much smaller but I still hope to have a very small veg patch and a small green house.
So, here goes with the reminiscing;
This was the front garden just a few months after we moved in in 2003.I’d already removed a few Conifers by the time this was taken but very little else had been done.As you can see, there wasn’t much in the way of borders or plants.

My first job in the front garden, after marking and digging out the borders, was to create a rockery.We have a very heavy clay soil so I set about adding large(ish) quantities of Peat, Top Soil and grit/gravel(I feel tired just thinking about it, 10/11years on)

The rockery soon established and has developed over the years.
This Pasque Flower (Pulsatill Vulgaris) is one of my favourites and I will be very sorry to leave it behind but I really don’t see that I’ll have space for many plants in my new garden.And, I already have a few ideas which don’t include a rockery.

I wanted to include many herbaceous perennials as well as a few annuals and hoped to encourage wild life. The insects certainly have loved my garden and we have had our own bat visiting most years.We call him Bobby! His presence, of course, proves we’ve managed to attract the insects which he finds so tasty.We also regularly get visits from foxes…who can do a bit of damage but it’s nice to see them and their Cubs, nonetheless. We have even had a family of Hedgehogs for the last 2 years.They have taken a little longer to attract.No pics of Foxes, Hedgehogs or Bobby,I’m afraid.
But, here’s some of the insects ;

In 2007 i added a 5 ft diameter circular bed to the middle of the front lawn, building iot up to the middle and placing my new ‘Three Graces’ bird bath on top.I then added cotswold srocks and a circle of lavender.This became known as my bird bath bed.This photo was taken nearly two years later in january 2009.It’s still there and the Lavender are still doing very well, although they have all but covered the rocks now and I have told our buyers that i’ll be taking the rocks with me to our new home.Not for a rockery or a bird bath bed though!

Goodness, I looked a bit younger then!!

I wanted my borders big and bold.I think, I mangaed that.Maybe a little too big and /or bold for some tastes but I loved them.
Most of the following pics are from 2009 (my photos from pre 2007 were all printed and not on my pc)

Oh, lovely ’Patty’s Plum’ .The papery blooms on this Oriental Poppy are ‘to die for’
I have dug up small peice of root and potted it up to take with us. I couldn’t bear life without her, but I’ve left the vast majority of the plant and two others for the new owners.

The alliums have made new seedlings over the years and make a spectacular show. I won’t take any with me….I’ll buy some more next autumn for the new garden.

We are in a very sunny part of the country here and the front garden is south facing but, the sun doesn’t always shine.

I will miss the views across the farmfields from our back windows!

In 2010/11 i convinced Julie(after some negotiation to allow me to dig up quite anarea in the side garden for a new veg patch.the tiny one in the back garden was, by now,getting shaded by the trees and shrubs.We had all sorts of intruptions whilst getting the patch ready.i started in late 2010 and soon came accross huge lumps of concrete that had to be removed.then, in early 2011, julie smum passed away and we sopent a lot of time in sussex, clearing her bungalow and getting it ready to sell. so, the ceg patch preparation was a long protracted job but it has produced lots of great veg over the past 4 years. Not so much this year as I have struggled a bit finding the time and energy and we also thought (naively), at the time that we would be moving before harvest time.How wrong we were!! so, we just grew Tomatoes, Potatoes,Courgettes,Cabbages and Beans this year.
This is before it was planted for the first time in 2003;

But, it soon became productive ;

I’ve loved my garden but there are some things I won’t miss.For instance…raking moss and top dressing such a large lawn!

Here are two photographs (of photographs) of what is soon to be my new garden.As you can see, it’s considerably smaller than what I have now.But, it’s virtually a blank canvas and I shall enjoy planning and planting it.

I’m pleased to be back on GOY and hope to keep you updated with changes in my new garden.
Happy gardening

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Next post: A Bit Sad Really....My Last Autumn Tidy Up In This Garden.



Hi Paul
Welcome back and good luck to you and Julie with your new house and gardens.

19 Nov, 2014


Hello Tt...thanks. Fingers crossed that I'll be there within a couple of weeks.
Nice to hear from you again. How are the four legged friends???
Paddy says hello!!!

19 Nov, 2014


Hello Paul ...
Glad to know that Paddy is saying hi.
Crocus budgie is now 10 years (birthday pic on GoY last week) Conker and Truffle also look happy and healthy thank you. :o)

19 Nov, 2014


Paddy is still very lively but looks old now.His little face has gone almost white! He's 11 and half now!
How well Conkerhas done after the health problems a few years ago.

19 Nov, 2014


Busy timecoming up for Santa's helpers......hope your housemove isn't too stressful, not recommended with Fibro......
look forwards to seeing your new garden

19 Nov, 2014


Nice to see you again Paul (and the photos again of your garden). I'm sure you'll miss it but exciting times are ahead planning your new one. I look forward to seeing what you do with your new 'space'.

19 Nov, 2014


Oh Paul, borders too big and too bold? They look to me like the illustrations in a "How to" book. I remember the latest lavender pics of the front garden - it was interesting to see earlier ones. I hope you don;'t miss your fabulous borders too much - I'm sure you will soon be busy transfroming the new garden Good luck with the move.
Adding this to Favourites.

19 Nov, 2014


Nice to see you back, have fun with your blank canvas

19 Nov, 2014


Hi Paul - you've done wonders in spite of the F. Myalgia (I sympathise, as Chronic Fatigue is very similar). Lots of luck with the move and the new garden!

20 Nov, 2014


Thanks Sheila.......yes, there are a few illnesses with crossover symptoms . My doctor says I have FMS but I'm not sure he really knows if it is that or just that!
But, we soldier on.I just have to know my limits... I realise that now but it is frustrating.

20 Nov, 2014


Yes, it certainly can be frustrating Paul. I've learnt to pace myself, and am lucky to have a kind and strong OH. I always think lack of stamina and energy is worse for a man.😢

20 Nov, 2014


Hi Paul, I did enjoy reminiscing with you. And am thrilled to see you have a lovely blank canvas to work with in your new home. Your comment about exchange of contracts made me shudder....our buyer left it until two days before we were due to move out, and consequently we were unable to sign ours until the day before moving! I think all parties knew it would happen....but stressful or what? look marvellous as a pirate..the beard suits you very well! And the Mad Hatter costume is bright and zany! You obviously have many talents as well as your gardening. I hope you will start to feel a little stronger once you're settled in to the new place, but take it easy...moving home is such a drain. I've never been so stressed out in my life as we were last autumn. But it has all been well worth it, and I hope you will feel the same in time. And unlike us, you have a bare patch and nice no rush to get out any dead trees and overgrown shrubs etc. take your time. :)) Karen

20 Nov, 2014


Hi Paul, glad you have come back :o)

20 Nov, 2014


Thanks Annella....
I didn't ever get to sow those Astrantia seeds u sent me but have still got them for new garden.

20 Nov, 2014


Thanks Karen. I do enjoy the carachter work and I seem to be getting more and more of it!
We are trying not to get too stressed about moving but there seems to be something new every day to make it mor e difficult.As we get nearer and nearer Christmas, it seems it's going to be more of a challenge to get a removal company. One of them told us that they already had 6 provisional bookings for the day our seller wanted to complete.And the other company said it(28th Nov) will be the busiest moving day of the year. But, the date has gone back now...I've said we won't be able to move that day, mainly because I was concerned that the seller who had always promised to meet me in the house to show me the boiler(which hasn't been serviced for at least 5 years ) is still working and also go through the burglar alarm etc, seemed to be stalling me until after exchange so, I was a bit concerned by this in case he had something to hide so I've said I'll exchange after I've met him there on Sunday. I felt a bit mean but I was concerned and now, it has transpired that they couldn't exchange yet anyway as his co owner hasn't signed!
Yes, although the garden is small, there are no old trees or shrubs to remove(that would be a struggle for me now) so I can just get straight on next spring with planning/planting etc.

20 Nov, 2014 that Julie is retired, she does more in the garden.she is really good with what she manages to get done around the house and, although I still manage to do my customers' gardens(a lot less customers than I used to though) Julie sees to everything at home, while I'm out.
It's not only the physical fatigue but it seems ,also, very difficult to get me hard to work and think of what and how to do things!

20 Nov, 2014


Its always sad to leave a garden you have spent so many hours working on especially when it always looked as fantastic as yours Paul , Good luck with your new garden it will be fun planning an 'easier ' to look after garden .. we shall look forward to the pics !

20 Nov, 2014


I'm not as sad as I should be Amy because it's become such hard work.But, I got a lot of pleasure from it and met so many people through it as I was in the front garden for many many hours in the first few years we were here and lots of people stopped and talked so it was a good thing in more. Ways than one!
I shall be excited again about gardening when I have a smaller garden to plan and look after. And, the new garden isn't full of mature shrubs /trees as many we looked at were.

20 Nov, 2014


Hi Paul ! I'm pleased to see you back ...
Good luck with your new garden (when you get there)

I moved from a big garden to a smaller one, and it took a bit of getting used to lol but it was better in the end.

I shall look forward to seeing your new garden :)

20 Nov, 2014


Thanks....yes, I maybe able to enjoy the garden again instead of worrying about what needs doing!

21 Nov, 2014


HELLO Paul! Lovely to see you have returned to GoY with a very striking avatar! You wear it well (note the Rod reference there!). Firstly, I'm pleased you spotted the pics of those Sea Hollies you sent me seed of, also the Teasel plants are thriving at the back of the garden, well away from Grandaughters little hands!

I have loved looking through the photos of your garden, so full of gorgeous plants, but think of the fun you and Julie shall have with planning and planting a new one.

Our daughter has just moved to a new house, and the past four and a half months have been spent chasing solicitors/estate agents etc. to get thing moving, literally. Once you've moved in you'll forget about all the stress and worry of the whole process.

PM on the way soon. :o)))

21 Nov, 2014


I hope so Shirley(forgetting the stress and worry)
I can't wait for next spring to start on the garden but I'll spend the winter(once my Santa work is done) looking at greenhouses and sheds!
You wear it well, probably my favourite Rod song.
The avatar was sort of a laugh because of my new name 'PaulsPATCH' ......not sure if anyone got that or not!!

21 Nov, 2014


So pleased you are back in touch with us all again and it will be so nice to see the changes you make in your new garden.
I really enjoyed the changing seasons in your photos, lots of lovely memories.

25 Nov, 2014


Your very kind, Wildrose.I shall enjoy my new garden(although I'll also miss my old garden) and I'll enjoy showing my progress on GoY

25 Nov, 2014


hey Paul..what a difference you made to your garden over the must be so exciting to start with a blank canvas. good luck in your new home..x

26 Nov, 2014


Thanks Sandra. I'm looking forward to it......especially as it's smaller and won't need so much upkeep!

26 Nov, 2014


Hi Paul & welcome back to GoY! You know you have lots of friends here & I hope you will count me among them!

You had some lovely plants/flowers in your old garden & it'll be a bit of a wrench having to leave them behind when you move. Still you have the planning/planting of your new garden to console you! Now you will be able to venture into new terrain as you choose your new planting.

Looking forward to seeing the planting in your new garden next year.

Wishing you all the best with the house moving (something we've done many times - you should try moving COUNTRIES!)

27 Nov, 2014


I'm not even moving county Balcony, I certainly don't think I'd manage country. This is the furthest I've moved in my life.For my first 56 years, I have lived within an 8 mile radius. This is a big move for me....ha ha..17 miles.The first time I've ever lived outside the borough of Thurrock.
I will miss my plants and my garden generally, but I'm quite happy to be moving to new scenery.there is a lot more countryside close to where we are moving which will be very nice.the area we currently live is becoming very busy and will become more so in the next few years with a huge superport only a couple miles from us.
Thanks for your lovely comments. I will look forward to showing my new garden to my GOY friends.

27 Nov, 2014

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