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By mouldy


(Mouldy, fresh from the bath, demurely adjusts his burlap dressing gown, takes a delicate sip of his brandy & babycham, then gets down to the business at hand.)
Today has been a good day.
The wind died down to an acceptable level and…
Well, about 3-4 mph in old money, now, if you have any more questions, then kindly save them for the Q & A session, later, as the handout clearly said.
Anyway, let’s crack on.
Wind fine, temperature mid 30’s in °F, sun promised at some point, so old Mouldy thought it would be a bit of a wheeze to drag the girls out for a bit of fresh air & allow them to give their new home the once-over, prior to them leaving the old place.
Thus began the lenghthy process of transporting them down 6 flights of stairs, a few at a time, then back up for a few more…up & down more times than a ‘Lady of the Night’s’ undergarments!
Eventually, they were all assembled in various groups suitable to Mouldy’s eyes, which enabled him to get a better idea of how the garden might eventually look, subject to required changes.
It also served, hopefully, to curtail the girls’ recent tendency to legginess.
As a dual exercise it’s been very handy, I must say.
Whilst keeping my beady eye on them, (‘cos I find it the best one for the job, as the other is lazy,) I was also able to bung in around 80 bulbs of one thing & another, (30 red + 30 yellow of dahlias, glads, liliums, freesias, alliums & anemones in descending height, but colour-mixed with some irises -purple.), which only leaves several squillion left to plant.
Anyway, we all had lashings of fun, then it was time for the long journey home, but not ’til the obligatory snaps were taken, happily without the kiss-me-quick hats.
Mental note to self : Must have the ’birds & the bees’ chat with the girls soon. Embarrassing, but necessary, I’m afraid!

P.S. My ’smart phone is being stupid, so cannot add the rest of the family snaps.
Oh, dry your eyes & desist from blubbing, immediately!
The rest will follow at some later date.

(Mouldy heads off into the depths of his e-shed humming Sam Cooke’s ’C’mon and let the good times roll’.)

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You have a way with words now let us see if you have a way with plants,will reserve judgment until end of

30 Mar, 2013


It sounds like a keep fit exercise! So do you now have a master plan and are you happy with all the places you have put them in?

30 Mar, 2013


I love the way you started that off mouldy :-)) looks nice and tidy there mate.

30 Mar, 2013 blog mouldy!

30 Mar, 2013


Oh my goodness !!!! after all that tazzing up and down stairs you'll be fit as a fiddlers elbow Mouldy,you need a dumb waiter from your window to the ground, like they have in olde worlde mansons, lol.
I knew I was in for a good read and a laugh when I saw you'd done another blog and you didn't disappoint me.....
Seriously though that border will be picture when they are all in flower, well done you and I hope they all thrive for you.......

30 Mar, 2013


You know what I love about my new phone?
The way it deletes everything I've just texted at one accidental touch of the screen.
I don't know what I'd do without it. LOL.
Bjs, if my hopes for this strip are only a quarter achieved I'll be a very happy man, truly.
I'll give it my best & any praise from you Goyers will be balm to my tired old carcass. Lol.
Master plan.
I'm sorry, Sticki, I thought you were asking a real gardener there & was waiting to hear their reply. ;-)
With so many panedls I felt that putting some of the sprouting ones, in situ would better help me imagine how the bigger picture might look & it did.
Now all I need to do is remember where I put them all. Lol
Yeah, Surreylad, I do a blinding impression of being organized, don't I?
All that was missing was a white coat, a clipboard & about 82 more brain cells & I might have been able to do it properly. Like they say, the best laid plans. XD
Glad you liked it KarenSusan & thanks for calling the ambulance.
They told me, when I was able to hear again, that they'll catch you sooner or later. Lol.
I don't need a dumb waiter, Lincs...what I need is my head examined.
An overdue check up from the neck up!
These plants have taken over my life & even invade my dreams. Lol.
I dreamt they needed some huge pebbles, so I went to a pile, next to a car, carefully took one that would't disturb the pile, yet they all slithered & began squashing me against the car & all I could think was...The flowers will be so disappointed in me!
See, I told you all they were aliens & none of you would listen!
(At this point Mouldy was ready for a lie down in a darkened room with that nice, soft rubber wallpaper) Lol.

31 Mar, 2013


But I was asking a real gardener mouldy! With a bit of sun and a bit of luck you could have a veritable jungle, a riot of colour out there in a couple of years?!

31 Mar, 2013


To heck with a couple of years, Sticki, I want it THIS year! Lol.
I've just sown a new batch of sweepeas & I've yet to sow my climbing nasturtiums & convolulus, so my climbers are covered.
Add all the bulbs along with the new batch of annuals &, as you say, sunshine & luck, it should be quite a show, fingers crossed.
I live in hope. Lol.

31 Mar, 2013


I will dig out my Android Phone poem for you.
Lots of potential n yr gdn.

31 Mar, 2013


this year ablaze with colour next year jungle?

31 Mar, 2013


May yir Glesga Gairdin Flourish!!

31 Mar, 2013


Mad just completely mad........But the gardens coming on mouldy!!!
by the way, I am about to post a photo which I think may make you chuckle.Hopefully, I won't get in too much trouble with others on GOY cos it's not gardening but it's something I took photo of at football yesterday...made me laugh!!!!

31 Mar, 2013


I think the blog is brill Mouldy. The garden will look stunning come the summer.

31 Mar, 2013


I'm glad you lot are so confident about the success. :-)
Still, if all else fails I can always go back to that park bench. Lol.

31 Mar, 2013


I might have to google burlap!

2 Apr, 2013


When I purchased it I thought it would set off my hessian pajamas rather nicely.
I've developed a taste for the finer things in life. ;-)

3 Apr, 2013


Or is Mouldy just a 12th century religious nutter in a hair shirt!!!?

3 Apr, 2013


Bless, you my child.
Now chuck your cash into the collection plate.
Poor old Mouldy is running short of grog & forgiveness ain't cheap. Lol.

3 Apr, 2013

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