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Story of La Catrina


La Catrina is the beloved grand dame of death . Very important and popular figure in Mexican culture. Mexico’s elegant and classy “Skeleton Lady" been a fixture at Day of the Dead fiestas for a century.Celebrations of el Día de los Muertos originate from Aztec mythology. La Catrina gained iconic status as a symbol of uniquely Mexican art and is reproduced en masse.

The national obsession with death became inseparable from the Mexican identity. Here el Día de los Muertos is about celebrating and not mourning.
Mexicans are happy people who always try to see the positive side of life. This goes hand in hand with 1) making fun of anyone and anything and 2) finding an excuse to celebrate at all times; it´s their philosophy of life.
The original Catrina skull only wore a hat.

Diego Rivera was the first to put clothes on her in his work Dream of a Sunday Afternoon in Alameda Park.

In this mural Diego portraits himself next to the left of la Catrina and his wife Frida Kahlo on the right of her.

La Catrina around the village:

Many are displayed On Malecon first part of November.
The actual Day of the Death is on November 3rd.




Chatting friends
They are made from all sorts of media. This was metal.

One can purchase them in stores.

Life size la Catrina is welcoming you to the store.
These dolls are usually sharp dressers. In old French style.


And this one is made of clay on display at our residence. It is just natural to have one here. I cannot imagine to have one on the Island. Different culture.

Hope they made you smile

As this blog is more cultural than horticultural
I am finishing it with a picture of our sunset ……a nature scene.

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That's very interesting, Klahanie. Last weekend we had a local Christmas bazaar and one of the ladies was selling handmade jewellery. I was surprised to see a La Catrina cameo necklace!

11 Dec, 2014


I found them rather creepy :O
but it was fascinating to read about them. Very interesting :)

11 Dec, 2014


I love reading about different cultures and traditions,Klahanie,even though these seem somewhat Macabre..but nice to see and respect other countries beliefs...The things we learn about on GoY is amazing ,thank you for sharing :o)

11 Dec, 2014


Not a far cry from Halloween. Very interesting to learn about other cultures. I'm all about gathering with friends and family and good eats.

11 Dec, 2014


Lori, yes jewellery too. She must be familiar with the Mexican tradition.

LOL Hywel, they are even more creepy without these fancy dresses.

I like to read about different cultures too Bloomer and I love the blogs here about trips to different castles, Victorian houses and all the fancy gardens. Great travel logs. Sometimes I google to read more about these places.

Bathgate, thank you for your comment.

12 Dec, 2014


How extraordinary. Thanks for showing us La Catrina in different guises Klahanie, and I love Rivera's "Sunday afternoon" mural!

12 Dec, 2014


Thanks Sheila for reading it. I knew you would be familiar with this mural.

12 Dec, 2014


This was just amazing - I don't think many people in the UK have any idea about this! I do agree with Hywel, its definitely a bit creepy, but the displays and costumes are amazing. thank you very much for showing us , its so interesting.

12 Dec, 2014


Well, I'd not seen this mural before, Klahanie, but I think Diego Rivera's work is amazing.

12 Dec, 2014


I too am always interested in the blogs that share traditonal and historical facts and beliefs/cultures of different parts of our world, I have never heard of La Catrina, I too find this one very creepy.
Thankyou Klahanie for sharing with us, I can see an afternoon of research in front of me.....

14 Dec, 2014


It is uniquely Mexican, Lincslass. And well loved symbol here.

14 Dec, 2014


Interesting & horrible. I would hate to have one around but people of different cultures look at things very differently to us. Some tombs in grave yards in southern France have glass sides so you can see the skeletal remains. Ugh!
Love the sunset photo.

18 Dec, 2014


Feverfew, Mexicans are in love with this character :-)
Have a peaceful holidays.

19 Dec, 2014


Ahhh,very nice. Colorful. I like it. My wife isn't into that kind of color. She likes white on white. I tell her "You're going for the hospital look?"

btw,behind the hanging paper skeleton woman is Bocconia fruitescens. I had some for years. They hate to be moved. Died faster than La Catrina.

29 Jan, 2015


Thank you Stan for telling me about the plant. I had no idea. Now I will impress my husband. When we will go by next time I will casually mention its name.

29 Jan, 2015

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