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Gargen tour - part2


…..continuation from Part1:
Next garden on our tour itinerary was another “horsie farm” In both places the owners did not promote to see them as people want to feed them with not always horse friendly food.( My assessment)
Wall of pretty roses welcomes you.

This was a mature and almost overgrown garden in several parts around the main house. Of course it helps if you have an unlimited supply of horse manure
At the back of the house was lovely pond with all sort of fish and water lilies.

And very mature garden maybe little overgrown for my taste but there was a dining deck above it and I bet the view from it was heavenly. How they got to sit at the bench below …I do not know (maybe a secret path)

There was also a swimming pool in that general area but I did not take picture of that.
The front of the property was dominated by 3mature catalpas(photographed from behind the Goldflame Spirea) and dogwood kousa in full bloom.

Beautiful specimen under planted with hellebores


The main front door was adorned by 2 vivid large blue pots with Fuchsia magellanica. They made a big statement. Nice and interesting doors too.

What I really liked was a dwarf hemlock (Tsuga Canadensis) in the pot.

Geranium in hanging baskets

Deer will usually not bother to go where they are dogs to chase them so many people with dogs and no fences can grow even roses.

Did you say deer? Not now please.

Pulmonaria and pinks in the corner

Mature border on the way out.

The second last garden was meticulous. I would guess that the owners plant collectors. The truth is I did not recognize many of their plants. The house was in very nice residential neighbourhood . They built it in 2004 so the garden was only 11 years in making. It looked much more mature

At the entrance were standing 3 narrow conifers -Picea pungens glauca pendula -maybe?… and dark red berberis. Nice combination …I thought.

On the other side of the driveway were 3 very red maples under planted with skimmia japonica.

At the higher point of the front lawn (as we walked up the driveway) we were greeted by a young Cornus kousa which is a popular tree in our region. It is a crowd stopper when mature and in full bloom

Landscape along the driveway

Some plants closer to the house in shady corner

Ferns and hostas

Good size Ligularia

Interesting grass which I do not have name for.

More hostas and conifers. Yew on the right , in the middle is actually a climbing hydrangea ( not conifer) and on the right was what looked like a box(Buxus)

These white calla lilies were the first thing which demanded our attention as we entered their back yard. I do not see them too often grown in the ground

They were healthy and beautiful.

It was obvious that owners liked lilies as there were several patches of them around, such as this interesting variety.

This is a part of back yard closest to the outside living areas (which I did not photograph)

Another dogwood kousa in full bloom

Lots of interesting plant combinations as this Rodgersia under a eucalyptus tree

Eucalyptus in bloom. I have never seen it blooming before.

Oh no!…too late now!

Weeping hemlock and a red rose. What a wonderful combination. Too bad I cannot grow roses. Perhaps few peonies would look as nice as rose

Mixed border, although they had very little of these.

Some plants I did know what they were and would appreciate if someone could to tell me:
1. interesting bush with white flowers

2. ?

Several pines….. Mungo (I think but not sure)

and this interesting narrow specimen with an airy look.

Gunnera tucked in the back corner

Some aggressive vine I did not recognize

Noticeably, there were no garden ornaments of any kind (except for the little fountain). Only few bird houses and feeders

On the way out: “Golden spirit” cotinus and dark red berberis made a big statement.

The last garden was positioned on the shore of Lake Quamichan. This was an artists garden and there were plenty of objects scattered among the plants including their paintings.
The enclosed front yard’s main feature was climbing hydrangea (Hydrangea anomala petiolarison) on a stump of an old Garry Oak (Quercus garryana) which was hit by lightning and cut down. It was in full bloom. It was massive and true focal point . Surrounded by many rhododendrons, unfortunately not in bloom any more.

Mixed borders around the front was a medley of perennials, potted annuals , small statutory characters and an art work.

Cute little chap

and another happy fellow

Paintings (for sale) scattered around the garden

Blue annuals in pots

A gazing ball among impatiens . Gazing balls originated in 13th century Venice, Italy. I have some as well (4 to be exact)

Nice patio rose in the pot by the fence.

Owners art close up

Lovely bark on this light leaf maple.

The homeowner had a soft spot for Chinese motive objects

Another birdfeeder in Chinese style. Very unique

Chinese motive grouping

I liked this combination of yellow flowers in Chinese motive pot and Golden Japanese Forest Grass

The sign said: “Old gardeners never die, they just spade away”

Mirror on the fence. Many GOY members have them as well. It makes a big impact in smaller gardens. Unfortunately this was hanged quite low reflecting mainly driveway

Faces, faces….. I fancy them as well. I love wood carved “spirits”

The backyard was small and right on the lake with a lovely view.

There was a patio by the tiny pond and many roses along the fence


The sweet fragrance of Philadephus and a “guard dog” accompanied us out.

Guard dog

That conludes my blog of our pleasant outing on a sunny and warm day.

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Very nice tour. You really had excellent weather for it too. I've seen many familiar plants that I have myself. It's nice to see other people enjoying them too. The blog is thoughtfully laid out and easy to follow. Thanks

12 Jun, 2015


ha!,that last ornament is great. The Picea? wow. I could see that in even a California garden surrounded by exotics.

The first grass you asked about might be Misgurnis? Maybe.

12 Jun, 2015


This follow on blog was lovely to read through. Thanks for showing us around.

13 Jun, 2015


Thanks Bathgate. The summer is almost here and we all can enjoy our gardens.

13 Jun, 2015


Stan, could not find Misgurnis on google. There is a misgurnus but it is fish. ;-0

13 Jun, 2015


I am pleased that you enjoyed it Homebird.

13 Jun, 2015


Thanks for another lovely blog, Klahanie - I love all the rocks and, of course, the Cornus kousas.

Your mystery No.1 might be a variety of Choisia; I agree with the Pinus Mungo.

13 Jun, 2015


Thank you Sheila, I will investigate as Choisa is not favoured by deer and I like the look of it....with these little stars all over.

13 Jun, 2015


Acorus,maybe? Klahanie I've kept tropical fish since I was 13 or so. Now,latin fish names are getting mixed with latin plant names in the old thinker. Older is so much fun.

13 Jun, 2015


Perfect. That what it is Stan. Do you still keep tropical fish?

14 Jun, 2015


Lovely photos K! I have the first mystery plant you asked about, pretty sure its Gillenia trifoliata, mine should be flowering soon :))

14 Jun, 2015


Daylily is right, and I am wrong! But glad you have the Gillenia trifoliata now identified correctly Klahanie :)

14 Jun, 2015


I love this web-board. Thank you Daylily. That is the right plant. Gillenia trifoliata. It is new to me and I really liked it. So delicate looking flowers.
Now I have to repeat the name 10X to remember. :-)

Sheila, thanks for your suggestion too. Sometimes things lead to things and when I was looking at different kinds of Choisias I came across Pittosporum tenuifolium 'Gold Star' (not choisia of course) which I put on the list of plants to perhaps have. Also Choisia Goldfingers looked nice.
Thanks both of you. I am delighted and grateful.

14 Jun, 2015


I love it too Klahanie, so inspirational, the gillenia is one of those plants that you see and 'must have' ' very attractive, I saw it at the Gardeners World Live garden show a few years ago and had to have one :))

14 Jun, 2015


The gardens were a joy to see. Thanks for showing the photos.

14 Jun, 2015


Now I have to go and see if I can find it on this Island Daylily. Our choices are somehow limited.

I am happy that you liked it Hywel.

14 Jun, 2015


Ah good luck :))

16 Jun, 2015


Brilliant photos,Wow! i really love it Klahanie :-) xxx

16 May, 2016


Glad you liked it Junna.

16 May, 2016


Oop.Sorry Klahanie I missed that last question when you posted it.
I do have only a few. Do you know I came close to being hired by the Academy of Sciences for their indoor Penguin exhibit? I had been working around aquatic exhibit work at the time. I met some nice people.
I live a long long drive commute. I knew that was too much for me. Why I hardly ever get to San Francisco. I hate driving.
Fun to think though of myself tossing out Anchovies.

17 May, 2016

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