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Cactus country for Hywel --Part1


Around Phoenix Arizona.
I have collected these pictures from our visit to Arizona this year. Some are from the present visit and some are from March. Some are from arboretum east of Phoenix and some are from neighbour’s yards or public places and surroundig hills Please note the scenery as well.

This picture is from Bryce Thompson Arboretum east of Phoenix. I do not know all the names of these plants. I wish I did.

At the entrance to Bryce Thompson Arboretum

Cactus in bloom in March

Butterfly agave

Barrel cactus


Young Saguaros

Pretty scenery with lake

Senita cactus .
“Senita” means “old one” in Spanish
It has large white-pinkish flowers when in bloom.

In bloom

Almost in bloom

Crassula Campfire

Daisies in prickly pear

Euphorbia echinus

aloe vera camaronii

Resting place

Mescal Blanco

Arizona Hedgehog Cactus

Boojum—unusual large succulent, dormant in summer and blooms during its dormancy. It loses its leaves in April


Many such outcrops along the path in the arboretum

This is from the desert landscaped front of a neighbour across the street

Next door neighbour’s Chain fruit cholla (Opuntia_fulgida)

This purple prickly pear is growing on my way to mailbox.

And this one is almost in bloom (last March at Arboretum)

A neighbour is obviously obsessed with saguaros.

A Saguaro on our friend’s property.

There are so many wonderful plants around and I will post some more pictures later.

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Absolutely fantastic ! Saved into my favourites.

16 Dec, 2012


Wonderful set of photos !

16 Dec, 2012


Fantastic !
Thank you for showing me these photos. I think desert plants and scenery are wonderful :o)
On my favs ...

16 Dec, 2012


Lovely to see them in their original setting. Love the daisies in the prickly pear.

16 Dec, 2012


Thank you Diane and Terra for your comments.

16 Dec, 2012


Hywel, most of the people in this neighbourhood (small acreages) have landscaped just with these native cactuses srubs and wildflowers some even let the nature do the landscaping. I think you would love it. It is paradise for cactus lovers. You do not see much grass here just on the golf courses and sometimes in parks.

16 Dec, 2012


I like those daisies too Lulu. They are variety of wild flowers intermingled with cactuses.

16 Dec, 2012


Thanks for your visit Snoopdog and Xela

16 Dec, 2012


Yes Snoopdog, definately ... cacti always do :o)

Klahanie I think grass is only meant for fields :o)

16 Dec, 2012


Good thinking Hywell :-))))))

16 Dec, 2012



16 Dec, 2012


They are marvellous Klanhanie, how wonderful to see them all growing naturally & not struggling in little pots as mine have been (haven't got any now!).

27 Dec, 2012


great blog:-)))

28 Jan, 2013


Thank you Junna

28 Jan, 2013

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