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Does My Chilli Look Leggy In This?


Well I now have 3 propper seedlings fully up. The thing is, one of them seems to be winning. The Jalepeño. They are all different varieties, so this may just be the reason why.
Or maybe the others aren’t growing as well because the Jalepeño is winning the fight for survival.
But I’ve done a fair bit of reading around and I fear my Jalepeño may of become a tad leggy. Could someone please confirm this for me. Or even better, make me look a fool and dismiss this foolish notion!

If it does indeed turn out that my chilli has grown leggy, am I correct in thinking that to cure this, when I pot on, just plant the seedling upto its bottom leaves?

One more thing, again concerning the Jalepeño, the problem child! What looks like a pale residue has appeared on its two leaves. Now I don’t know if it is a residue, or in actual fact its the colouration of the leaf itself. Could someone please tell me my baby is ok lol.

Not sure the photo has enough detail, but it is most visible on the left leaf of the largest plant.

Thanks for taking the time to read this, hoping to hear from you all soon.


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sorry jack, i havent grown these before ~ my first year with them too. they look ok to me ~ i would let them grow a little taller then pinch out the top to make them branch out a little more. not sure about the residue ~ if you put the question on the question bit of GoY ~ someone much more knowledgeable than me will be able to help ~ im sure.
hope they continue to grow well

16 Feb, 2011


sorry to contradict you Sticki but although I rarely grow chillis I grow grill and bell peppers every year and they seem to naturally bush out so I don't stop them
they will need repotting soon jack and you should be able to pot them deeper-- don't overpot as they are slow growing and will need repotting at least once more , as I said I don't start mine until march but good luck with them

16 Feb, 2011


thats ok pam. glad someone knows.

16 Feb, 2011


have you tried peppers-- i grow them in a cold greenhouse and although they are slow growing they usually do well-- I'm still using some that I froze last autumn---

16 Feb, 2011


would they work in my plastic greenhouse?

16 Feb, 2011

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