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spruced up and nearly ready


with a little help from sid on the masonary paint lol . he had his stitches out of his eye or wear his eye was should i say bless him.all the pups are fine and the dogs are getting on realy well now .ive been painting my quarter circle seat and raised planter in my dog run white today ready for the open garden and i enjoy it ofcourse lol .i hope your all enjoying ya summer weather.i cant do anything with my future pagoda as my wrens are sitting on eggs or young. i cant see in there so i can only guess. i hope you enjoy take care bye for now .

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Poor Sid looks as if he has one x-ray eye Leigh ... the pups have grown so much they are cute little cuddly things ..
The garden is looking great after your scrub round and spring clean .... i'm sure the people will love it ... see you tomorrow x

25 May, 2010


Aw your poor dog!!!!! , Ive obviously missed something. what on earth happened to his eye??? The puppies are lovely, you've got a house full. Gardens looking fab

25 May, 2010


thanx both of you and yes see you about 12pm amy.
as for sid he got passed me when sausage had just got her pups and she bit him.unluckily right in the eye so he had to lose it .

25 May, 2010


I love your garden Nosey, so different! the puppies are gorgeous look nice and fat and healthy...hope the open day goes well :o)

26 May, 2010


thanx sewing me to xx.

26 May, 2010


Nice blog your gardens looking really good now. What is the plant or climber above the white seat?

27 May, 2010


hello skillen that plant is a weeping cherry tree i baught for a tenner . what a result.
i remember going in the garden centre and this couple were umming and arring about it for ages.
i went over had a look , went and paid for it and said excuse me picked it up and took it home .
if you snooze you lose . i never understould the dilema lol. one of my faverite buys and trees xx .

28 May, 2010

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