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My Cacti for Hywel...


Hope these pics are good enough Hywel, this one is my oldest one and must be 30+yrs..


You can see what I mean about lumpy and gnarled, the brown part is the original and appears to be withering, the top is really soft and I keep expecting it to collapse, as you can see by the next pic, he is going through a growing spurt and looks healthy from this side so I’m hoping I don’t lose him, his spikes do hurt…


Another growing madly at the moment and it has a fluffy feel to it as you can see by the pic..

My slender one…


Close up next of his tufty head, lol..


Little Dumpy, his spikes are very sharp..
Two in one pot, a smaller one same as No2 and is fluffy and soft to the touch, the one with red is another sharp one and I’m sure I’ve seen amongst yours.



No’s 7 and 8 I think are the same although one is a darker green

As you can see huge spikes on the next two.. 9


This one is Floppy Molly, no spikes at all…

Haven`t got a clue as to why I refer to that one as female, although it could be because she isn’t scratchy, LOL….

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Hi Sue ... You have some lovely Cacti :o)

11 Feb, 2013


nice collection sue and especially like the one with red on it :o))

11 Feb, 2013


Hiya Terra, Hywel is hopefully going to name my prickly mates for me, hope you're all ok, fedup here as its snowing or raining and I've got " FEB BLUES" my own worst enemy...

11 Feb, 2013


Hi Sue ... Hywel will identify your cacti friends ..

All well here thanks, despite the blizzards..
I hope my new 'Lovey Dovey' blog might cheer you ..
dismiss your Feb. Blues ... :o) x

11 Feb, 2013


Sorry you've got the Feb Blues Sue. It sounds horrible :o(
Funny thing, I tend to get the blues in the weeks leading up to Christmas :o((
The days are getting longer though ... and the bulbs are coming up :o)

Your cacti are great. They are old too aren't they :o)

I'm going to enjoy looking up their names ... and I hope I can find them for you.

I know the following now, because I've got them ...

No 3 is Borzicactus strausii
(AKA Cleistocactus)
Does it flower with you ?

4 is Opuntia monacantha
(It usually has lots of branches)

10 is Euphorbia enopla (not a cactus, but an Euphorbia. It has that characteristic white sap)

11 is Opuntia subulata

I'll look for the others in a bit ....

11 Feb, 2013


Hywel you are a gem thanks, none of them ever flower for me except the first one bought when I was ten, it flowered when it was little in my mums house, I moved here in 1974 and was able to have it with me and it never flowered again, I lost him about two years ago, he was definitely one for the landing windowledge, I caught myself a few times over the years and boy did I swell up...

11 Feb, 2013


Thanks Sandra, its good to see you, hope you are keeping well, Cacti appeal to my nature, I can be very prickly at times, lol....

11 Feb, 2013


1 & 2 Lemaireocereus dumortieri .
The old bit seems to be dying :o( Are you giving it enough water Sue ? They do need quite a lot in the summer if they're in a hot place.
The corky nature of it suggests it's been kept too dry.
Also maybe you should repot it and give a feed in the spring.
The old bit does seem to be dying. That's why it's sprouting branches. You could cut the dead bit off. It won't recover if it's gone soft and brown.
Actually it might spread to the other parts.
Use a sharp knife ... carefully !
And dust the cut end with flowers of sulphur, for it to dry off.

3 Borzicactus strausii.

4 Opuntia monacantha

5 ? Don't know ... but probably a type of Notocactus or Lobivia ... or a closely related spp.
I have an identical one, about 40 yrs old .... but never been able to find it's name.
I want it to flower so that I could narrow it down.
... maybe this year lol

6 Mammillaria ... I would say probably M. cylindrica. I have a 40 yr old one ...

7 & 8 Looks like Mammillaria elongata.

9 Pilocereus (don't know the spp - there are so many similar ones, it could be any of them) but definately Pilocereus ...

10 Euphorbia enopla

11 Opuntia subulata

I've enjoyed looking up these names :o) I hope they are right. I have most of them :o)

11 Feb, 2013


Gosh Hywel thankyou, I really appreciate that and now I can read up on them, thanks for the advice about my old one, I wasn't sure whether to cut the old part off or not in case I made it worse as some of them do weep if damaged don`t they, I`ve been checking out the ones you had already named for me, I can see my collection growing in the future, you never know I might get some flowers yet, lol....

12 Feb, 2013


The Mammillarias should flower easilly Sue. I would give them a feed in a few weeks ... say early March, ... and put them in a sunny spot.
Maybe you could repot them too, using a gritty compost (I mix a bit of gravel into the compost for mine)

I just found out that M. elongata is commonly called 'Lady's fingers' lol I never knew that before.

Most Mammillarias, and Rebutias flower easilly.

I believe No 9 is Oreocereus trollii

Good luck :o)

12 Feb, 2013


Hywel, what is the difference between gravel and grit ?
Is there a size for gravel, if used ?
I bought Cactii Compost. Should this have gravel already mixed in, of the right size ?
What should we feed them with ? How much ?
I still cant find Cactii pots at GCs. Must remember to keep looking.

12 Feb, 2013


I remember I promised you a blog Diane. I'll write it this week.

12 Feb, 2013


Good lad.

12 Feb, 2013


What a collection , Lincs , they are part of the family aren't they ?

12 Feb, 2013


They are to me Driad, not sure the rest of my family would agree, lol.......

12 Feb, 2013


You have a lovely collection there Lincs :0)

13 Feb, 2013


Hi Thank you for the comment on my blog ,what a lot of lovely cactti , my friend used to have them that flowered and always looked great ,she said the secret was not to water them very often wishes

28 Feb, 2013

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