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A story of the London Bridge at Lake Havasu, travel with Klahanie.


We traveled from Palm Springs(California) to Lake Havasu. It was our first visit to that region.
Lake Havasu is a body of water behind the Parker Dam on Colorado river.
Colorado river creates a border between California and Arizona. The same river runs though the Grand Canyon and provides water supply to Phoenix area.

Lake Havasu City was establish by Bill McCulloch (of McCulloch chainsaws) in 1963. This man bought the original London Bridge from the song “London Bridge is Falling Down.” ;-) for$2.46 million in 1968. It was dismantled and marked stone by stone and transported for $5 or $6 million to Lake Havasu City in Arizona and then the bridge was reconstructed piece by piece, number by number. After it was opened in 1971 it was a huge attraction for tourists and it is said that it was a second only to Grand Canoyon attraction in Arizona (by number of visitors/year.)
The city also built a London themed village below the bridge which looks little tired these days.

These are few images of the Lake Havasu and the London bridge.
The scenery is typical to Arizona desert landscape .

A picture of Lake Havasu

Lake Havasu Arizona

If you look very carefully you will notice a row of pigeons sitting in the row in the shadow of the palm tree . Who said that birds are stupid?

A London bridge in Havasu City.

The bridge is in very good condition. A fun part about the story is, when the bridge arrived …yes, there was a lake but where do you put the bridge? So, they dredged a channel to redirect the river and created an island in the meanwhile. If there is a will….there is a way.


The City of London “symbol”? I would not know if it is a correct one or not.

The entrance to the grounds of London village.

The bridge was saved!

The phone is just a mock-up.

Stores under the bridge… mainly turisty items

Parker Dam on Colorado river which created the lake Havasu

Parker Dam as seen from our car

Huge and ugly electricity pylons . Can I ever find beauty in them? They are everywhere ….ruining the views.

Scenery on Lake Havasu. It looks so serene now but comes spring and this place is a party central :-(

Sailing on Lake Havasu

Lake Havasu desert country

Lake Havasu seagulls

Lake Havasu sunset

It was a nice detour on the way but it will probably be the last time we are there.

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Thank you for the photographs of London Bridge. In 1967 I was on a ramble and met the mother of the Engineer who was appointed to number all the stones of London Bridge, as it was dismantled, and make the plans for the reconstuction, showing where each stone was to be placed.
She told me that when all the stones arrived safely at Lake Havasu, the plans were nowhere to be found. So her son had to do them all again from memory. Which she thought was very funny.
He seems to have got it right.
Of course there were no electronic aids in those days. How things have changed in our lifetime !

8 Dec, 2012


That is amazing information Dianebulley. Thanks for it. The bridge was very well built thanks to that Engineer .
You can still see the numbering on some of the pieces.

8 Dec, 2012


A lovely blog and photo's,and so interesting to read ..I knew it was over there,but didn't know where..He certainly did a great job.The Dragon could possibly be the one who is of Saint George and the Dragon,the patron Saint of England,although it is also the emblem for Wales,but that is a red one..I stand corrected if I'm wrong..also,I believe ,they thought they were actually getting the Tower of London bridge,not this one..again,someone will correct me on this..He was certainly a man of considerable talent and expertise.The scenery is stunning,thank you..

8 Dec, 2012


Thats what I heard, he thought that the iconic Tower Bridge was London Bridge...........

Fascinating blog Klahanie

8 Dec, 2012


I am thrilled to see this Klahanie - this was the bridge that was designed and built by my Great, great, great,great Grandfather, John Rennie in the mid 1800's, and it was completed by my Great, great, great Grandfather John Rennie the Younger. I had seen it when I was much younger than I am now, but couldn't really remember much about it, so it's wonderful to see it again, and in such a wonderful setting, too!

8 Dec, 2012


That is such a lovely historical event to have in your Ancestry,Gattina..glad you told us about it..fascinating !..:o)

8 Dec, 2012


Thats amazing ! Here we all are, related to famous people.
I should have said the young man was a Civil Engineer. Got into the habit of calling them
'engineers' when I was a Cllr. Obviously there are lots of types of engineers (and electricians). Nice to know the numbers are still there.

8 Dec, 2012


Fascinating blog Klahanie, I can remember it being on our news all those years ago about the bridge being sold and transported all the way over there but couldn`t remember where it had been rebuilt, its good to see it through your eyes and reminded where it is now.....
When you take the tourist trip up the Thames they give out lots of interesting historical facts about the bridges and suchlike and tell the story about the mixup between Tower of London Bridge and London Bridge, how that mistake could have been made I have never understood, lol, it does create a laugh though....

8 Dec, 2012


History is one of my favourite subjects and this blog has turned up lots, its great to hear of your ancestors Gattina, that can be your claim to fame you know......

8 Dec, 2012


Ah no, Lincslass, there's still time, if I put my mind to it, to make the hall of fame on my own merits...... LOL!

8 Dec, 2012


Well, you did meet up with Waddy,Carole and I ,in iconic Manchester,Gattina..a claim to fame ? Lol.maybe not ! :o).

8 Dec, 2012


Infamy, more like!!! ;o)

9 Dec, 2012


Indeed,Gattina. :o)

9 Dec, 2012


Thanks everyone, for making this a fascinating blog.

9 Dec, 2012


Interesting. I'd never heard about it.

13 Dec, 2012

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