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Does talking to plants work?


I have heard this age-old story time and time again..
What I have found over the years of doing plant research, is that plants that are grown with synthetic fertilizers such as “Miracle Grow” and other artificial fertilizers tend to reject any “auditory input” that produces a viable change in the plant’s general health.
On the other hand, the plants that I have “up-potted” into a rich organic environment, have responded to compliments and an explanation of what I’m doing with their “new home”, be it a new pot or a planting in the native soil.
I cannot explain this phenomenon..

“Woody plants”, such as roses tend to be less receptive, but “soft rooting plants” tend to respond better.
Above ground “fruit bearers” such as bell peppers and banana peppers respond quite well and will often “Spike” in production after a good TLC session that includes a watering with compost tea and a fondling of the foliage..

Plants are SO cool!

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I agree n2, we have a certain member of our royal family here in the U.K. who was chastised for doing this a few years ago, but I always have a little chat with my friends. Alright I'm sometimes under the influence, but who cares. :o))

30 Oct, 2010


I heard it's the carbon dioxide they like, don't know how accurate that is but I do believe it worked for a coleus I had many years ago. 'Someone' got a bit disgruntled with it and kept swearing at it because it had pride of place in front of a full length window. The more he swore at it the more it grew and the more I laughed! It reached almost 5' before we moved - it didn't like it's new home and we lost it but it will never be forgotten. That plant had character!

30 Oct, 2010


It does me. I do it all the time. I even call them my pets. Look at my garden, the evidence is there. I do not feed or fuss over them, yet they bless me every second :)))). They just like to know that they are appreciated. lol

30 Oct, 2010


I am always talking to our plants. This does not have to be out loud and is usually in my head. I think it particularly important to communicate with the plant if I am going to do something invasive to it like hard pruning.

30 Oct, 2010


My friend Derek, who recently passed away, was a staunch supporter of communicating with plants, via music. He particularly used it in the greenhouse to stimulate root growth, and was tremendously successful, far moreso than myself. He often said that certain plants liked certain kinds of music, and he adhered to it religiously.
Personally, all his music ever did for me was to encourage use of the off button.
I mean, who wants to listen to Black Sabbath eminating from the greenhouse on a sunny summer afternoon?

30 Oct, 2010


I would if it made my tomatoes grow bigger, listen to Black Sabbath that is...nothing like a bit of Ozzie Osborn on a quiet sunny sunday afternoon !..hihi.

30 Oct, 2010


Wow, Bulbaholic. I often do the same thing.
I think that plants can sense our state of mind even if we are silent. I have often wondered, does such a simple life-form "feel pain"?
I often wonder what a large tree feels when a dead branch is cut out.. Does the same tree produce a sigh of relief when its' root flair is exposed and compost is added to its' root-zone all the way out to the drip-line?
Interesting things to ponder..

30 Oct, 2010


I talk to plants when I move, prune or feed them and if they seem sick. I dont know if it works but sometimes it makes me feel better!

31 Oct, 2010


DRC726, plants have the ability to "sense stress" and it makes sense to me that if a plant senses stress in it's "curator", that might filter down to the plant.. Just a "hunch" for now. I need to do some serious A-B testing on plantings next spring to see if this theory is viable.
Something tells me that the relationship between plants and owners might be similar to a "dog and human" co-existence or any other "human and animal" interaction.
We'll see what happens.. ;-)

1 Nov, 2010


I am thinking N2 that as plants do not have a consciousness, they do not feel pain. In fact, they do not feel anything.
However, being chemically driven, they react and interact, so any form of touch will illicit a response.
Touching of course, is not always immediately apparent, as the use of a saw is touching. Or secateurs. Wind is touching. Indeed, any form of vibratory contact, so obviously music will have an effect, or indeed, any sound, as it produces vibrations in the air, or rather vibrating air, which is somewhat similar to wind.
My friend Derek used to understand this.

6 Nov, 2010

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