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Crisp pickled cucumber


By pamg


Last autumn there was a question about what to do with a glut of cucumber and I answered with this recipe which I’ve used with great success for many years I found it in a Canadian cookbook, very easy and if you keep the jars in the fridge keep well ( I have one jar left from last august which are still crisp)

2 large cucumbers
1 cup sugar
1 cup white vinager ( or what you prefer)
mustard seed
dried Dill
both to taste or whatever herbs & spices you prefer
3-4 clean prepared heatproof widenecked jars with lids

Slice the first cucumber into rings and put into a large bowl and give a good covering of salt and ice cubes
now slice the next cucumber and add salt & ice as before
cover with cold water and place a weighted plate on the top to keep all under water, leave in a cool place for 3 Hours
Put vinager , sugar herbs and spices into a large saucepan and heat through to dissolve the sugar
Put cucumber into a colander, wash and drain very well to remove the salt
bring the saucepan to the boil and add the cucumber stirring gently to incorporate all under the vinager as it comes back to the boil the cucumber rings will soften and change colour, it is quite a quick process helped if you gently stir to be sure all are softened
remove from heat and spoon the cues into prepared jars and add the vinager , push the cues gently down and be sure they are covered
(I use clingfilm and a jar lid to seal) allow to cool then date the jars
put into fridge but do not use for 1 month

you can add sliced onions and peppers at the salting stage if you want mixed pickles

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Thank you pamg, I for one, will definately have a go at this

24 Jun, 2010


I've got 5 mini cues at the moment so I've just started slicing---- i couldn't eat them all! itproduces about 10-- all at the same stage! hope its not shot its bolt and thats all I get :0)

24 Jun, 2010


Sods law isn't it... lets be positive eh! Just keep watering for England lol

24 Jun, 2010


Sounds good, added to my favourites. Will definitely try this. Thanks

24 Jun, 2010


just printed this off, will definately try it, thank you

24 Jun, 2010


just finished mine with a bit of a hiccup in the middle---just came to the rinsing off bit and realised the water supply had gone off!!, thankfully its back on now so have my first 4 jars of the season

24 Jun, 2010


If pickle is your fav I will give you one of our popular recipe.First take some cucmbers,clean them and cut them into small pieces.Let them dry under the sun for a day.Do the sane with green chillies and ginger.Then roast some mustard seeds and grind them.Now heat some mustard oil put some turmaric and chilli powder into it.put the oil into the cucumber pieces,chillies and ginger pieces and add salt to taste.Now mix them well and put them in an air tight container.Place it in sun for 3-4 days .Now it is ready to be eaten.It becomes little bit hot.I don't know if I explained it well.I am not very good at it.It is a Nepali Achar.

25 Jun, 2010


sound interesting Camillia-- we're going through a hot period ( for us !! --- 25 degrees!!!---)but wonder if we could guarantee those periods of sun , one of our old BBC weather forecasters always said 3 fine days and a thunderstorm :o)))'
what I may try is a cucumber relish, similar to yours but boiled with vinager and sugar to preserve it

25 Jun, 2010


thank you may try one day.

16 Dec, 2013

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