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I do not have many beautiful and inspiring blooms like many of you do in the fall. I planted everything for the spring. We fly south with the birds so I need to see lots of colours when we return home from our winter destination.
Regardless, there is much of wonderful colour in the fall thanks to leaves of deciduous trees against the conifers.

This is what I saw walking on the property .

1. Yellow leaves on Ginkgo biloba

2. Fall colour of blueberry leaves

3. Orange Big leaf maple over my grape vines.

4. View over the grape vines in the other direction

5.Small Sangokaku leaves on the ground

6. Colourful leaves of Japanese Maple

7. Oranges and yellows on Boston Ivy

8. Colour of gunnera bloom


10.Viburnum plicatum tomentosum ‘Mariesii’ loosing its leaves

and in the same time wants to bloom as in spring.

12. Red stems of Boston Ivy . The leaves fall off first and leave the red stems behind .

13. Ginkgo leaves

14. Slug lunch…. red meat and salad

15. And more other mushrooms around

16. color purple

17. JM Crimson Queen is getting orange

18. Japanese maple Emperor1

19. Japanese maple Osakazuki transformation.

20. Leaves of Acer palmatum ‘Villa Taranto’ are starting to turn yellow. It will be completely orange/yellow in a week.

21. Leaves of Cornus controversa ‘Variegata’ which is doing nothing over the years I have it.

22. Big leaf maple with leaves almost gone

23. Red leaf of Mahonia aquifolium

24. Blue colour of the juniper

and Blue colour of Colorado spruce which I planted last year

25.Mossy roof of Japanese Lantern

26. Miss Virginia creeper happily climbing the walls

27. Very few flowers still around:
such is this no name Rose with a beautiful scent close to the entrance

28. Nerines in the corner against the wall

29. And lonely yellow dahlia .

30. Path to the mailbox.

31. It was a nice walk on a misty day.

Soon we will leave this place to rains and grey skies and will be on our journey south towards the sun and blue skies.
My next blog will be from such place.

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It is not the cold that gets me Snoopdog but lack of sun
It is not very cold but rainy and grey. Hardly gets below 0 Celsius in the winter. 8-10 during the day.

19 Oct, 2013


What lovely plants and colour you have,Klahanie..your Acers are wonderful..I do envy you being able to follow the sunshine,I hate rainy and grey...Looking forward to seeing your sunshine pics before long :o)

19 Oct, 2013


So nice to see your fall colours Klahanie this is my favourite time of the year.

But this is our 1st rain in months.

So cant complain .

19 Oct, 2013


Hi Klahanie ..
A beautiful set of photos ..
The Blue Spruce is very pretty ... I bet you're pleased with it ...
... safe journey south ... :o)

19 Oct, 2013


what a handful of autumn delights...

and as been already said beautiful set of photos capturing so much earthly enchantments...

thanking you for blog...

19 Oct, 2013


Beautiful, best time of year!

19 Oct, 2013


It looks lovely. Do you do anything with the grapes from your vines?

19 Oct, 2013


Thank you Bloomer, I always look forward to go south and then looking forward to come back in the spring.

Scotskat, we did not have much rain either(yet). We also had a wonderful summer here and I love the fall colours very much.

Terra, I am pleased with my Picea pungens . It is doing well. Thanks for the best wishes.

Thank you Jane and Michaella , glad you liked it.

Melchi..., it was a dream once to make wine from our own grapes but we've stopped drinking. My DH completely and I....well... will still have a glass here and there but not worth to make lots of wine. I give bunch of grapes to our friend who grows the same variety and makes wine , then juice some and I just want to grab some here and there when close by. Rest is left to birds. They can get rid of it very quickly. Thanks for your interest.

19 Oct, 2013


Klahanie - what gorgeous colour! Who needs blooms when the colours those trees and shrubs are producing are so beautiful. To think too that each day they will all take on a different colour, amazing!!

19 Oct, 2013


Thank you Scottish, fall is definitely lovely with all these trees changing colours to vibrant reds ,oranges and yellows. They are also less fussy than flowers but during the summer they tend to be little too unassuming .
I am pleased that you liked my part of the world.

19 Oct, 2013


Lovely photos of your fall. It's a colourful time :o)

19 Oct, 2013


Thank you Hywel. Right now we have rain of leaves coming down before the real rains start. It is pleasant 15deg C right now.

19 Oct, 2013


It's nice to have mild temps. We have them at the moment as well :o)

20 Oct, 2013


Šťastnú cestu, Klahanie :-)

20 Oct, 2013


Dekuji Katarina. Will post from new location of possible.

20 Oct, 2013


Thanks for your answer, Klahanie. I have always imagined it would be quite an undertaking to make wine from scratch. We made a small amount many years ago using dried fruit, but although it was ok, it was hard keeping it at the right temperature for long enough for the fermentation to finish properly - fine in the winter when the heating was on, but not warm enough in the summer.

20 Oct, 2013


I agree Melchisedec, it is not a simple process and we are not even here in the winter. But we did not know that we will be spending our winters in the sun when we moved in and I did all the grapevine planting.

21 Oct, 2013


Enjoy the sun!

21 Oct, 2013



21 Oct, 2013


Thanks for sharing your wonderful Fall (sounds so much better than Autumn!) colours with us ... :o)

21 Oct, 2013


:=) Thank you Shirley. It is just too bad that the leaves do not stay on the trees longer than they do after they change to the various colors.
We seldom use the word Autumn on this continent.

22 Oct, 2013


Very nice photos and plants Klahanie. I love the Maple leaves and the Gunerra, the Dahlia, The Nerrines, Ginkgo biloba...I love them all! And your garden!

23 Oct, 2013


Thank you so much for your comment Gorgeousma.

23 Oct, 2013


You have such a beautiful garden, it must make you sad to leave it. Where will you go? I love all the colours of Autumn, but not what they herald .... the dying of the year:-(

24 Oct, 2013


Thank you Bornagain for your kind words. We do have a special spot on the island but the spot we go to in Mexico is equally beautiful. A lovely house with beautiful views.
My garden here is pretty dormant from now on. I get seeds and grow mainly herbs in the pots down there but our landlord is collecting orchids something different for me. He lives there only in summer (he is from Asia)and we rent his house in winter. I will miss the open spaces we have here on the Island. It is much more crowded where we are heading. Take care.

24 Oct, 2013


Seems a pretty idyllic life to me:-))

25 Oct, 2013


Your photos are gorgeous. what a great eye you have! I would rather see all those leaf colors than an eyeful of asters. Brilliant. Can't wait to see your spring pics.

11 Jan, 2014


Thank you very much for your nice compliment Wells.

12 Jan, 2014


beautiful colours :-)

17 Jan, 2014

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