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cordyline seeds


By pamg


Iasked it as a question this morning but ( good for Goy) abou50 questions came in after it!
my question is does anyone know how to grow cordylines from the seeds that have been set this year on my plants, do they need planting fresh and stratifying or do I allow them to dry out and plant next spring
I had great success with the magnolia seeds ( what they turn out like is anyones guess) and a local nurseryman grew strong phormiums from seed so Its worth trying do you think?

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I've never tried the seeds. We had one in a pot and when it was pot bound we had to smash it to get it out, I grew lots of young plants from root cuttings. I've tried and failed with magnolia cuttings so thanks for the tip on sowing seeds, I have a stellata so I'll try collecting seeds next year, thanks.

2 Aug, 2010


Good luck with your Cordyline seeds Pam... I hope you are successful :o)

2 Aug, 2010


I I asked the question on here and we decided that they needed a period of cold and the seeds had an orange fleshy coat which on some I removed and others just left ( no diference in germination!) then put the seeds in a pot covered with a bit of netting in case of mice and left them in a cold greenhouse
I was amazed when they germinated and I now have 7 young plants about 6" high with about half a dozen leaves each-- still in the greenhouse and will need care in the winter but its anyones guess how the'll turn out as its a stellata cross but I can't remember what with!!

2 Aug, 2010


Thanks Terra I enjoy trying something new last year it was the first seeds on the magnolia and this year hopefully cordylines!!

2 Aug, 2010


I'll take a note of your advice and try my magnolia next year then, if that's OK. How exciting for you, its so nice when it 'works'. I've grown gunnera from my own seed, I'm thrilled, I have about 50 tiny plants, they can go all around my pond when big enough and if they survive. When there wasnt much going on in the Winter, I collected pyracantha berries, squashed them, dried them, set them and hey presto, they grew, they are ready to be planted out now.

2 Aug, 2010


great fun and really satisfying isn't it and with seed will it be different or like the parents--- who knows

2 Aug, 2010


I rarely ask questions, and mine has got lost forever, with no answer, lol!

Not a direct answer, but this has come up b4. All I can do is ask you to click on the letter C at bottom of page, select the GOYpedia "cordylines" page, scroll down to the questions section, and browse.

2 Aug, 2010


thankyou David why didn't I think of that.......

2 Aug, 2010


That's good advice David, I've just tried it on a query of mine, I'll remember that, good tip, I didnt find the answer but lots of answered questions all in one category, brilliant,

3 Aug, 2010


how did it go??

16 Dec, 2013

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