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Portrait of the roadrunner


It comes daily for a drink








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What a special visitor,K.....

9 Dec, 2012


That is a great looking bird....peep! peep!

9 Dec, 2012


Lovely set of photo`s and he/she looks nothing like the cartoon one, lol.....

9 Dec, 2012


I never realised that Road Runner was a real bird before! I thought it was just the cartoonist's idea for great cartoons. Does it really run like the one in the cartoons?

9 Dec, 2012


I didn`t either Mr B, we learn so much on here........

9 Dec, 2012


I think that the cartoon exaggerate the character but he/she is very bright and not really shy.
Thank you all for your visit and your comments.

9 Dec, 2012


Oh it's super to see pics of a roadrunner, thank you.
When I came to the US people ask me why I came I tell them I came to see the Roadrunners and Tumbleweed.

They always fascinated me when I saw them rolling along in Western Movies, I wondered if they were real as I had never seen a plant do that before. When I saw the Tumbleweed, there are lots but not so many in the full rounded shape like you'd see in a movie, it was quite fascinating and interesting to watch them as a green plant then fade and die and if the wind blew hard enough and uprooted a rounded one off it took just like in the movies, but not so many open spaces for them to go far here as there would be in the open desert.

Then I saw a Roadrunner up the mountains on a fire road, it was smaller than I had imagined but never the less interesting to see. It was the one and only I ever saw as they are not common around here. I was delighted to see both but then lost interest in LA.
So thanks again.

9 Dec, 2012


Thanks for your story Angie. :-)

10 Dec, 2012

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