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starting my new garden


I just bought a house in the california desert and there is not a tree a flower nothing on it ..I took a piece of the land to make a small garden patio..I came across this site looking for ideas if anyone has any ideas i would love to ear them..I did see some nice pics of some garden patios ..

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Hi! The house that my fella and I are going to be renting soon has a patch of ground separated from the main garden by a hedge with an archway which the landlady said I can make my own :D I'm thinking of putting in a veggie patch, a wildflower/"birdy" bit (I believe that's the technical term :D) and maybe a little water feature, a raised bed, some pretty pots with bright flowers, really with a blank canvas I think the world is our oyster! :D

How about a cool rockery with some more exotic looking plants with a little waterfall?

I look forward to seeing how your garden turns out! :D

16 Jan, 2011


Wow lucky you this is the fun bit churning over ideas about what to have and how! What are the temperatures there like as that will have quite a bearing on what you can grow i'm guessing and I like the idea of water what a contrast to your surroundings, very relaxing too. I am now looking forward to hearing and seeing your progress will pop any ideas i have to you as they come and welcome to this site. Good luck jewells :)

16 Jan, 2011


You live in the Californian Desert ? That's brilliant - you can grow cacti ! They're my favourite plants :o)

16 Jan, 2011


Hi Jerseygirl, welcome to Goy, There are a few USA goyers on this site who I'm sure will help you out. Cacti sounds good to me, as Hywel says, and there's a few experts on that, on here too. Best of luck.

16 Jan, 2011


Couls be interesting, look forward to seeing how you get on with your desert garden and welcome to Goy!

17 Jan, 2011


Check out the Sunset Western Garden Book, and look up your climate zone. The California desert covers a lot of territory, including areas with mild winters--such as around Palm Springs--and areas with serious frost--such as around Lone Pine. The kind of winters you have have a drastic effect on your plant palette.

19 Jan, 2011


Thank you all for the info..I am gonna post some before and after pics ..because there is nothing on this property and i think it will be nice to see how it all turns out..this will be my firstever garden..:)

26 Jan, 2011


Good luck :o)

26 Jan, 2011

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