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Hi everyone, I just found your site and have really enjoyed reading the blogs. I am the main gardener at our house although my hubby T mows the lawns mostly. My garden is on the side of a hill which runs up from the house. It's so steep we can look over the roof of the house to the countryside beyond. We have managed to level 3 areas to make it more usable and I have begged, borrowed and bought as many plants as I could along the 20 years we have been here. As the garden is on limestone rock I've had to be carefull what I put in but haven't had too many disasters, thanks to chelated iron, erricatious plant food and a lot of luck. I have never been able to understand why none of my family love gardening as I do so it's great to join a group of people who are as thrilled by what comes up in the garden as I am.

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  • Crab apple jelly time again.  (Malus X astrosanguinea)
  • For Siris. Amaryllis Beladona. (Amaryllis belladonna (Belladonna lily))
  • Phygelius × rectus ‘African Queen’ (Phygelius)
  • Galtonia (galtonia candicans)

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