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Need help with plant I.D.


The little container pictured below was one that I had kept in the garage over the winter and I forgot what I had planted. It has cute little white blooms and my wife just loves it:

The lower leaf structure looks like this:

To be honest, I am not sure if it is a weed or something dropped by our many bird visitors, but I’d love to propagate it and grow more!

Has anyone out there seen this little beauty in your gardens?


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It might be Gypsophila that is a very big might as I am no expert n2organics :-)

13 Apr, 2011


I was going to say that as well Mavis, but not sure if the flowers are just a bit too big. Worth keeping I'd say.

13 Apr, 2011


It also looks a little like annual phlox.

13 Apr, 2011


my first thought was gypsophilia as well, it's very pretty.

13 Apr, 2011


there is a flower that is used instead of gypsophlia sometimes ~ it has a larger flower ~ almost daisy like ~ smaller than a daisy head though ~ and has yellow stamens. i think its called september ~ not sure this is the same though.
your plant looks familiar somehow but i cant place it ~ its frustrating!!
ive tried to find it on google but the nearest i can find is gypsophlia baby's breath which seems to have a bigger flower than the normal gypsophlia??

13 Apr, 2011


i have had this for several years and it is Gypsophilia. cant remmebr which one exactly though.

13 Apr, 2011


Seaburngirl, I believe that you might have "nailed" the I.D.! I copied and pasted your plant name into "google images" and the result looks VERY close to what I have!
The bloom heads of mine are still developing, but the leaf structure of the lower portion of the plant is dead-on!
Stickitoffee's post also helped a lot and pointed me in the right direction to research.

I feel a little embarrassed, because I do not know plant names that well.
Most of my gardening passion is concentrated in providing the absolute best growing environment by working on the life in the soil, which seems to be the "common denominator" for growing healthy plants, regardless of the species.
You-all are GREAT and help me a lot!
Many thanks,

14 Apr, 2011


I thought Baby's Breath also.

25 Apr, 2011

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