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Images of Mexican coast in state of Colima


Mexico is (was) known for it’s beautiful coastlines and beaches. I think that the most beautiful beaches used to be on Yucatan Peninsula from Cancun to Tulum.(I was visiting there first time about 30 years ago) but it is now just row of hotels and it is overrun with rowdy NA tourists. Sorry to say . If you are not a guest of the hotel you will hardly see the ocean. Not a pleasant place to be anymore.
Following are pictures from the coast in state of Colima Mexico. We stayed in a older condo complex (north of the port of Manzanillo) which had beautiful grounds. (many acres).The condos are popular with Canadians.


3.Climate is tropical. Hot and humid.

4. Black sand on the beach South of Manzanillo port where they are breeding and protecting many species of turtles. Surf is dangerous, sand is black and the sky is blue

5. A face only mother can love.

6. Give me a kiss

7.Baby turtle

8.Beautiful beach for ever. Sun is hot.

9.This is a driveway into a condo complex. The roads are cobblestoned and only the part for the wheels are made smooth.Very popular road building method in Mexico (labor is cheep)

10. Condo grounds



13. Flowers on the condo’s private small beach


This handsome fella and his family lived in the rock foundation of our condo unit. They were very entertaining.

Santiago beach


Let me try it

Having fun


Beautiful Tenacatita beach

22.Another beautiful bay

23.Coconut Palms ….Colima is " coconut groves" State
Also many lenon tree orchards which goes for ever.

Portofino Beach

Octopus for sale

Sunset from balcony



Downtown Manzanillo. The city itself is quite dirty but along the water it’s clean.

29.Marina at Barra de Navidad



It is a gungle out there.

Lush vegetation

African tulip tree

Makings of the cesar salad.

Special dinner by the pool

Western Mexican chachalaca.Very shy bird but noisy.


Ha ha ha..


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awesome blog klahanie :))
I've been to Cancun twice but was back in the early 80's when Cancun was just 10 years old.
I've heard too many horror stories about Mexico in the last few years to want to go back (drug gangs etc). Seems like you're in a safer place. I went alone the first time & felt quite safe most of the time I was there. I wouldn't dare go there alone now!
Love the 2nd last picture :) All your pictures were a treat to look at.

9 Feb, 2013


Amazing pics, Klahanie ...
thanks for sharing :o)))

9 Feb, 2013


Floralhead, unfortunately all the negative reports are true. They (drug gangs) are fighting for teritorries and fortunately just killing each other. So far they leave foreigners alone at least where we stay. It is a deeper social issue here in Mexico than one can comprehend. So many are involved in a drug trade directly or indirectly.
Including the goverment. Very sad. The country is beautiful and I have never met nicer people anywhere.

Thank you Terra for your compliment.

9 Feb, 2013


Thank you for sharing your holiday with us. Is the black geology volcanic basalt rock ?
Am sorry for the people. Our local police have been very good recently, using heat seeking equipment from a helicopter to identify people growing Cannabis. They have rounded most of them up now.

If you go into you will see several views of the village where I went to school, and the old forge where I remember the blacksmith shoeing the horses when I was a child. It is now a very popular Tea Room where they do nice meals at reasonable cost.
Just some views and news from England.

9 Feb, 2013


Diane, I looked some of the images of Cranford. What a lovely spot. Beautifully scenic.
Thank you for the link.

9 Feb, 2013


Lovely blog Klahanie, thankyou for sharing...

10 Feb, 2013


Thank you for reading it Lincslass

10 Feb, 2013


Wonderful views. I never thought Mexico was like that. I always think of it as a desert (Probably because of the cacti lol)
I'd love to be able to visit there ...

10 Feb, 2013


It's unfortunate that it is a poor country, too bad because it is such a beautiful place.
You have to know where to stay when you go there that's a fact.

Even back when I went there I was told to never go on the beach at night. I didn't stay in an all-inclusive so I did my wandering during the day. I got scared a couple of times I admit.

10 Feb, 2013


Mexico has very diverse climate Hywel. The coast is hot and humid from Puerto Valarta south. You have to able to drive to appreciate the awsome vistas in this country. We used to drive around in the past but would not do that now. We stick to more secure envirenment now .
At least we think that it is more secure.

10 Feb, 2013

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