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Seed crazy.


Just because I can’t get anything done in the garden or greenhouse because of the deep frosts, there’s no reason I can’t plan the changes to the slope lawns and maybe sow a few flower seeds in the cool conservatory, I said to my bored self last Saturday. So off I trotted and bought a new bag of compost a few seeds and some plant labels.

Some, I found, I could sow in February, so after a very contented few hours with the compost and seed trays on the kitchen bench I was surprised to find that I had sown 13 packets of seed.
Some have to wait until March and I can look forward to sowing them when I sow the veg seeds, the gladioli and free seeds I have requested from T&M.

T carried down the mini greenhouse and set it up in the conservatory, as I ran out of room on the window sills
I remembered someone saying that the best way to plan the changes to a garden was to photograph it then put a sheet of acetate over the photo and draw your shapes on it until you are happy with the proposed shape. So I had a go and decided on this.

I’ll need a lot more plants for the extra borders so I made a start by dividing the plants I bought in a closing down sale last week, and ended up with 6 plants from the Hollyhock and four from the Geum. I had taken cuttings from the fuchsia and hydrangea last autumn and they seem to have taken. Another month, and if they have survived the cold, hopefully I can pot them up singly.
I can’t wait for the weather to buck up now so I can get out in the garden and make a start. ’Till then I will just carry on going to sleep with all my plans flowing through my mind.!!

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Fascinating blog, Homebird...
...well done on your seed choices
.... and garden designing ! :o)

2 Feb, 2010


what a great blog Homebird ..looking forward to lots and lost of beautiful pics

2 Feb, 2010


Thankyou Tt and Deida, Fingers crossed. :o)

2 Feb, 2010


what a good idea homebird, I love your plans with the curves, it's going to look really good. looking forward to seeing it come summertime. :~)).

2 Feb, 2010


Thank you Skillen. It will be nice when I can lift and divide some of my existing plants and pot them up ready. I'm getting quite excited and can't wait to get going.

2 Feb, 2010


Thats great homebird........lots of new plants 4 you... bet you cant wait for the summer....

3 Feb, 2010


Looking forward to seeing it in spring and summer.

3 Feb, 2010


I really must look through my seeds and see what I can plant! Thanks for the reminder. :-) Good luck with yours.

3 Feb, 2010


I sorted my seeds out when the Snow was deep Homebird. I didn't realise I had so many, (sent from gardenening friends) I had a happy couple of hours googling and planning where to plant them.. Mmm Heaven.. Good Luck with yours and I hope they all Produce for you :)))

3 Feb, 2010


No I can't wait Holly. It's snowing and settling again as I type, Ahrrrrr!! I only joined Goy last July Clarice, so looking forward to photographing the spring flowering plants.Good luck with your sowings Spritz and Ydd. Thankyou everyone.

3 Feb, 2010


hope you didnt get to much snow

4 Feb, 2010


It came and went by 3pm today, thank goodness. It was really foggy untill then. I have never seen fog and snow together before.

4 Feb, 2010


unusual combination..........its been a lovely day here blue sky and sunny........

5 Feb, 2010


A great selection there, should have a very colourful garden this summer.

1 Mar, 2010


I do hope so Dotty.

2 Mar, 2010



4 Mar, 2010

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