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evergreen plants


By lauram


With autumn in full swing and winter coming closer and closer, it’s nice to wander around the garden and remember the plants that will still offer some green over the next 5 months or so. Here are a few photos. Many of these plants were new to my garden this year, so they aren’t as big and full as they’ll eventually be.
We will start with the ferns. I’m a fern-o-holic!

I was reluctant to purchase this one last year, because it’s Asian (I think) and I’m a native plant snob. But I’m glad I did, because these Autumn ferns are the stars of my winter garden. They actually grow during the cold weather!

Leather woodfern

Christmas fern

Southern wood fern – this one is semi-evergreen but might be evergreen depending upon the sort of winter one has.

Rattlesnake plantain – an odd name for a native orchid

Mitella or Bishop’s Cap. This one has some new growth.

OK, I will admit that this isn’t a very captivating image. This is the leaf of the CRANEfly orchid; it remains greenish purple all year round then disappears when the plant flowers in the summertime.

Tiarella cordifolia – creeping foamflower. I’m hoping to have a big mass of these one day.

I hesitated before buying these Hellebores also (the above-mentioned native-plant-snobbery issue). But they are a welcome sight in February.

I’m already dreaming of spring……..

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Your ferns are great But 5 months is a long Time do you plant early flowering bulbs between them to Brighten up the beginning of the year.Or is it not practical for you.I aim to have Crocus,Narcissus,and snowdrops in flower from now until the new year.Admittedly they will be in troughs and some pots to keep the worst of the winter at bay and they wont be large specimens most have short stems to cope with strong winds,of course if you are going to be picky and stick to natives that is bound to limit things LOL.I am afraid at my age i take what nature offers and it has plenty.

5 Nov, 2010


I do have daffodils and narcissus that have naturalized and bloom very early...the problem is, I hate the way they look when the blooms fade. I used to grow some of those delicate woodland early bloomers like rue anemone; they were so pretty but I suppose I'm just not tolerant of plants that go dormant! I suppose I could tuck them in among the my garden matures it'll be easier to hide any mess & bare spots. I have a big empty area next to my porch steps because the sensitive ferns (Onoclea sensibilis) are killed down by the slightest bit of cold (and they're hard to keep going anyway because they're water hogs). Every time I walk past it it irritates me. Well, it's an excuse to buy some new and different plants, anyway.

5 Nov, 2010


i like those ferns and the hostas are looking good too ~ i have one out in flower already so you may not have to wait for 5 months!

5 Nov, 2010


I like ferns but they spread too much lol. I have some small ones growing on a wall. I like the ones you have very much.

5 Nov, 2010


i like them growing on walls but i dont have any walls. i have one in a pot which has grown really well and now has lovely bronze leaves, i think it may be at least partially evergreen

5 Nov, 2010


Sorry, I meant cranefly orchid, not catchfly orchid, I knew something didn't look right.

5 Nov, 2010


Well, I like ferns! I have a dark corner where I have quite a number of them. Nice to see yours. :-))

6 Nov, 2010


Good variety of ferns there...
they add a different dimension to a garden :o)

6 Nov, 2010


lovely ferns...& i`m dreaming of spring too!

6 Nov, 2010

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