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Has anyone with a pond who keeps fish noticed how early they have started feeding this year? My fish started as soon as the recent cold snap ended and whilst careful not to over feed are clearing up what I give them in a short time. Is this a sign of a good summer? Animals and fish can tell us a lot, for example if it is going to be windy, my fish (and I think this is general) stay at the bottom of the pond – a good indicator of bad weather! My pond is about 17feet x 10feet, quite large and I like to keep the water gin clear. I make my own filtration systems which saves a lot of money, I can produce a separate blog on how to make a filtration system should anyone be interested. It is a system I have used for 30 years and works well and has saved me a lot of money.

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I think your infiltration blog would be of interest to some members. So far I am finding that although my 14 year old fish are about, they are not eating the food at all. I have a natural pond, I do not use chemicals or a pump as I find it behaves very well left alone. Plenty of newts about which I love to watch.

8 Mar, 2012


My fish have become more active the past couple of weeks but not feeding yet, they`ll let me know when they want food, I agree with Drc and think a blog on your filtering system would be appreciated, also some pics would be nice if you don`t mind....

8 Mar, 2012


Mine have been fed twice, I did so after seeing lots of activity every time I walked by, still not sure that I did the right thing.
I would be most interested in your filtration system.

8 Mar, 2012


mine are only just showing an interest. i think the milder winter has kept them more active and have used up more of their food reserves and the various insect larva in the pond.

8 Mar, 2012

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