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Arizona Renaissance Festival


Arizona Renaissance Festival opens to the public during the months of February and March. These Renaissance Fairs are American phenomenon with a flavour of an amusement park.

In Arizona, every weekend for 6 weeks people dress in period costumes and join the festivities . These festivals are very popular in USA and Arizona is believed to be one of the best with permanent location on 36 acres space east of Phoenix .

Elaborately costumed performers and artisans roam the town’s streets portraying historical and fanciful characters, and interacting with the visitors. King Henry and his Royal Court, duelists and Ladies, musicians and even the Knights’ chargers wear authentic garb from the Renaissance era.

We visited for one day in March and I cannot say how big the education element was but I know that people were more interested in the fun , eating and shopping (there is lots of it) than the authenticity of the Renaissance Period.
shows include the obligatory joust, comedy, acrobatics, music, falconry and such.

2 I’m always a fan of the birds of prey show. Anywhere.














18 Mother goose

19 Piglets









28 Petting farm




The Arizona Renaissance Festival has been an annual tradition for 6 years now
One has to go to at least once when in the valley at that time…great event for people watching

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Fascinating klahanie, it looks such fun!
Maybe they started to keep the old tales alive

In England there are a couple of industrial heritage sites preserved I,m thinking of "Beamish". And "Blist Hill" at Ironbridge

Both have people and buildings as they were, you can change your cash into 'old money' to buy things in the sweet shop etc.
I think that they try to be as authentic as possible

2 Jan, 2013


It must be an enjoyable event with so much to do and see.
The animals are always lovely to look at, and there seemed to be lots of interesting crafts.
I like the ladies hairstyles in those framed photos. Much better than they look today.
In Wales there are two places I know of, that do a similar thing every year, but it often rains lol

2 Jan, 2013


This all looks a super event. There must be something for EVERYONE to enjoy. I wouldn't mind dropping in at the 'Dancing Pig.
I can't think of anything we do here, quite on the same scale, which is a pity. Beamish is probably the nearest.

2 Jan, 2013


Some of the Castles like Belvoir or Warwick have re-enactments I think ....I suppose its because these are real places and feel that they have to be true to history rather than fun

2 Jan, 2013


Sound like a great day out for all. I don't know of anywhere local here in Edinburgh that does anything remotely like this (there probably is I just haven't come across it.

I'm rather ashamed to say that here at School in Scotland we used to be taught very little Scottish History, I think it has changed now - festivals like this really puts us too shame!!

BTW - I hope the guy in the first picture is a true scotsman!!

2 Jan, 2013


I enjoy any event similar to this. How lovely to see the costumes and fascinating artefacts. A really great day out I bet!

2 Jan, 2013


Fascinating blog again Kalaharie, you are so good to us. Its wonderful to see another side of America rather than the politicians. Really cheered me up on this miserable day in England - drier weather on the way, we hope !

2 Jan, 2013


Thank you all for your comments.

The couple in the first picture were highland dancing for the people in line up for the tickets, Scottish.

Where we live on Vancouver Island , highland dancing is very popular . Our friend's granddaughter was very deeply into it and her and her group won every competition existing. Including in England and Scotland. I believe that she danced for some of your royalty as well. She is teaching now and not dancing anymore.
I suspect that we have large Scottish community in Victoria and vicinity but we do not have these festivals in Western Canada.
And Hywel, our next door neighbour and very good friend is Welsh by heritage. His wife is Dutch :-). They are the ones who are keeping eye on our house while we are gone. Wonderful couple.

2 Jan, 2013


That's nice to know :o)

2 Jan, 2013


Wow!! That was a collection of photos!!
You have just the best weather for events like this!
Love the craft, the fact most of the images.

2 Jan, 2013


Klahanie, did you ever come across Denise Lin on Vancouver Island?

2 Jan, 2013


Thanks Lulu, Sorry, I do not know Denise Lin. Is she your friend? Where on the Island does she live?

3 Jan, 2013


Not sure. She is quarter Cherokee and had an experience at 17 when she was shot. When she came back from being clinically dead, she wished to use her experience to teach about the great spirit. She was excellent at teaching meditation, anyone who can get me near that state must be a master. Denise doesn't teach publically any more. Lives on her ranch growing food, living with family and wild animals and probably still making drums and sweat lodges!

3 Jan, 2013


I googled Lulu,
Her name is Linn (double n) and she is an American, living in California. We do not have Cherokee First nation on Vancouver Island. It is an American Tribe. She is an interesting character, writing books now.
I found Denise Lin (chinese origin)...a photographer in Vancouver, but not on the Island.

Have a good day.

4 Jan, 2013


LoL! Denise used to live on the Island back in the early 90's. also only 1/4 cherokee! Lovely lady..
You have a good day also. We've just had a HUGE vet bill. Still, we have an alive and very much loved dog on the mend.

4 Jan, 2013

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