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Date Palm


Posting this for Delonix1.

I am including pictures of the palm in a full glory.

In the next picture is how I remember the date palms ( Phoenix dactylifera ) from the Coachella Valley when we stayed in Palm Springs and in Indio, which is full of these date palms.
Somehow these look different from the one in the neighbourhood here.

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Nominated for GoYpedia Palms :o)

22 Jan, 2015


How do people get to the top of those to gather the dates Klahanie? They look so very exotic to us here in the UK. Imagine climbing up there and putting muslin bags on the bunches.

22 Jan, 2015


Thank you Terra.
Steragram they have rope ladders attached at the top...hanging down the tree.
I could not climb it.
It some want to know more about a "sex life" and differentiation of a date palm then Mr. Goodle has some interesting stories.
Exotic for us Northeners, but they cannot grow lilacs and peonies

22 Jan, 2015


They are very stately.

22 Jan, 2015



The top palm is the very common Canary Island Date Palm - Phoenix canariensis (here in California it's also commonly called California Date palm) because it's been growing since here since the Mission Days. There's many by the old Missions, where they naturalized. Most Phoneix species are extremely long-lived. I think P. canariensis/dactylifera palms can live around 500 years.

22 Jan, 2015


Very interesting Klahanie, thank you !

23 Jan, 2015


I like that last,I might use it as a screensaver. Has a Laurence of Arabia vibe.

27 Jan, 2015


Stan, this is a very common sight in the Coachella Valley.

27 Jan, 2015


I know they are always planting slips to replenish the groves- I saw that on California Gold show. But,those seem to be older palms. Still producing.

27 Jan, 2015


I think they produce fruit for centuries.

28 Jan, 2015


No,I doubt those tree's live much more then a century and a half. On another board there was a post of one of the oldest Date palms in California ever recorded. It was about 170,planted by the Padres.

28 Jan, 2015


If I'm not mistaken P. canariensis lives a little longer than P. dactylifera...I think more than 500 years. It's very difficult to document such old trees because we're still a relatively young country.

The very tall P. canariensis in Niles (on the site of the old California Nursery) are about 150 years old.

29 Jan, 2015

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