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Is It Chilli In Here? #2


The chillis aren’t burning my tongue yet, but I must of been burning their ears! At the end of my previous post I said I’d write again when they decided to show themselves. And guess what? When I went to give them a sprinkle last night, there they were, staring at me!

Please excuse the messy desk, that’s my ode to being a student :) From the top going clockwise; JalapeƱo, Demon Red, and Tabasco.

Anyway, they’re up. I read somewhere I should wait until they have sprouted their first set of ‘true leaves’ until I pot on. Is this correct? If not, feel free to point me in the right direction ;)
Also, I’m keeping them about 30cm under my ~40W fluorescent desk lamp at the moment, until they’ve gotten a bit more manly. Again, am I ok in doing this???
I must dash, as I have a 2000 word essay on Nuclear and Coal power to start and finish by tomorow 5pm, the fun of it all :s

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Hey Jack. Well done. It's exciting when things start to sprout isn't it? Yes you should wait until they have their first pair of 'true' leaves before potting on. I can't really advise on keeping them under your lamp - I'm not that experienced I'm afraid. Me, I rely on a windowsill for the moment.

Nuclear and Coal power. Now there's a subject. Can't help there either!! Physics grade 9 'O' level says it all!...

Good luck with the essay.

By the way, students aren't the only ones allowed a messy desk you know. One day I'll post a photo of my OH's then you'll really know what messy is!

13 Feb, 2011


Hi Jack, Its so nice to see youngsters "into" gardening, especially Students they usually have so much more to do with their time lol.

14 Feb, 2011


Nice to see your seeds sprouting. Sorry I don't know about the light etc. But I wouldn't repot them until they have a few leaves. The roots may be very delicate and you don't want to break them. Good luck.
And Good luck with your essay aswell. I remember student days - many years ago now lol.

14 Feb, 2011


Digginfit, I'm also relying on a windowsill, well several windowsills, I'm constantly chasing the sun around the house lol. I just put them under my lamp from when it gets dark until I go to bed, just for that bit of extra oomph!

Bob, I have too much time on my hands, that's my problem :p

And Hywel, thanks. But I'm starting to feel I shouldn't of left my essay until the last minute!

16 Feb, 2011


Sometimes I used to be up till 2 or 3 in the morning lol. Should have been more orgenised. I'm still the same now
Good luck !

16 Feb, 2011

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