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Grand Canyon Arizona,viewed from south with Klahanie


It is considered one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World. It is is 277 miles (446 km) long, up to 18 miles (29 km) wide and about a mile deep. Its not the lagest, or deepest known canyon but it is admired for its visually colorful and intricate landscape. Geologically very significant because exposed walls in the canyon record geological history of the North American continent.
It is almost imposible to catch the feel of it on the camera but this is how I saw it through mine:















15.Colorado River




Balancing act

Place to rest




Path along the view points


Native art

We did not climb any rocks,just walked along the rim
I have more than 500 photos from this area.

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Fantastic Klahanie ! Your photography is very good, thank you for sending these pictures over to England for us.
Those trees must have grown from seed blown over and settled in crevasses in the rock. They all look to be the same species. Do you know what kind of tree they are ?

26 Dec, 2012


Hello Dianebulley,it is my pleasure to share these pictures with my gardening friends on GOY :-)
Thank you for your comment.

"There are approximately 200 species of trees and shrubs in Grand Canyon National Park. Some of the tree species include the white fir, Engleman spruce, blue spruce, Douglas fir, corkbark fir, ponderosa pine, Utah juniper, alligator juniper, Colorado pinyon, quaking aspen, Fremont cottonwood, Gambel oak, and Arizona walnut." (I took that paragraph from internet article.)

I think that I noticed mainly pines, firs and junipers.

26 Dec, 2012


Hi Klahanie ..
Amazing photos. Thanks for such a lovely blog. The rock structures are stunning. :o)

26 Dec, 2012


Thank you Klahanie. Its certainly a big area.

26 Dec, 2012


Great photo's of an awesome place,Klahanie..I probably will never be lucky enough to see it in person,but you have captured the spirit of it so well..thank you,I love it :o)

26 Dec, 2012


Brings back happy memories of a fabulous holiday we had there to.

We have many similar photos and we did the plane ride through the canyon.

26 Dec, 2012


Yes brought memories back for me too we took a helicopter ride over it awesome ! in 2001 after we retired from a long working life I was also impressed with the Hoover Dam though it was man made .also had the privilege to tour your country in 2004 the tour was called the grand Canadian coast to coast what a wonderful country to many wonderful sites to mention .

26 Dec, 2012


Thank you Terra tor liking my photos ,but it is really the landscape which makes them "stunning". I have only a small pocket camera smart enough to know what to do :-)

26 Dec, 2012


Hello Bloomer, There are just so many places on the earth I would love to see but never will:-( We are lucky that the internet will show us their beauty. I love traveling blogs.

26 Dec, 2012


Scotkat, This is our second time in the area and we have not done the helicopter ride. Maybe one day. Must be a great feeling.

26 Dec, 2012


Hi Kidsgran, I agree that Hoover dam is very impressive.
Canada is a beautiful country and the Canadian Rockies are probably in the same league as the Grand Canyon with their magnificent appearance. There is only one problem with Canada......The winters are brutally cold.

26 Dec, 2012


That was interesting !
Was it you balancing on the edge there ? :/ Oh I couldn't have done that lol ...
I was particularly interested to see those rock samples, having studdied Geology in the past,
and also interesting to see the local pottery :o)

26 Dec, 2012


We have done the Canadian Rockie Mountains to Impressive but still think Grand Canyon tops it.

26 Dec, 2012


:-)Yes it was me Hywel.
I know you are a potter but did not know about your geology knowledge.
Take care.

27 Dec, 2012


You are probably right Scotkat :-)

27 Dec, 2012


A-MAZ-ING!!!! To see it for real must be awesome. You do have some wonderful travels Klanhanie.

27 Dec, 2012


WOW!!!!!!! I`m never likely to see it for real so your photographs are a real treat, thankyou so much Klahanie, I also love your travels...

27 Dec, 2012


Thank you for your visit shirlwhirl. It is spectacular site.

Thank you Lincslass, I think if I had to take only one trip in my life this would be it . I appreciate your comment.

28 Dec, 2012


Thanks for that trip down memory lane Klahanie,did the "Western Explorer" trip in 2010(a retirement gift to myself) it was SO disappointing when bad weather at Flagstaff prevented the Helicopter trip over the Grand Canyon.....36 hours of thunder and lightening and a tornado stopped ALL flying from that part. We moved on to Las Vagas and was lucky to fit in a sunrise plane flight over the Hoover Dam,just AWESOME that sight ot the sun popping up from behind the mountains and casting rays over the Canyon will stay with me FOREVER.It was worth geting up at 3.30!!!!!

28 Dec, 2012


Thank you for your comment Poppylinda. The Mother nature can be very unpredictable. I hope you will get another opportunity to come and see it. We never did the helicopter ride ...maybe one day we will. We come south for winters as Vancouver Island ,where we live in summer, is very cloudy and wet in winter time. Flagstaff is high in the mountains so we have to come very early in the season to get up there or be very lucky to get decent weather.
Take care and all the best in 2013.

28 Dec, 2012

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